22 Jan 2011
Central defender Aythami Artiles gave an interview to website; the Canarian revealed some facts of his personal life and also of his career at Deportivo.

Q: You started in football at your hometown, Arguineguín, same place where David Silva and Valerón also started, what is the secret of this little town to get such talent?
A: More than a secret is a coincidence. The truth is that we have a good weather and we spend all the time on the street playing football.

Q: The dream of every Canarian is to play at Las Palmas, so is it a dream come true?
A:  When you are a kid your team is Las Palmas, so yes, it is a dream come true for me.

Q: Do you think about retiring at Las Palmas?
B: At the moment I am only 24 years old and I still have many years in football. I hope I will live many years before returning to the Islands, either to retire or retired.

Q: In 2007 you called the attention of Deportivo and signed for them, what were your expectations at that time?
A: I had the hope of playing at Primera División in a big team as Deportivo. At that time I was unlucky, but now I'm very happy.

Q: For lack of minutes you were loaned to CD Xérez until the end of that season, how did you assume this exit?
A: It was okay. I spent almost six months without playing and I wanted to play. It came out the option of Xérez with the challenge of fighting for the permanence and have some minutes, and in the end everything was fine.

Q: CD Xérez was a temporary solution and you ended playing there for three seasons, what does the Andalusian team means for you?
A: A lot. It was a turning point, because the city of Jerez has given me many things, the people there, the team... for me there is a before and after regards my career there.

Q: While you were there you coincided with Momo and Adrian Martin, players from the youth teams of Las Palmas, was this a useful fact for your adaptation to the team?
A: The truth is that yes, from the first day I was with them and my adaptation was easier.

Q: During your last year in Andalusia you become the father of a girl named Claudia, What does it mean to you?
A: It is the greatest gift I could have. It is most important thing in my life
Q: This season, after many twists and turns, you decided to stay at Deportivo, what was the reason to stay?
A: Firstly, I talked to the coach and he told me that he was counting with me, so I decided to stay here and was content, because it was what I wanted. Deportivo became the first team that bet on me, and I want to give back that confidence. Hopefully I will be here for a long time.

Q: At the start of the season you didn’t have many opportunities; at that time, did you repent for the decision of staying?
A: If you're not playing it’s fine, but you need to be patient. In Jerez I learned a lot about it, and I had to continue training hard in order to be prepared. In the end everything was fine and hopefully it will stay like that.

Q: What are the differences of the Aythami that arrived to Deportivo at the age of 21 compared with today’s player?
A: Many, especially as a person. I have lived many bad moments, as not receiving a payment, to be close to relegation... The bad things make you grow up, like many other good things that have happened.

Q: Many fans don’t know, but you were an international player with Spanish U-19 squad, how do you remember the experience?
 A: I have very good memories of that time. It is an honor. I was a year younger that the average of the team, I even debuted with [David] Silva... I have the shirts at home. It was a very important step in my career.

Q: Football experts define you as a key man in strategic plays and dominating in the aerial game, how do you define yourself?
A: The strategic plays are something in which I'm good, but should polish it a bit more. I'm still very young and have room for improvement.

Q: Among the fans you are known as "El Rey Guanche", what’s the reason for this nickname?
A: Is the meaning of my name. Guanche was a king of the Canary Islands, and last year in Jerez people started calling me like that. At least I'm the only one with that name [he laughs]. Although there is now another boy with the same name [playing at UD Vecindario]; people ask me if he´s my brother because they think that Aythami is a surname, even people who know me for a long time think that is a nickname, but not [he laughs].

Q: Do you think that you look like tennis player Fernando Verdasco as some people say?
A: No. My colleagues and even other people tell me that.

Q: Something very striking was a report in 2006 for an alleged assault in Arguineguín, what happened?
A: I was accused of beaten a guy during the Bajada party in Arguineguín. I guess at that moment they wanted to take advantage of the fact I was a person known through the media, but the only thing I did was to separate those who were fighting.

Q: Champion with Xérez at Segunda in 2008
A:  With the second best mark of points in the history of Segunda [he laughs]. The truth is that it was very nice. We made the team at the last minute, we were a group of friends, and if we were needing a player we were calling friends... In the end things worked out, we started to win games and at the end of the season, when we saw ourselves with possibilities, we united and went out for it. It was amazing.



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