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01 Feb 2011
Rindarøy and Urreta are leaving, while Javito, Sand and Xisco are joining Deportivo; those were the five movements completed by Deportivo during the last day of the winter market. Lotina has now 26 players at the first team.

On Monday’s morning the three new signings of Deportivo passed the medicals: right winger Franisco Javier Peral Periane ‘Javito’, plus strikers José Gustavo Sand and Francisco Jiménez Tejada ‘Xisco’. Then, in the afternoon, the trio was presented at the trophy room of the Riazor. To mention that Deportivo was the club that made more signings among the twenty clubs at Primera División.

At the same time, the club confirmed the exits of Uruguayan winger Jonathan Urretavizcaya Da Luz and left-back defender Knut Olav Rindarøy; both players arrived during the summer loaned until June, but Deportivo decided to cancel their deals in order to allow the entry of the three attacking players.

During the presentation of the three new players, president Augusto César Lendoiro told to reporters that the trio is coming to Deportivo loaned until June. In the case of Sand, Depor’s boos confirmed that the Galician club has a €3 million buyout option that could be executed in mid-season. The president didn’t confirm the cost of the operation, though it has been commented that the club has to pay €500,000 for the loan.

The status of Javito is more uncertain, the president said that he came loaned, but Javito and the club’s authorities of Aris Thessaloniki FC told to reporters that he coming for free, though in June the player will join Olympiacos CFP as the player signed a contract with them starting in July of 2011. What’s a reality is that the right winger/playmaker/striker will only play for five months in La Coruña. According to rumours Depor had to pay €150,000 to allow his exit from Aris, and also that will pay €200,000 for his wages.

During his arrival to La Coruña, Javito commented that, “, “Since I was a kid my dream was to play at the Spanish league. The chance came out and I talked to my club, and said that I wanted to come to Deportivo. I haven’t slept because I was travelling. And yes, since June I have a contract with them (Olympiacos), so I’ve to return to Athens. But if Depor wants me since June, then they will have to talk to them.”

The case of Xisco is also a loan and doesn’t include the buyout option, though it has been rumoured that the Majorcan striker will try to cancel his contract with Newcastle in order to sign a longer deal with Depor. During his presentation the striker commented that, “It is a pity that things didn’t work for me in England, but I said in the past that one of my dreams was to play again at Deportivo. I also had other possibilities, but my first option was always Depor.”



In order to allow the three signings, the club was forced to release two players, and the most logical case was Uruguayan winger Urreta, who was searching for the door out in order to join Peñarol in Uruguay.  He cancelled his contract on Monday and had strong words towards the coaching staff as he blamed them for not taking corrective measures after his fight with Antonio Tomás .

“I am content that things are solved now; I was searching for the best, it wasn’t possible, but good things are happening, I am leaving a good group. I want to ask for apologies to the public, because maybe they are feeling disappointed. I had problems for some things that happened inside the team and I said nothing. That problem wasn't solved as it should. One small issue turned to be big and it can't happen. The coaching staff should have fixed it.” He said during his good-bye speech.

Lendoiro confirmed that as compensation Uruguayan club Peñarol will take part in a future Teresa Herrera tournament. Urreta only played six games in la liga (375 minutes), mainly due to the injuries plus a visa problem; also to remember that his exit means to release one of the foreign spots at the team, and now Argentine striker Sand is picking the spot.

The other exit is Rindarøy, the Norwegian left La Coruña during the weekend in order to attend to the birth of his child and won’t return to Spain; his exit was an emergency solution, although he barely played on the season: 4 games in liga (242 minutes). He is now returning to Molde FK.

During the presentation of the new players Lendoiro also revealed that the club was tempted to allow more exits, as there were some offers for Juan Rodriguez and  Adrian, but the propositions were rejected in order to not affect the team and its quest for the permanence in la liga. Depor’s president also said that the club still open to renew these two players (both end contract in June). Finally, Lendoiro confirmed that the club already fulfilled the unpaid debt of ex-captain Sergio.

Now, coach Miguel Angel Lotina has 26 players at a permanent basis at the first team, of this number Juan Dominguez is inscribed as B team player, while the remaining 25 are occupying the maximum number of possible spots allowed by la liga authorities. In this sense the first team is now composed by these 26 players:

Goalkeepers: Aranzubia and Manu
Defenders: Manuel Pablo, Laure, Colotto, Lopo, Aythami, Ze Castro and Morel
Midfielders: Antonio Tomás, Juan Rodríguez, Juca, Juan Domínguez, Rubén Pérez, Valerón, Michel, Pablo Álvarez, Javito, Saúl, Guardado and Desmarets
Strikers: Riki, Adrian, Lassad, Xisco and Sand.

List of shirt numbers:

First team:
1 Aranzubia
2 Manuel Pablo
3 Morel
4 Rubén Pérez
5 Ze Castro
6 Juca
7 Lopo
8 Lassad
9 Michel
10 Adrian
11 Riki
12 Saúl
13 Manu
14 Pablo Álvarez
15 Laure
16 Antonio Tomás
17 Xisco
18 Guardado
19 Colotto
20 Desmarets
21 Valerón
22 Juan Rodríguez
23 Aythami
24 Sand
25 Javito

B team players:
26 Felipe Ramos
27 Rochela
28 Juan Domínguez
29 David Añon
30 Stopira
31 Dani
32 Raúl García
33 Seoane
35 Diego Rivas
37 Iago Beceiro



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