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11 Feb 2011
Deporís players are already praising the system with four defenders, everybody is happy with the switch that Lotina is planning for the match against Villarreal.

Despite the players always said that they were feeling better when the team was playing with a line of five defenders, now they are assuring that it wonít be a problem to switch back to a system with four men at the back zone. Actually they thing is the best medicine to cure the current problems of Deportivo in la liga.

And itís that Lotina is planning to switch the system to a 4-4-2 or a 4-2-3-1; with Dani Aranzubia as the starting goalkeeper, Manuel Pablo performing on the right-back position, Claudio Morel playing on the left sector, and the couple Diego Colotto-Albert Lopo at the centre.

Lopo was saying that the team wonít have any problem with the switch, ďWe already played with a system of four defenders. Itís just a matter of turning things upside down and letís see if things work for Sunday. It means a couple of changes; now the central defenders donít need to join the sides so frequently, and neither have we so many aids as in the system with five defenders. With five men at the back we have played good and bad matches, and the same will happen with four.Ē

Manuel Pablo will have to switch his position to the right-back spot after performing on the left within the last three games, he said that the team needs to find a new balance, ďIt is a matter of finding solutions. Within the last games the system with five defenders hasnít worked out; we will try to recover the balance, because we were attacking with a lot of people, but either left too many spots at the back. The balance can be achieved if we are playing closer at midfield and with the wingers near to the side defenders.Ē

Meanwhile, Juan Rodriguez said that the team has always achieved good results after a switch in the system, ďThis is the third switch in the system, and we always had good results when we did it before, letís hope the team will be able to clinch the victory, it will be good for us as the distance from the relegation zone to the 12th spot is practically of only one game. We must regain the solidity at defense, and Iím talking from the striker to the keeper. We didnít have it at the start of the season and now we have lost it again. We have a fast team and truly will have scoring opportunities throughout the ninety minutes.Ē

Finally, Michel joined the ďwaveĒ and also said that he feels comfortable with the switch, ďIíve played at the left wing within the last two matches, but was a little lost, because I even didnít know how to put pressure. Manuel Pablo was passing me and I didnít know if should join him or throw myself to another place. With four defenders I will feel more comfortable, safe. The position of playmaker is where I feel better. Neither will I have a problem on the wing with a 4-4-2 scheme, because in that case I know the side is mine.Ē 



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