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26 Jan 2011
After exchanging ‘blows’ with some players, Lotina wanted to calm down the situation at the changing room; it was during his usual press conference at the start of the week. But he kept the speech related to the signings and the lack of intensity.

The team returned to train on Tuesday’s morning, before the session coach Miguel Ángel Lotina talked to the players about the current situation of the team. It was a conversation that lasted for ten minutes. Later, the players completed a normal session in which the only absentees were Guardado (muscular) Rindarøy (Achilles), Manuel Pablo (ankle) and Saul (knee), while Claudio Morel received the medical okay after surpassing a quadriceps injury.

After the session ended the coach talked at the press room for about thirty minutes; he talked of the current situation at the team and the main thing is that he tried to chill out the environment after the strong words that he had towards his players, and also after the players themselves (mainly Lopo and Juan Rodriguez) responded to this criticism.

He seemed relaxed and more calmed. Lotina starting saying that he doesn’t thinks that his speech was conflictive, “But it’s that I already said all of those things in the past, don’t know why people was so surprised, I already said that we need a striker; it is not that the club doesn’t knows it, the clubs knows it, but the hard thing is to get that striker.”

He also explained the conversation that he had with the players before the training session, “I talked to them and expressed my feelings. I said what I think and keep believing that we have a great team, and they know that. We’ve a lot of players for each position, obviously it’s a situation cut by the injuries, but it’s also true that we are missing intensity, so I talked to them and told what I think, and I don’t repent of anything.”

Regarding his comments regarding the lack of attitude shown by some players ending contract, the Basque man kept his words warning about a lack of attitude at the team, and also said that it is an issue already discussed with the club’s authorities, “I already told the club that this issue isn’t positive (the delay in the renewals), though we didn’t lose for this reason, we are humans and this problems affects the players in a different way, some might not be affected, but it’s logical that it will affect you as you are linked to several clubs, because we are human.”

“But no one at the team has said anything to me…. Neither can they say anything as we aren’t playing so well. Nobody can say that we played wonderfully at Zaragoza. I just told the players that they should watch again Sunday’s game and realize if they must say anything to me, if this performance if what a Primera player should offer. If I am sending a message is because I am waiting for a reaction.” He added.

It also called the attention his words towards Antonio Tomás, this after a journalist asked if it wasn’t better to play with Juan Dominguez on his position, “Antonio Tomás is a great player and he was the best man at Valencia, in everything… and people will realize about it when he’s gone. It will happen like it happened with Verdú, who wasn’t valorized when he was on here, and you are putting the same face than when I asked for the renewal of Verdú, and now the price of Verdú is five or six million Euros, he is now a desirable player for all the teams, excepting the two biggest clubs in la liga. Juan Dominguez is following the same direction, but still in formation. Is Juan Dominguez more offensive than Antonio Tomás? No, he has other characteristics. Juan Dominguez isn’t a goal-scorer”

About new signings, the Meñaka-born trainer just said that, “I still thinking the same; on Sunday I didn’t have the changes that I wanted on the bench, and if I played with three midfielder is because I thought it was the best, obviously if I would have had other choices, like Michel, then things might be different. But I didn’t have Riki, I didn’t have Guardado and I didn’t have Michel.”

A journalist asked about the possible arrival of striker Semih Şentürk, but Lotina rejected the rumour claiming that. “We have a sporting secretary [Ernesto Bello] and I trust in him, so I sincerely say that I have put some names over the desk, but they are the ones making the moves, therefore I can’t tell you if this is true or not. I just know that they were negotiating with two players since we also needed to cover the possible exit of Urreta.”

Then he explained what will happen with Urreta if he decides to stay, “So far what I know is that Urreta is in standby, if by Monday he stills at the team, then I will talk to him and we will recover the player. He told me that he wanted to leave and right now I am only waiting for the deadline.”

At least the coach is optimistic as he says that both Michel and Riki would be available for Saturday’s clash against Sevilla FC, “I am feeling fine and confident, and on this week I am feeling fine, because Riki and Michel are recovered. I talk of the people in attack, because it’s where we need more help. About Guardado, we will see, but Riki and Michel are fit to play, at least for some minutes. If we would have counted with all of them during the first round, I can’t say that we would have added more points, but at least we would have had more options.”

Lotina also confirmed that he had a dinner on Monday with Lendoiro, Ernesto Bello and Rivera, asked about how was the meeting he answered that,  “It was good, good… you know that my relation with the president is excellent. I know what he thinks; I told him that we need a striker, but it is difficult. What I can tell you is that the club is trying and I don’t have any doubt about it. I just can say that I will be more than happy if we don’t suffer more injuries.“

Finally, Depor’s coach had a few words on Sevilla and its semifinal meeting against Real Madrid, “To see Sevilla playing against Real Madrid won’t be a negative thing for us, don’t know if it will be positive, but definitely it won’t be negative. They are playing in order to enter into Europe, because to enter into the final means to qualify, so they will try to put things difficult to Real Madrid. It isn’t easy, but it could do it.”



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