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18 Feb 2011
Horrible defeat for a team that never knew how to deal with a rival that has a great power in attack and that was coming in the middle of a good streak. Ramallo paid a high price for his errors and experiments with the scheme.

Coach Tito Ramallo was finally counting with Croatian defender Stefan Deak as he got his residence permission during the week, and the 19-year-old player went directly into the starting eleven as he played alongside Rochela at the centre of the defence. The other two winter signings were also starters: Dinis and Martin Büchel, this last one surprisingly appeared as the playmaker in the formation. The only two casualties for injury reasons were Richi (groin) and Joshua (shoulder), while Diego Seoane was part of the first team hosting Villarreal CF.

The formation was a 4-2-3-1 draw, with Diego Rivas at the goal, Fran Gonzalez at the right-back position, Raul Garcia on the left, while the central defenders were Stefan and Rochela; the pivotes were Dani and Dinis, Chirri was attacking from the right wing, Añon did it form the left, the playmaker in the formation was Martin; finally Dioni was the central attacker.

The rival was the best Real Madrid Castilla of the season; a team that was arriving after clinching six straight victories, maybe the most visible face at the Madrilenian team is Álvaro Morata, the ‘spoiled’ 18-year-old striker of the Madrilenian newspapers that started the game with a mark of seven goals on the Segunda B season. Ex-Fabril Juanan wasn’t part of the game as he is just returning from an injury.

Disaster for Deportivo B in Madrid; Ramallo risked a lot putting Stefan Deak since the beginning and allowing the appearance of Martin as the playmaker in the formation; the true is that these two new arrivals never felt comfortable on the pitch and their team noticed it.  To make things worse the defense, mainly Rochela and Raul, was lacking concentration and all these reasons explain the huge and humiliating defeat suffered by Fabril. Because Real Madrid Castilla had countless opportunities to score more goals and it never faced a real opposition on the pitch.

The only moment when Fabril worked as a team was within the first five minutes, because the Galicians had three scoring opportunities At minute 3, the visitors asked for a penalty committed over Añon after a high cross coming from the right, the true is that it should have been whistled. Before, Fabril attempted with shots from Chirri and Martin, but they missed the target.

And everything changed as soon as Castilla scored its first goal; it was the first big error of the evening and it occurred during a throw–in for the Madrilenians. They build up a quick play that surprised the defense and Alex Fernandez assisted Álvaro Morata, who entered into the area, then he eluded Rochela and scored through a drilling shot to the far post of Diego Rivas.

Since that point Depor B disappeared from the pitch and the locals started to enjoy of clear scoring opportunities, at the 9th minute a shot of Carvajal from close range was blocked by Diego Rivas, and soon the second goal arrived. Raul García lost the ball at midfield and Juanfran quickly drilled a pass to Pablo Sarabia, who was pulled down by Stefan Deak, but before the midfielder passed the ball to Morata, who scored the goal from the edge of the area with a precise shot going into the far post of Fabril’s goalie. Again the defensive line lasted too much time to react and they paid the price.

The team was lacking coordination as Martin never found the way to assist his partners, and only Dinis and Chirri were trying to do something in attack. In the end the team was speculating through long throws. Only Chirri was able to make a shot on target on this half (17’), but the attempt was saved by local keeper Jesús

The third goal came at the last minute of the first half, it was a counterattack for the locals that ended with a long ball to Morata, who was close to face Diego Rivas one-on-one , Rochela arrived first and cleared the ball, but it reached the path of Dani Carvajal , and the defender sent a high cross from the right that Morata headed into the net from close range. It was the third goal for him and his tenth on the season. The score was 0-3 at half-time, which was a hard, but at the same time well deserved, punishment for a team that paid the price for its inaccuracies and for the thick tactic of Ramallo.

Things were harder in the second part, moment when the pouring rain fell over the Alfredo Di Stefano stadium… and over Fabril’s goal. The Galicians started the second part pushing in attack, while Castilla was trying to define the things through a counterattack, and exactly it was the way in which they found out the fourth goal. The visitors were throwing a corner-kick, and in the counterattack Nacho led the play eluding a weak defensive line, until he drilled a pass to the left, then Juan Carlos Pérez appeared to score through a drilling shot going into the far post of Diego Rivas, who should have deflected the attempt. Again a slow and petrified defensive zone wasn’t able to cut an attack from the Madrilenians.

The goal killed the spirit of Deportivo B, and now Castilla was once again in command of the actions. At minute 57 Morata scored after heading the ball before Diego Rivas, but it was invalidated for an offside. Then Ramallo made the first substitution and Juan Carlos entered for Martin, in this way the coach corrected his initial mistake and was now trying to have the ball possession, but it was too late as his team never reacted.

At minute 60, Raul Garcia attempted from the edge of the area, but he missed the target. But the side that scored again was Castilla, again through a counterattack, and for the second straight time after Fabril was throwing a corner-kick, the ball reached Pablo Sarabia at the left side of the area, his cross was headed by Morata, and then Dani headed it at the penalty spot, but his poor clearance was just an assistance for Sarabia, who scored through a strong shot from the edge of the area that went into the far post of Diego Rivas.  Again the defense failed as nobody could clear the danger.

Dioni appeared until minute 67 as he was assisted by Chirri inside the area, but his shot from close range was saved by Jesús Four minutes later the Andalusian attacker was scoring his eleventh goal on the season. The true is that the visitors paid with the same coin the previous two goals of Castilla, because the goal was scored in a counterattack after a corner-kick for the locals; Dinis sent a long pass that surprised the rival, Dioni ran ten meters and reached the ball to score the goal from 30 meters before the desperate run of local keeper Jesus Fernández.

But the reaction of Real Madrid Castilla was automatic as they scored the sixth goal in the following play; Denis Tcheryshev scored it after the strong shot of Juanfran from close range was saved by Diego Rivas, but the rebound was reached by the Russian midfielder, who just had to push the ball in from the penalty spot. Again it was an error of the defense as Stefan lost the ball at midfield allowing the attack from the locals.

A desperate Ramallo tried to cut the bloodbath with the entries of Vieytes and Vela, but still there was room for another goal. Five minutes before the final whistle Fran could have scored the second for Fabril after an assist of Juan Carlos, but his strong shot was cleared by Jesus. And the side that scored the final goal was Castilla; it was at the last minute of the match and was also the biggest of the errors at Fabril’s defense. Raúl Garcia had the ball at the edge of the area and tried to pass the ball to his keeper, but instead he assisted José Luis Sanmartín  ‘Joselu’, who just had to drill the ball under the keeper’s body.

The biggest defeat of Fabril on the season, just when the Galician youngsters were coming after clinching three straight wins. It is true that the players lacked more spirit, but the biggest responsible of the big loss is on the shoulders of Tito Ramallo, coach that never knew how to play the game and that risked the things putting Stefan Deak, who still doesn’t speak the language, at the starting formation, and has he also forced Martin to play in an unusual position for him. In the end the team paid a high price for its errors. The only good news is that the team still leaving outside of the relegation zone, though only two points above the pit. On Saturday the team will try to react as they host Galician neighbor Coruxo CF (Abegondo, 17h00 CET).

Comments of Tito Ramallo: ”Little can be said from the game that we just made. What happens is that the first two goals came after unusual circumstances and it affected us. The team thought that that it could compete against Madrid. After the break we had the sensation that they were superior due to their punch in attack. Later we had two options: to go back and wait for the end of the game or to go out and fight for it. We wanted to fight, and they seized the moment; in the end the result was a scandal. For now we can’t drain off. We just assume it as an unfortunate day. We wanted to be brave and that courage is resumed in the fact that we lost three points.”

Real Madrid Castilla: Jesús - Carvajal, Nacho, Juanan, Jorge Casado - Fran Rico (Merchán. 66’), Álex Fernández (Joselu 74’) - Juanfran, Sarabia, Juan Carlos Pérez (Denis 65’) - Morata.
Deportivo B Diego Rivas - Fran, Stefan, Rochela, Raúl García - Dani, Dinis - Chirri (Vieytes 75’), Martin Büchel (Juan Carlos. 59’), Añón (Vela 80’) - Dioni.
Goals: 1-0: (6’) Morata, 2-0: (15’) Morata, 3-0: (44’) Morata, 4-0 (51’): Juan Carlos Pérez, 5-0: (min. 63), Sarabia, 5-1 (min. 71) Dioni, 6-1: (73’) Denis, 7-1: (90’): Joselu.
Referee: Eduardo Moro Sánchez. He showed yellow card to Fran Rico (28’) and Dinis /72’)
Venue: Alfredo Di Stefano stadium (2,000)
Other stats: Attempts to score (11- 8), Corner-kicks (2 - 8), Fouls committed (10 - 9)




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