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21 Jan 2011
Pain and anger, those wear the feelings of the players after the elimination in Copa before Almeria; Lendoiro also left some interesting comments regardless new signings and the case of Sergio.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was explaining what he saw throughout the encounter, "We were wrong with our style of playing; we lost the ball too many times and were caught by surprise. After the draw we had our options, but the penalty changed everything. We lost the ball in the first half and that was the key. They surprised us in the counterattacks, because they had fast people, besides they were equalizing the things at midfield against our players.”

The Basque coach was also saying that now the team must focus in la liga, “It is a pity to be eliminated on Copa, now we must fight until death, to be united and work a little harder. We don’t have those two games in Copa that people were wishing for, but at least we have two less games in the calendar and it could be useful. The teams at the bottom are alright and we can’t be too confident.”

Also, Lotina is still hoping for the arrival of a new striker, “I know the clubs is looking at some possibilities, is it possible? I don’t know. No matter it comes or not we all must be united: club’s officials, coaches, fans and players. I am confident, but what I say is that we must work at the top. Goitom made a great game at Almeria, and he is the third or fourth striker at the last place in la liga. But it doesn’t mean that we don’t have our own stuff. I am not pessimistic.”

Finally, he was talking of the state of his strikers and of Iago Beceiro, “His debut was a recognition to the youth teams, and not a way to presume in front of the public. If the game would have been equalized, then the change wouldn’t have happened.  Right now Adrian is tired and Lassad suffered a knock, he is on the stretcher at this point. With any knock over Lassad we start to tremble, but the doctors haven’t told me anything and let’s see how they are tomorrow. Also, let’s see if Riki is able to have some minutes in Zaragoza, because his evolution was positive. But the case of Andres Guardado is more delayed.”

Pablo Álvarez scored the first goal for Depor, but was feeling sorry for the elimination, “The goals in the first half put things complicated; we tried in the second part, but just when we were more hopeful it came the penalty, which actually I don’t think that it was a penalty.”

Rubén Pérez was feeling upset as he was the one that caused the penalty for Almeria; the Andalusian midfielder was convinced that it wasn’t penalty, “I just hope that the referee will ask me for forgiveness when he watches the repetition, because it wasn’t penalty.”

Adrian was hoping that his goal was going to help the team, “We knew the key was to score a goal as soon as possible, the pity is that it was useless as they scored again.” The Asturian striker was asked of the rumour linking him with Atletico Madrid, and he answered that, “There’s nothing with Atletico, just interest.”

Right-back defender Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ was also feeling sorry for the elimination from this competition, “It was important for the club to reach the semifinals, and also for us, because it was prestigious, and now we are feeling screwed.”

17-year-old Iago Beceiro talked of his debut with Deportivo, “I am very content with my debut and never felt anxious; as long as I could have five minutes I would be happy, and in the end I played for twenty minutes, so I am more than content. The pity is to be eliminated, we wanted to past to semifinals, but Almeria completed a great game. Now it’s time to keep growing.”

For Juan Carlos Valerón the key was to allow the first goal so quickly, “The true is that the first goal affected us and we spent some minutes in which we couldn’t react. Later we were plugged in and in the final minutes of the first part, plus big part of the second, we were trying to achieve the comeback, but were aware that it was difficult to overcome so many goals.”

More juicy were the comments of president Augusto César Lendoiro, he admitted that Depor had received an offer from Sevilla for midfielder Juan Rodriguez, “We have rejected some offers in the winter market, as example one coming from Sevilla for Juan Rodriguez. But Deportivo can’t allow losing players before reinforcing those positions.”

Asked about the demand presented by ex-Depor midfielder, Depor’s boss was very explicit as he sent a message to the former captain of Depor, “There’s no block to make a signing, though it is true that Sergio has presented a demand, and it’s that we told him that we were going to pay him in January.  We had until day 31 and on January 3 he was already presenting the demand. Now, we won’t make the payment until the last day, because he doesn’t deserve it. What I can tell you is that the 80 or 85% of the players are fine with their payments.”

About the case of Adrian, Lendoiro confirmed that the club will execute the option in his contract that allows to extend his link with the club until 2012 “We don’t know if his agent already has an agreement with other club, but if he has it then he should count with the option of Deportivo” He said. Asked about Urreta, he just said that, “If he goes out we must bring a player to replace him, but right now there’s no one.”

Finally, Lendoiro talked of the situation with the possible arrival of a new striker, “There’s nothing at this point; things are complicated because the player that we want doesn’t want to come or his club doesn’t allow his exit. There are big difficulties. The coach knows that we are trying, but it’s also difficult to improve what we already have. We must give our players the confidence to know that they haven’t done anything wrong, besides they had bad luck with the injuries. Let’s hope we will be able to sign a player that can improve what we have.”

At Almeria, coach José Luis Oltrá was optimistic as he said that his team will fight hard in order to reach the final, “We will fight until death in order to reach the final, because it is an historic opportunity, but are also looking for the best for the team, and that means to look at la liga, but don’t want to surrender although (Real) Madrid and Barcelona are above the rest.”

“My team was impressive, it played good football, it had several arrivals, it has scored goals and it’s the team that I always wanted to have. We came with the intention of scoring once and we conquered two goals. But the priority and the real goal are to achieve the permanence.” He added.





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