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31 Jan 2011
Despite been an exciting game, nobody at Deportivo or Sevilla were happy, because both sides had the victory inside the pocket at some point of the match. Also, Lotina was explaining why Juan Rodriguez was out of the game.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina wasn’t happy with the final result, “I am content for the attitude and the intensity shown by the players, but I feel screwed by the result. The circumstances were unfortunate, after the 2-0 I thought the game was already won. At that point we had one more man and were having the ball possession.”

"I am complaining of the disallowed goal to Adrian, because it was giving the match to us. But since we are Depor nobody cares. If it would have happened at other stadium, then we would be talking of it throughout the whole week. We had the game inside the pocket, but a rebound put them back into the game, and Sevilla is one of those teams that like the comebacks; later the action in the free-kick occurred and the 2-3 arrived just when we were disordered; in the end we improved and equalized the match."

The Basque man also avoided to give importance to the fact that Juan Rodriguez was discarded before the kickoff, “Antonio (Tomás) and Rubén (Pérez) were going to play, also Riki and Valerón, and for the changes I opted for Juca and Juan Dominguez for that position. The players are on shape at certain points of the season and you need to know how to manage them. The entry of Juan (Dominguez) brought oxygen to the team. Then we started to have the ball possession and the team was playing better.”

Michel was feeling surprised as he was a starter in the game, “The true is that I was pretty nervous, but everything was fine; I thought I was going to enter in the second half, but the coach told me that he needed me. I just want to thank the fans for the way in which they welcomed me.”

Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ was in shock after Depor almost lost the match, “They achieved the comeback when they were playing with ten men and just when we had the game at our side, I couldn’t believe it. The true is that the point had a bittersweet taste.”

About his goal, the Madrilenian defender said that, “I am content and satisfied for it; despite everything that happened in the game we played a good match, and we just hope that this performance can mean a turner point for Deportivo after the latest negative results.”

Lassad Nouioui explained the celebration in his first goal on the game, “I dedicate both goals to my country, because it is hard to imagine what’s going on over there, and when I am here I just think of football. During the first goal I was pointing to Desmarets and Juan (Rodriguez), because he scored on last year and now he told me I was going to do it.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was also feeling disappointed with the final result of the encounter, “The result isn’t fair; I do believe that we deserved to clinch the victory. The goal of Laure was clear, because the referee allowed the play to continue.”

At Sevilla, everything were complains about the third goal of Deportivo; coach Gregorio Manzano was explaining his feelings, “I have a bittersweet sensation, the game passed through some negative moments, but since the 2-0 the team showed courage, with the 2-2 we saw that we could win, then we had a complicate play that once again wasn’t favourable to us. The referees told that the assistant lifted the flag because he saw a foul, and the referee allowed the play to continue, we must see if it was it offside. My players were naïve, but these plays are too fast and difficult to control.”

Álvaro Negredo scored twice, but he was feeling robbered in the play of Depor’s third goal, “It was a doubtful play, because the assistant lifted the flag and some players were just standing up, then they scored and surprised us. The referee says that the assistant indicated the foul, but that he allowed the play to continue, because they had the advantage, but surely we swallowed the goal.”  

Similar were the thoughts of Lautaro Acosta, “The assistant lifted the flag for the foul of Negredo, and the referee allowed the play to continue, but when the player shot on target the flag was still up. It was a decision that affected us, but we need to stand up and forget this as soon as possible. We made a very solid second half, coming back in the game after ending with ten men, and now we can only think of the next game, which is also very important.”





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