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03 Feb 2011
On the past Saturday, Laure celebrated his first goal at Primera División; it is coinciding with his best moment on the season as the Madrilenian has been a starter within the last five liga matches.

Definitely, Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ is living his best moment on the season; until the end of 2010 he had only played three matches on the liga campaign, but since January Lotina decided to switch Manuel Pablo to the left-back position, which opened the spot at the right for the ex-Leganés defender. 

In this way, he has been a starter within the last five liga matches, and the best news is that, despite the results of Depor haven’t been so good on those game, he has presented a decent performance. And on the past match with Sevilla the Madrilenian was one of the best players on the pitch as he was a constant thread on the right side and even scoring his first goal at Primera División, which worth a point for his team.

During the week Laure talked to La Voz de Galicia and commented the issue, “My previous goal was five or six years ago, when I was playing at the Juvenil A squad of Real Madrid. It was a header. I opened the ball to the wing, then somebody sent a cross and I put the head on it. I only scored a few goals, but all were pretty. Now this is my favourite, because it helped us to add a point, just when the match was almost lost.”

“I was already celebrating it, and then I realized that my team mates weren’t joining the celebration, and then I thought the referee wasn’t allowing the goal, but later he said yes and it turned to be a great joy for me. I saw Valerón with the ball, and then I decided to enter into the area, because he seems to have eyes on the back and somebody fouled him, but I continued with the play and just focused in scoring the goal. I tried to rebound the on the ground before the keeper, so it would be more difficult for him.” He added.

Now, Laure hopes that he will keep taking part of Lotina’s lineups, but always remembering that his job is not to score goals, “In the end the goal was just anecdotic, because I usually appear to send the crosses rather than to try to score, and my only wish is to give my best in order to see the team plugged into the tranquil zone at the standings.”



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