05 Feb 2011
New signing Javito gave an interview to Sportpaper AS; he gave his first impression on his new team and also explained his experiences in Greece.

Q: You have been for a few days in A CoruŮa. How do you deal with such a drastic change?
A: Iím okay, though I have spent a couple of days in which I'm not sure where I am. I need to adapt and now I must get used to any tactical change, but gradually I'll get it. In Greece I played more on the wings, but here you have to move to the centre. I am meeting my colleagues and I must do it quickly, because I donít have much time.

Q: After playing a derby in Thessaloniki, now you are at Depor. Quite hard the change, right?
A: Well, yes. That derby is insane. I've been used to it, but it's amazing. It is a rivalry to death. Here I'll be much calmer.

Q: You are here for five months and then you will go to Olympiacos. Do you think that the fans can have some doubts on your involvement with the project?
A: They may have their reasons. It is logical, but I donít know how to play at half speed. They may think I'm not involved, that I will only let the months pass, but wherever I've been I've always given everything. Do not know otherwise. Moreover, I come with the torn of not having made my debut with Barcelona at Primera.

Q: And if you really wanted to play in la liga, why didnít you wait to sign for free for any team in June?
A: I didnít expect that I would have any offer coming from la liga. Sincerely the offer of Olympiacos is very good, because it is a team already playing in Champions League. I already adapted to Greece and wanted to secure my future, but you never know what may happen. Maybe something new comes out and could end staying.

Q: What is the Javito that we will see at the Riazor?
A: I hope a fast player, with the ability to play on the wing and hard working on defense. I play on the sides and for that reason I have more pass than goal, but now I'll be more at midfield, as I can arrive to the area. I'm a fighter.

Q: How have you seen Xisco and Pepe Sand?
A: Okay, I hope they give us lots of goals. Xisco is technical, strong, powerful and has goal. I see less of Pepe, but I have been told that he has scored many goals.

Q: Donít you think that thereís much excitement with the three signings?
A: It's good, because it means that they love you, but that love means that they expect more things from you and if you donít give more... Neither is to let yourself go. We have to work hard in order to add and help.

Q: You come as a signing and a as a former youth player without room at Primera...
A: Yes, things have changed. Before there werenít so many crises and the teams preferred to sign foreign players. The pity was that many youth players had the same quality, but ran out of room. They were less valued.

Q: Depor is also very different from the team that you saw before traveling to Greece in 2006, right?
A:  Yes. There is a crisis and those great players had to leave. It's a rainy period, but may resurge at any time and return to where it was.

Q: Whatís your impression on Lotina?
A: For now, he is fine, but neither I canít say much, because we have only talked about how he wants me to play.

Q: Did you have the chance to have a dinner with Lendoiro?
 Yes we talked a lot and he treated me wonderfully. He asked me to do my best in order to help this club.

Q: Whatís your impression on the squad you have found at Deportivo?
A:  I like it. They said that the team didnítí have goal, it is hard for them to score, but in that game they scored three times and deserved to win. I donít understand how they can be so down on the standings, but sometimes you deserve to win and donít do it, and in others itís the opposite. I hope that from now on we will be better.



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