01 Feb 2011
José Gustavo Sand was the first of the three new signings that arrived to La Coruña; he talked to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña and explained the expectations on his European adventure at Deportivo.

Q: Excited?
A: Yes. This opportunity is arriving at a very good age for me. I have been a top-scorer in Argentina and the UAE, so I think it's a good chance. The club (Al Ain) gave me the chance to get out. I was looking for something in Europe and Depor appeared.

Q: A lot is expected from you, especially goals.
A: I'll try to do what I always did: being in the area hoping to score, but that doesn’t depend only on me, it depends on the entire team.

Q: Even to debut on Saturday against Getafe?
A: Yes. I'll be ready when the coach says so. I am available. I´ve been playing every Sunday, so I'm fine.

Q: Lotina was asking for a number nine and it seems that you are that player. How would you describe yourself?
A: I'm a player that lives inside the area; I always try to hold on the ball and wait for the arrival of the wingers. And nothing else, I try to do my thing.

Q: You are coming after scoring 44 goals in 46 games with Al Ain, is to score ten goals in the remaining seventeen matchdays a good target for you?
A: I don’t promise goals, I promise to work hard, humility and always leave everything on the pitch.

Q: Years ago Depor was a great club, but now is suffering. What do you know about your new club?
A: It is living moment that’s a little complicated, but has great players and is looking for top-scorers since a while ago, so hopefully we can add a little of what it is missing.

Q: Do you feel that you are coming in order to be the savior of the team?
A: No. Being a savior is very difficult. Few are like that in football. A savior is Messi... They are counted with the fingers, but I will work hard to give something important to Deportivo.

Q: Until June or longer?
A: I come to try to stay. I know it's a very good opportunity for me. It is a well-known team in the world, a nice club to succeed.

Q: At the end of season Depor would have to pay three million Euros to Al Ain for your rights. Do you expect to do the merits and see the club deciding to make that financial sacrifice?
A: I wish. We will try to train well and be prepared.

Q: You say that you want to stay in A Coruña, but were close to return to Lanus in the winter market.
A: Yes, it's a club that I love, but Depor appeared in the picture. Al Ain believed that it was the best option and I also thought it was the most interesting one, the nicest thing to grow up in my career. It’s an important opportunity.

Q: Do you have a bittersweet taste in the mouth due to the frustrated return to Argentina?
A: Yes, because I love that team [Lanús]. It is the club that gave me the opportunity to grow up in an economic sense and also in terms of football, so I was also a little sad.

Q: How was your experience in the UAE?
A: Very good, thank God. It was fine. For that reason they give me the chance to go to Europe.

Q: At Depor you will meet Morel and Colotto, your rivals in Argentina. Did you already talked to them?
A: Not yet, but surely they're going to explain to me what’s going on at the city and everything.

Q: And Lotina, did you talked to him?
A: Neither, but there will time for it, six months to discuss, train and be at his orders for whatever he says.



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