16 Feb 2011
Albert Lopo has been on the spotlight thanks to his goal against Villarreal; the Catalan defender talked to Sportpaper Marca about the importance of the recent victory at the Riazor, and also of the meeting against UD Almeria.

Q: You always score in the toughest situations for Lotina. Do you believe in fate?
A: Not much. It is a coincidence, but itís true that when the coach and we are in trouble, then I have been lucky enough to score the goals. Hopefully those goals can be repeated, but in less extreme situations.

Q: It seems that you work better with risk. Isnít it?
A: We can give that impression, but that's not good. If we play with fire, we will end up burning. We must beat Almeria to make a jump, be more relaxed and gain confidence. Nobody likes to be in a situation so annoying.

Q: Anybody believing that everything is done, is wrong, right?
A: Absolutely. There is a lot of equality and itís time to fight. Now, we must try to climb positions at the standings.

Q: Do you think that Sundayís Depor is the pattern for the rest of the league?
A: We must have an identity and I think that against Villarreal there was no doubt in that aspect. We had very clear ideas. It was necessary to be strong at the back, we needed intensity and we would have a chance to score. We have to grow from behind.

Q: Another of the interesting issues is that the goal was made by three of the players who are ending contract...
A: It is anecdotal, but I think we should end this debate. Lotina made a statement without any bad intention and perhaps we were wrong trying to answer him, because he was simply trying to push us. Itís forgotten. Many people say that we have a bad relationship with him and they are wrong. I dedicated the goal to him in order to settle the conflict once and for all.

Q: Lotina has said that he has spent more time with you than with his children...
A: Sure. It is ugly for me to say, but for me is like a second father. I have spent thousands situations with him, both in a sporting and personal sense, and he always helped me. Above the players, we are people and he has given me very good advices.

Q: Donít you think that with games like Sunday's one people at the Riazor will miss you, starting in June?
A: I do not know, God will say what will happen. What I must do is to repeat these performances and not lower the level. I know nothing and it makes no sense to talk about it right now.

Q: Do you have a feeling of revenge against Almeria after falling three times before them on this season?
A:  Yes. It has been difficult for us on this season, and itís an important game in order to give an important blow in la liga. It is not easy, but we can beat them



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