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25 Jan 2011
For the first time since his arrival, Lotina blamed the players for a defeat, though he also blamed himself; the Basque also requested for new signings. Meanwhile, all the players denied that they weren’t mentally prepared for the clash.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was blaming himself, but also the players for the defeat, “The feeling that I've is that the players weren't conscious of the importance of the game. It seems that my message hasn't been received by them as we only tighten Zaragoza within the last five minutes, and that taking in mind that the rival was feeling pretty nervous when we were putting pressure over them. The players just went out to see what could happen, and without scoring opportunities you can’t win in football. I feel guilty and disappointed with myself.”

“The game should have been a 0-0. But the players didn’t go out with ambition. We were passing the ball, then we were losing it and then it was time to defend… nobody did anything to end the plays. You can play worse, but you need more intensity, more will. We didn’t do the needed thing is order to win a game at Primera División, not even to play one.”

Later, the Basque manager sent the message that his team desperately needs new signings and also had strong words for the players ending contract, “Somebody must come and must do it now, the team is screaming for reinforcements, because we need a striker. We can’t have the ball possession and later end without making a shot on target. The issue of the renewals may be distracting due to the things appearing on the newspapers. That if someone has two offers, others four, five… Some people are leaving, today in some circumstances… not in one or two cases, but in several, we saw that some players didn’t have the weight they should have had in the game. It is starting to worry me. What interests me is the future of Depor, not the individual one.”

Finally, and despite his negative words, Lotina said that he won’t quit, “Throwing the towel? Never. We need signings and the people that we are going to recover. We knew it was going to be a difficult season, but we need other mentality, a hunger one. I believe that the fact of recovering the injured people, plus a cleaner mind, will be fundamental, and that we all should realize where we are. I already said it: we won at San Mamés and it looked like we were already saved, but I knew the teams at the bottom were going to react. It seems that nothing happens until we are at the bottom. Football gives its warnings, sometimes once, or even twice, but in other occasions it is more than a simple warning.”

After the strong words of the coach, the players were asked for their opinion and no one shared the view of Lotina. Starting with Pablo Álvarez, “We knew it was the most important game in liga until today. But it is true that we were facing a rival against whom we could have created more danger, and now we are involved in the mess, we have to wake up.”

Similar were the thoughts of Juan Carlos Valerón, “The team was thinking that this game was important, what happens is that, sometimes, things don’t end as you wish. The team is now in the fight for the permanence.”

Goalkeeper Daniel Aranzubia was feeling sorry, because the team was unable to create any danger against the rival, “We never put them in trouble; however, in the first round, by some moments, we would have signed to be living the present situation.”

Juan Rodriguez was the only player ending contract that talked at the pitch of La Romareda, he denied the insinuation of Lotina about been more worried of his personal future than of Depor, “Everybody knew the importance of the game; we didn’t come here to enjoy the ride. I’ve a very clear conscience; don’t know why he said that. I am focused and only thinking of Deportivo. He should talk to the people that he thinks is having this problem.”

"It was important to add some points on here, but the result was negative. Now, to feel sunk would get us nowhere. We have to work with enthusiasm and humility, that's how things work out when you are living a difficult situation." The Andalusian midfielder added.

Later, on Monday, Albert Lopo, who is also ending contract in June, talked to reporters and defended his professional behavior on the pitch, “About those issues the normal thing is to see the coach talking with every person. In my case, I have my conscience in peace, I already said that don’t want anybody doubting about me, because I will give my best until the last day. If he doubts the best thing is to talk in private. I believe it’s a stupidity to try to diverge the subject with the issue of the renewals. Instead, I believe we need to think as a group and realize what we are doing wrong.”

“I believe that the coach, as anybody else at the team, is worried as things aren’t working out. One month ago we had an advantage of eight points and were calmed, and now we are falling again into the previous situation. You always have fear of a possible relapse, but the team supports the coach and we must go on.” The Catalan defender added.

Captain Manuel Pablo was the most severe player regarding the performance of the team, “We are more worried of been defending, so we don’t harm the rival and it is difficult in this way. It can’t be that we have the ball possession and later we don’t make a shot on target. We must bite, especially in attack. We didn’t give importance to the fact of creating danger, and thought that the only thing we needed was to approach to their area. We had an hour to achieve the comeback, but it's difficult to win without having scoring opportunities.”

About his injury, the Canarian explained what happened, “I had to ask for the substitution, because I couldn’t step with the left leg, it seems to be an ankle sprain, but we will have to wait for the tests. I just hope I would be available for Sevilla.”

At Zaragoza, coach Javier Aguirre was saying that his team must continue fighting, “It was a good victory, because we are approaching to Deportivo and to other teams, but la liga isn’t ending today. We must keep playing with intensity and also the commitment to fight for the ball.” 

“We weren’t fine when the team had the ball possession, but the defense was strong enough. It isn’t a problem of been playing with one or two strikers, but a collective issue and that is the job of the coach. We played a hard worked match that was full of interruptions, plus a strategic play that allow us to stay alive and competing.” The Mexican trainer added.

Meanwhile, midfielder Said Boutahar was feeling happy for his first goal in la liga, “It wasn’t a pretty goal as the ball hit first the wall, and it is something that may occur to anyone, but it’s very important for me and for the team. These three points allow us to be climbing some positions and for this reason we all are very happy.”





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