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30 Jan 2011
Exciting draw between Sevillans and Galicians; Depor seemed to have the situation under control as it had a two-goal lead, but the visitors turned the game upside down, and Laure scored the final equalizer at the final minutes.

Lotina surprised everybody as Michel Herrero went directly into the starting lineup after spending the last four months out of action, he just received the medical okay on Monday after passing through a knee surgery at the end of 2010. Another novelty was to see Juan Rodriguez out of the game as he was discarded before the kick-off, instead Antonio Tomás was playing at midfield.

It was a 5-2-2-1 lineup; with Daniel Aranzubia at the goal, Laure performing at the right-back position, Manuel Pablo at the left and the trio at the centre of the defense was composed by Colotto, Aythami and Ze Castro. Ruben Pérez and Antonio Tomas were the two pivotes, while Michel and Lassad were the playmakers in the formation, finally Adrian was the central attacker.

At Sevilla, coach Gregorio Manzano  was presenting two novelties at the squad, it was the presence of Dabo for Fernando Navarro at the left-back position, while Fazio was replacing Zokora at midfield. It seemed that coach Manzano was reserving them for the game against Real Madrid. But, as it was expected, Luis Fabiano and Álvaro Negredo were the two references in attack.

A focused Deportivo surprised a Sevilla that seemed to still thinking of Copa Del Rey and Real Madrid, and it’s that the Galicians were dangerous in attack and constantly broke the offside trap of the Andalusians. The visitors never gave troubles to Aranzubia, while Depor had a couple of good chances through quick plays on the sides.

Things were moved since the beginning, at the first minute the locals reclaimed a penalty after Dabo pulled Laure at the right side of the box, but referee Ayza Gamez didn’t whistle the penalty. Depor was pushing in attack and the couple Adrian-Lassad was constantly switching positions, which gave some problems to the visitors.

At minute 8, Adrian drilled a good pass into the path of Michel, but the ball was cleared by Dabo. One minute later, Ze Castro sent a perfect volley to the left wing and into the path of Manuel Pablo, but the cross of the Canarian defender was so bad that Adrian couldn’t head the ball properly.

At minute 11, the same play was repeated, Ze Castro sent a perfect volley from midfield, this time the ball went to the left and Adrian was there to collect the pass, but the Asturian lasted too much to release the cross and the ball was cleared by the defense. The problem for Sevilla was very clear: it was relying too much in the offside trap, which was giving a chance to Depor through long throws and quick passes that were breaking the tactic. Just to mention that nine offsides were whistled against Depor, but at the same time the locals beat the trap in countless opportunities.

Depor was deserving to take the lead, and Lassad Nouioui appeared to score the first goal in the game, the Tunisian attacker collected a pass from Manuel Pablo, then he ran ten meters eluding three rivals at the centre to end releasing a beautiful volley from the edge of the area that went directly into the left-top corner of visiting keeper Andres Palop. It is the second goal in liga for the ex-Fabril striker.

Sevilla was lost and Depor was pushing for the second goal; at minute 18 Adrian found the ball at the right and released a drilling cross to the penalty spot, Lassad tried to reach the pass, but the ball passed in front of him as the Tunisian attacker was blocked by a rival.

The Andalusian team reached the area of Depor until minute 19, it was a drilling shot of Negredo, but the effort was too easy for Aranzubia. Depor replied with a new play of Adrian on the right, again he beat the offside trap to end releasing a drilling cross searching for Lassad, and this time Palop got the ball.

Then, Sevilla started to have the ball possession, and Depor was forced to make the first substitution as Juca replaced Antonio Tomás, who sustained a hamstring injury. The entry of the Brazilian rested effectiveness to the locals, because Tomas was a key player at midfield with his short passes. Sevilla was pushing in attack, but it barely gave problems to Aranzubia, mainly because the defensive zone of Depor was stopping all the attempts.

At minute 31, Juca attempted from the edge of the area with a direct free-kick, but the ball went wide. Four minutes later Manuel Pablo found a new ball at the left after Sevilla failed again in the offside trap, but again his cross was cleared by the rivals. There were no goal opportunities within the final ten minutes.

The final forty-five minutes were the craziest thing witnessed at the Riazor on the season, an ordered Depor was able to hold on Sevilla and scored a new goal, and the win seemed secured as Palop was sent off, but then an exchange of blows begun and Sevilla scored three times in a matter of fifteen minutes, but Laure saved the day as he scored the equalizer, which is also his first goal at Primera División.

The true is that Sevilla was more serious in the final part of the clash, the visitors warned through a shot of Alfaro after a free-kick that was cleared to corner-kick by Ze Castro (47’). The Andalusians were having the initiative, while Depor was now locked at the back zone, just waiting to release a counterattack searching for the second goal.

The Andalusians were now more dangerous, but within the first half and hour neither Luis Fabiano nor Negredo were appearing, reason why the locals didn’t have too many problems during this part of the clash. Ex-Almeria Negredo appeared for the first time at minute 53, it was a direct free-kick in which the striker missed the target.

At minute 55, Lautaro Acosta, who minutes before replaced Alfaro, had a clear attempt for Sevilla as he collected a long ball at the right wing, he ran and surpassed Manuel Pablo, but was unable to chip the ball over a desperate Aranzubia.

Then, it occurred one of the key plays in the game, Depor found the quick counterattack that was waiting for, and Adrian ended alone against the goal and attempted to chip the ball over Palop, the keeper deflected the ball with the hands, but he was standing outside the area, reason why he was sent off.  Javi Varas replaced Capel and Sevilla played the last half an hour with ten men on the pitch.

It seemed that the expulsion raised the morale of Deportivo as the Galicians started to push for the second goal, and the locals found that goal after Manuel Pablo drilled a perfect pass to the right corner of the area, Adrian was there alone, and then the Asturian drilled the ball back to the centre, just to see Lassad pushing the ball in from close range.

Depor was now having a two-goal lead and was facing a rival with only ten men over the grass, but somehow Sevilla was able to make a comeback, mainly because Depor never tried to control the actions and instead it accepted the exchange of blows with the Andalusians. And it’s that the last thirty minutes were full of scoring opportunities at both areas, which turned the actions into an exciting game.

And all started in the second key play in the game: the first goal of Sevilla that can only be described as a real accident. Colotto tried to clear a ball inside the area after  a long pass searching for Acosta, but the Argentine defender hit the chest of attacker, and the deflection went directly into the path of Álvaro Negredo, who just sent the ball to the far post of Aranzubia.

After the goal the situation at the Riazor can only be described as a real madness, both sides had clear attempts to score and there was no order on the pitch, actually what prevailed was the chaos. Adrian had three opportunities, in the first he scored though his goal was disallowed for an offside (67’), in the second he sent the ball out (70’) and then his attempt was stopped by Varas (72’). In the middle Lassad was close to be sent off after hitting a rival by the back, but the referee didn’t see the aggression.

And then Sevilla found the equalizer, Luis Fabiano took a free-kick at the edge of the area, the ball was going into the bottom-left corner of Aranzubia, the keeper was able to deflect the effort, but the dead ball was found by Julien Escude, who scored from close range and almost from the ground.

Depor was in shock, and without time to react Negredo found the third goal after a long ball from Zokora, who just two minutes before entered for Fazio.The striker surpassed Laure and Ze Castro and scored through a strong shot that went to the far post of Aranzubia

Then Valerón entered for Ze Castro (the Portuguese was having muscular problems since the play in which Depor scored the second goal) and Deportivo switched to a 4-2-3-1 scheme. The true is that El Flaco brought some calm to Depor with his accurate and short passes. At minute 82, Luis Fabiano found a lost pass of Ruben Perez, and his shot from the edge of the area was cleared by Aranzubia.

And just when Depor seemed tired, defeated and without fresh ideas, the locals found a goal that was as polemic as legal, Valerón found the ball at the edge of the area and he was fouled by Acosta, referee Ayza Gamez allowed the play to continue, and Juca found the ball to chip it over the defensive wall and into the path of Laure, who entered by the right side to end releasing a shot that Javi Varas couldn’t stop. It is the first goal in liga for the Madrilenian right-back defender.

Sevilla’s players were mad because the assistant of the referee, Martínez Munuera, lifted the flag indicating an offside, but Laure was in legal position, and referee Ayza Gamez allowed the play to continue, therefore the goal counted. Since that moment (85’) the game was a constant battle, with more passion than a good game, plus a nasty tackle of Dabo over Laure that wasn’t punished.

Depor was even close to win the game as in the last play Laure entered, again, by the right side to release a drilling cross that ended with Juan Dominguez shooting from close range, but this time Javi Varas cleared the danger to corner-kick (90+5’). Pure excitement at the Riazor.

Maybe the best game of the season played at the Riazor, Depor was a solid team within the first 60 minutes and was having a two-goal lead playing against ten men, but Sevilla showed his power and scored three times in a matter of fifteen minutes. Luckily the Galicians found the deserved equalizer at the final minutes thanks to Laure. There were two big errors in the game, the first committed by Sevilla as the visitors were relying too much in the offside trap, while the second was committed by Depor as the Galicians failed to reduce the pace of the game after scoring the second goal.

But the point has a bittersweet taste, because the victories of Sporting Gijón, Zaragoza and Levante are tightening the situation at the bottom of the table. Lotina’s side still four points over the relegation zone, and on next Saturday it will visit Getafe FC, team that has lost four of its last five liga matches (Coliseum Alfonso Pérez 18h00 CET).

Deportivo: (5-2-2-1) Aranzubia – Laure, Colotto, Aythami, Ze Castro (Valerón 80’), Manuel Pablo – Antonio Tomás (Juca 27’), Rubén Pérez – Michel (Juan Domínguez 56’), Lassad - Adrián.
Sevilla FC: Palop - Cáceres, Alexis, Escudé, Dabo – Alfaro (Acosta 53’), Fazio (Zokora 77’), Renato, Diego Capel (Javi Varas 58’) - Luis Fabiano, Negredo.
Referee: Miguel Ángel Ayza Gamez. He showed yellow card to Juca (65’), Caceres (65’), Dabo (71’) and Javi Varas (85’). Palop was sent off (57’)
Goals 1-0 (15’) Lassad, 2-0 (61’) Lassad, 2-1: (63’) Negredo 2-2: (74’) Escude, 2-3: (79’) Negredo, 3-3: (84’) Laure.
Venue: Riazor (8,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (49% - 51%); Total shots (11 - 13); Shots on target (6 - 6); Saves by the keepers (3 - 3); Corner-kicks  (5 - 5); Offsides (9 - 0); Fouls committed (14 - 9); Accuracy in the passes (82.20% - 84.19%)




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