09 Feb 2011
Diego Tristán is the most recent addition to the team of veterans that disputes the indoor league; the Andalusian talked to La Voz de Galicia and confirmed that now he is retired and wanting to have some fun with the veterans.

Q: Are you now officially retired?
A: Yes. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here.

Q: Did you have offers to continue?
A: I had offers to continue, from European leagues, as well as Segunda, but didn’t want to move the family again.

Q: So, are you retiring for your family?
A: The moment arrives for everyone. I didn’t want to move from Seville. I was in Cadiz on the past year, and came home almost every day. I would have continued in Cadiz for two or three more years. I was delighted, but with the relegation to Segunda B, I didn’t want to play in an inferior league, and decided it was the right time. Now I have this experience, something that will help me to  still on shape.

Q: What’s the meaning for you about returning to A Coruña?
A: It will always be my home in a football sense. Here I spent my best years. It was the place where I almost got everything. I always have that little thorn for the way in which I had to leave, but time puts everything in its place and I guess people in A Coruña only remember the best of me.

Q: How do you remember that exit?
A: It was painful for the situation in which it occurred, mostly because people might think that I wanted to go at that time. Time heals everything and puts each one in their place. I've always been thankful to A Coruña, people have always treated me with respect, but at that time things were very fast. Maybe it was misinterpreted and the club wanted to put over the table what wasn’t right, but we also need to understand the position of the club. I'm very happy to have belonged to one of the best teams of the decade. People of A Coruña are very intelligent and will learn to appreciate my football over the years.

Q: Do you regret anything?
A: No, here I lived the best years as a football player, and have achieved important goals.

Q: After leaving here you didn’t settle anywhere.
A: I've been fortunate to play in three leagues in Europe: Italy, England and Spain. In England I played less, but it was the nicest thing I could have experienced in the world of football. And in Cadiz the relegation was a pity, because the city breathes football on all four sides.

Q: Never again you returned to play in a similar level. Was it for the teams where you played or because of the passing of the years?
A: A little of everything. There are players who reach a top, and maybe I caught my best on here. And then I clearly didn’t surround myself with the best. Today at Barca everyone is good, and here at Depor it happened three quarters of the same.

Q: How was your signing for the indoor team of Deportivo?
A: We were talking in the international meeting organized by the Spanish Football Federation after the World Cup. I talked to Fran, with Quique [Romero] as well. I also had a chance to play with Betis, but I preferred the possibility of returning to A Coruña and meet old friends, like Romero, Fran and Andrade. It allows me to continue playing football. I'm happy and very excited. I just retired, so this is my first time in indoor football.

Q: What will be your contribution to the veterans?
A: I come to join the best. Fran and everyone at Depor are the best, and have demonstrated it over the past three years. So it will be easier for me. I am arriving in order to have fun and spend a good time. I come to coincide with old friends and spend pleasant moments.

Q: Are you following the first team of Depor?
A: I have friends like El Flaco [Valerón] or Manuel [Pablo]. They are suffering, the situation in recent years hasn’t been easy, but it is clear that la liga is pressing; to see the teams strengthened, and the club is not passing through its best moments in a financial sense, so the important thing is to achieve the permanence



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