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02 Feb 2011
Depor’s coach gave a press conference after Tuesday’s training; he talked of the three signings made during the weekend and confessed that the team will always play with two strikers, though in a short term he will keep using five defenders.

Miguel Ángel Lotina gave a press conference after the first training of the week, all the reporters were anxious to ask him about the last three reinforcements added by the Galician team. And he starting saying that, “Well, the first thing that I want to say is that the club has made an important effort according to the current times, so we need to be thankful. Now, the first thing is to do on the pitch what the club has done on the office. You already know the signings, Xisco is returning and is willing to do things; Javito has grown a lot during his stage in Greece, that’s why Olympiacos has signed him, and Sand, sincerely, is a player for whom I only have good references, but I still have to watch him.”

The Basque man also said that he already knew about their arrivals since some days ago, ”I already knew it since the past week; the club told me that two were sure arrivals and that it was probable to make a third signing, so I didn’t hesitate. Now, we have five strikers and the competence is good, because everybody gives their best.”

Asked if any of the three new players will take part of the game against Getafe, he said that, “Don’t know if the three of them, but surely at least one will travel with the team. We still have to train and we´ll see it during the week. I don’t discarded to see them playing, but I don’ know at this point, because I still have to watch them.”

A key question was to know if Lotina is thinking in switching the system now that he has five central attackers at the team, but the coach said that he will keep using the system with five defenders, at least until Guardado is recovered, “Sincerely, until Guardado is recovered we will keep playing like this, later we will see, because the players are feeling comfortable with this draw and… until Guardado is recovered then we will have more options. We will probably make small changes as we did in the past game, I mean to make a switch during twenty minutes.”

Lotina was in good mood during big part of the press conference, but he was furious when a reporter asked about his previous speech pointing to the lack of attitude from some of the players that are ending contract. He discussed with the reporter and denied his previous words, “After the game at Zaragoza I said that it was a problem, but also that we didn’t lose for that issue. So, don’t twist my words. Did I really say that? I never said that they were distracted; I never said that. I don’t like the lies, not even a little. A journalist just asked me if I was worried, and I just responded that yes, but I never said that it was a problem.”

After the discussion, the conversation moved to other subjects, starting with the goals of the team for the rest of the season, “We need to improve, and not only the new signings will help us on this, because the recovery of Michel, Riki and Guardado will mean an important step forward for us.” He said.

Later, the Meñaka-born trainer talked of the exits, he first confessed that Rindarøy left the team since he had offers from Norway, “Rinda… he didn’t seize the chance to play with this system; I don’t know if it was it for the injury, but although he is a good person I think he was never opened to us, maybe an issue caused by the language. Also, his agents called and told us that he had the chance to play at other places, in Norway. So he left. He picked an injury after Christmas and hasn’t recovered yet.” Regarding Urreta, the coach rested importance to his words (the winger said that the coaching staff never resolved the issue of the fight with Antonio Tomás) ”I don’t give importance to the fight, these are things that happen.” He said.

He was later asked if Deportivo committed a mistake in the signing of the two left-back defenders that arrived during the summer, this since lately the team has been playing with right-footed Manuel Pablo on that position, and Depor’s coach responded defending the work of Claudio Morel, “The signing of Rindarøy might have failed, but the one of Morel is better. He had a problem with the father, and now you can see that he is happier and working better.”

Another crucial question was to know if he was thinking in playing with two strikers on the pitch, and Lotina answered that it is already doing it, “It might be; Adrian and Lassad aren’t midfielders, but can start playing at the back, same goes for Riki and we will try to handle with those options. I still have to see Pepe (Sand) and already know Xisco. We will just put the best eleven men, if we have five strikers at the top, then we will put five strikers, we will create a new scheme for it, a 2-3-5 [he laughed]. If the team feels more comfortable and do more things with three strikers, then we will play with three. But right now we are already playing with two, so since this point we will always play with at least two strikers on the pitch, and sometimes even with three. But the players themselves will tell us what to do.”

Later, he confessed that he loves the current situation of been forced to decide among so many options, “This is the pressure that any coach wants: to choose between this and that player. Contrary to the problem when you ask: who will play? And then you look at the bench and there’s no one over there. As I said on the past week the important thing is to look at the bench and see starters sat over there.“

Finally, Lotina said that, with the exception of the match at Zaragoza, he is feeling content with the latest performance of the team, especially playing away from home. “In the last visits at San Mamés, where we were lucky, and Valencia, where we lost despite playing well, and forgetting Zaragoza, the true is that I liked the attitude of the team, and the problems was at home, place where we had have some difficulties..”



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