26 Jan 2011
Manuel Pablo talked to La Opiniůn A CoruŮa and analyzed the situation of Deportivoís team after losing at La Romareda. The Canarian was saying that the team is lacking convincement and not attitude as some people say.

Captain Manuel Pablo turned 35 on Tuesday and on Sunday he reached the historic mark of 304 matches at Primera Divisiůn, but despite those numbers he was feeling sad as Depor lost in Zaragoza reentering into the fight for the permanence. He gave an interview to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa and analyzed the current situation at the squad. The following is a translation of the interview.

Q: How do you wake up after a defeat so painful like the one on Sunday?
A: You do it looking at the standings and seeing that you are there once again, , involved again in the mess, but trying to forget as soon as possible in order to be focused on the next game.

Q:  Is this situation similar to the one lived at the start of the season?
A: I think not. At the beginning of the season we were worse. We didnít know what to do and neither the squad was finding the formula. We improved after switching to the system of five defenders. Truly we are missing more things, but when we played with four defenders we also needed a lot of things and were allowing a lot of goals. In that sense I think we've improved. So it is not the same situation. With this system the team is feeling more protected at the back zone, but donít know if the system itself is the reason preventing us to score more goals. I donít know if people are more concerned in defending, but it happens sometimes that the team doesnít feels comfortable in attack. It's something we have to correct.

Q: After the bad start the team reacted and was eight points above the pit, did you thought that the team was already saved?
A: No. What happens is that you think that with this system you will not allow too many goals. Maybe you're thinking about not losing rather than winning. It might be the feeling that we have. In Zaragoza we were the better team and were dominating, but we missed to harm the opponent. Maybe the fear of losing is the fact forcing us to be more protective. You canít always be like that, because in any single action they can score and then itís more difficult. We must seize the moment in which, as on Sunday, you are a slightly better than the rival. When you see that you are dominating you must also dominate at their area, which is the place where the matches are won.

Q: Are you lacking decision in order to go out and win a game?
A: Yes, that's what we're lacking a bit. The day of Valencia we also had some opportunities. We could have done a little more. We had arrivals, but didnít score. We are missing that, to finish the plays and not only to end releasing crosses that are all cleared. You have to finish the moves, to put more people in attack, to loose ourselves a bit more and not be afraid thinking that you need to defend in order to not lose the game. It is a matter of conviction, of believing on it. People have to step up and convince themselves that, when we are attacking, it is the moment when we need to make more damage, so the rivals wonít be calm.

Q: Afraid to look at the schedule for the coming weeks?
A: No. Nothing is easy in football. At the beginning of la liga we lost many games against opponents who are theoretically at the same height than us. We must be strong and the key, I've always said it, is to go out and win at home. At the beginning we lost many points at the Riazor and we need to recover those points. We must try to add everything at home, the more the better, because it was known that the rivals would become stronger.

Q: Can you change the situation with only the players that currently conforms the squad?
A: I think so. We also have had the casualties of two or three players that can bring things, such as Michel, Guardado and Riki. For example, Guardado is a very important man at his position, Riki is also important. Unfortunately we couldnít count with them. There are also new people that will help us to get fresh air.

Q: You can also get fresh air from a new signing
A: Yes. Everything new is always useful. But itís going to be difficult to find something good, but no matter if we make signings or not the true is that we have people on here thatís important. Hopefully we can have them more often and that we can avoid more injury problems.

Q: Do you think the uncertainty about the future of the players ending contract is affecting their performance on the pitch?
A:  I donít think so. Everyone has their way of thinking. Here everyone is focused and involved with the team. I donít think that this is a problem caused by a lack of attitude, rather is about to be convinced, because the numbers say that we are the team that runs more meters on the pitch, but it is not enough. This is a topic of believing in ourselves and to try to do a better job.

Q: Can the good-bye in Copa be an important factor in order to prepare the coming games?
A: Everyone would prefer to stay in Copa, because what the player likes is to compete, but itís true that you can have a better preparation of the games and you can also recover many people who had been playing a lot. In that sense, yes it is better.

Q: By the way, how's that ankle damaged in Zaragoza?
A: It was a strong knock. I had to ask for the change, because I couldnít step with the leg. Now I feel a little better. It hurts, but I can walk, more or less. Let's see how it evolves during the week, but I hope to be available for Saturday.



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