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09 Feb 2011
Depor’s coach accepted the criticism from the fans and confessed that he will make changes for Sunday, even it’s possible a switch in the system. All of this in the quest to find the lost balance on the pitch.

On Tuesday coach Miguel Ángel Lotina talked to reporters during a 20-minute press conference held at Abegondo; he accepted the criticism of the media and the public towards the team, and his main thought is that Deportivo needs to find again the balance in order to start adding positive results. For him the problem is that the players need to defend well and at the same time have enough arrivals at the opposite area, plus definition in those plays.

The first question of the evening was related to the criticism of the Riazor Blues towards the lack of attitude from the players, and he responded was that, “We all know that the situation is of concern; we can’t cheat ourselves. But this issue has a solution and that’s why I want to transmit the same message that I gave to the players: we need more work and more hope. I believe that the players think in the same way and we must take forward with this group.”

“For all that has happened during the week … I have talked to the players and this is the moment to demonstrate that we are from Primera División. When we have criticism from the public it’s precisely when we have to demonstrate who we are. I just want to say to the Riazor Blues that we need them; the heart of this club is the Riazor Blues, they can criticize us and whistle the team, but we need them during the ninety minutes. We have committed a lot of errors and must work hard in order to leave the club where it deserves, but for that we need the support of the public. We accept the criticism, but need the support of the fans, because without them we can’t win.” He added.

And it’s that for Lotina the problem of the team is not a lack of attitude, but a lack of balance during the matches, “No, they have trained at the top, despite what it might seem the team has attitude; the problem is that it has lacked consistency, we need more balance. We have talked of it and are wishing to work on this. I told the players of this lack of balance. There were some games in which we were defending well, but missed to attack, and in others we were too soft in defense, so we need to search for a balance in the scheme, and I am convinced that we are going to get it.”

Late the Basque man said that, despite the rumours, he hasn’t received an ultimatum from the club, “No, nothing has reached me. If the president… when I arrived here I came delighted, and if I have to leave, then I will be more than happy for the time I spent here. If the president believes that the switch of the coach would solve the problem, then I will understand it and, logically, it won’t be a problem for me.”

“The current situation is complicated; a lot of teams are tied up at the standings, and it’s true that the sensations gave by our team aren’t the best, but it’s also true that the signings and the players returning from injuries are giving us a plus that we didn’t have in the first round, so I am convinced that we can move forward.” He added.

Then Lotina talked of changes for the upcoming clash against Villarreal, “With a switch in the draw we will turn back the situation, because we will probably switch the system… probably the match where we were better was in the second half at Valencia. Later we won at Bilbao as we defended well, In Zaragoza we didn’t have arrivals, the other day we attacked, but each time they reached our area… evidently my job is to search for a balance at the team”

 “Well... we will have a few changes, Laure for example [he is suspended]. Morel has been fine since Christmas and we also expect to see Javito. We were wide open on Saturday and had more offensive power as we had three attacking players, but missed strength at defense. We didn’t end the plays and the defense had a lot of problems, we gave too many facilities and it hammered us.” He added.

But the coach didn’t want to confirm the kind of draw that he will use at the Riazor, this after he was asked if Depor is going to return to the 4-2-3-1 “Well, I want to have more balance at the team, to see them attacking and also to have solidity at defense. From there you can make your draws. The draw and the lineup are important in football, but later we have other things that are important. In the past game we could have scored three times in the first half, and if those opportunities would have ended in goal, then nobody would be talking now of the draw. Those facts escape from the draw.”

Another of the issues discussed by the Meñaka-born trainer was the strange case of Javito; he confessed that it was informed of the absence of the transfer until last Saturday, “Javito was going to be a starter against Getafe, but you know that he couldn’t play, at that point I had doubts in how to play, with Juan Dominguez joining an offensive player or with a defensive midfielder. In the press conference held on Friday I didn’t knew it, I just knew that he didn’t t have the transfer until Saturday at the hotel, because he was going to be a starter. As I understood it’s a problem of the Greek club and not of Depor. It isn’t an error of us”

Talking of other players, he analyzed the current state of Sand, “Yes, I saw that Pepe Sand was fine. And it would be logical to see him with the group on Sunday.” But refused to talk on the case of Guardado, “On the situation with the injuries I prefer to … I… don’t have too much to say about it. I thought he would be available for Sunday, but we prefer to see him getting well and not suffering a relapse. I assume he won’t be available for Sunday, I just don’t want to rush his return.”

“When you lose, then you always miss the player that was out. Lopo can transmit confidence, but we won’t blame all the central defenders for the defeat. He is one of the best central defenders in Spain and can transmit a lot of confidence.” He said regarding the absence of Albert Lopo from the last two liga matches.

Once again, Lotina was asked for the case of Juan Rodriguez, and once again the coach gave the same response, “Juan Rodriguez didn’t go out of the team for what he said or didn’t say, Juan Rodriguez went out because he wasn’t at the top. Period. For me he hasn’t been playing at his normal level, actually he even was worse, and it is a situation previously analyzed. So I don’t need to talk to anyone.”

Regarding the direct attacks towards Portuguese Ze Castro, the former coach of Real Sociedad said that, “We all commit mistakes, and must be alongside the rest. We must first accept the criticism and then we must support everybody.  When I arrived here one of the most criticized players was Sergio, and we solved the issue. The fans are always right. I always say that we all commit mistakes, and now we must support him.”

Asked if Villarreal is more dangerous now as it lost its last game against Levante, the coach admitted that the yellow submarine will be more alert at the Riazor, “Evidently, it would be better if they have won the previous game, because they are now more alert and it isn’t good for us, but must count with it. “

Finally, he admitted that he and his players are under a big pressure, but also that this the right moment to demonstrate what they really are, “At this point we need to be cool minded; the current position is bad and the sensations aren’t good, besides it’s true that the calendar is tough, but I also need to say that we have a great squad. There are teams that have six or seven more points than us, and sincerely I won’t change their squad for our in June. There are coaches that don’t pass from Preferente division due to the pressure. There are players at their 19’s that we thought would end playing in Real Madrid, but they don’t pass from Tercera or Segunda B, because they can’t support the pressure Now it’s the moment to demonstrate it. We must show that we can do it. Yes, sir.”



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