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12 Feb 2011
Complicate days for Juan Rodriguez; the midfielder is unhappy for the way he has been accused of been one of the reasons for the current problems of the team; however he tries to remain calm and asks for unity.

The last fifteen havenít been easy for Juan Rodriguez, Lotina said after the loss at Real Zaragoza that, maybe, the uncertain future of the players ending contract was affecting their performance, and Juan was on the spotlight as the Basque coach sidelined him from the squad since that day. Now Rodriguez is returning to the starting eleven, but he can forget the bittersweet taste on his mouth.

The Andalusian player talked to reporters and starting saying that the comments of the coach have affected the perception of the public towards him, "People are free to speak. I can be hot, but never talked louder, and of the rest I donít care. At the stands there will be people that are content and support me, and others donít, but Iím careless. I canít go out fearing they will whistle me, because then I wonít be involved in the game. Perhaps the comments of the coach were questioning my professionalism, but not only mine, but of the rest of players ending their contracts, including him. Now the more united we are, the better. Perhaps I just needed to feel more supported.Ē

"I'm at the same point now than two or three weeks ago. I feel at one hundred percent and donít care whatever they say. It is also true that sometimes you can be better or worse. And if you play at your natural position, then you can always do more. That I am playing outside of my natural position? yes and it isnít new. I spent one and a half year performing at the wing; it has good and bad things. When everybody is fine, then anyone playing in a different place is going to the bench, or in my case, to the stands.Ē He added.

And itís that Juan Rodriguez believes that people is starting to look at himself as the guilty one for the crisis in la liga competition, "I'm on everybody's lips. It seems that if we lose is because Juan is ending contract. I lived something similar in Malaga, but not on this scale. People are always looking for controversy.Ē

ďFrom all the time I've been playing football, this has been the most difficult month, but this is football and you have to know how to deal with it, not screwing up and working at the top, also learning about these things. You always want support, to see people saying good things of you, but that is virtually impossible, because there are different colors and tastes. I didnít expect to spend these weeks at the stands. Itís one thing I didnít expect, but I need to deal with it and must continue working. " The ex-Malaga midfielder added.

Despite his current situation, he is saying that the important thing now is the unity inside the changing room, ďWe must be more united, because that was the way in which Depor surpassed much worse situations. If now everybody starts to look to themselves, then things will end badly. Now we are talking of a switch in the system, in past opportunities it worked out. Letís hope it will work this time, but above all I believe that we need to recover the defensive solidity. Upfront we are a quick team and will have our opportunities.Ē



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