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10 Feb 2011
Mixed readings for what has happened within the last three days in La Coruña; it has been mentioned that Lotina will be fired if his team loses against Villarreal, but is Lendoiro ready to fire the coach?

The huge loss at Getafe CF has frozen all the optimism after the club completed three signings during the winter window; and coach Miguel Ángel Lotina has been in the eye of the storm as the recent setbacks playing away from home are putting Depor back into the fight for the permanence. Since Sunday it has been commented that there’s an ultimatum over the coach, but it isn’t a confirmed issue and journalists have mixed feelings about it.

Firstly to mention that journalist Gonzalo Soto from Radio Galega, considered as one of the closest reporters to Lendoiro, was the first one that informed about the possible existence of an ultimatum over Depor’s coach if his team loses on Sunday. Though later he rectified his version saying that it was only a “serious conversation” between the coach and Lendoiro in which the president manifested his concern for the current situation of the team in la liga.

But the rumors spread like wildfire, and soon all the papers were speculating about the eminent exit of the coach. It calls the attention that the newspapers considered as “allies” of Deportivo are the ones with the most negative reviews. This is the case of paper Xornal De Galicia; its senior writer Omar Bello already blamed Lotina for all that it is happening.

Meanwhile, the chief of the sporting section, Monica Martínez is following the same path as she blamed the Basque coach for the lack of attitude shown by the players against Getafe, in this sense she wrote in his latest editorial that, ”As my uncle Gustavo told me: It’s time to see him (Lendoiro) firing Lotina, although he replaces him with Tito Ramallo, because you can’t allow what happened at Getafe.” She even suggested that if this doesn’t happen soon, then Depor might end like the Celta of Lotina.

At the same time, the official paper of the club, Depor Sport, has kept a coldest position regarding the issue; it barely mentioned the messages painted by the Riazor Blues at the Riazor’s walls during Sunday’s night, and during the week they have been just informing about the declarations of the coach and the supporting speeches of Valerón and Lopo, though in its Wednesday’s editorial it insinuated that that the coach is under a big pressure.

And the most supportive messages towards Lotina have arrived from newspaper La Voz de Galicia, both Fernando Hidalgo and Vicente Leirachá were asking to respect the coach, while Luis De La Cruz from AS was remembering that not all the problems at the squad are caused by the Basque coach, as example the case of Javito.

But the million-dollar question is what the thoughts of Lendoiro are? The president is known for his patience and for holding on until the last minute before firing a coach, especially at the middle of a season. Just to mention that he has only had three coaches within the last decade, but a key clue in this puzzle is his confirmed conversation with Lotina during the past weekend; it truly demonstrates that Depor’s boss is, at least, concerned.



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