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22 Feb 2011
Lotina was giving more importance to the moral boost of Aranzubia’s goal than of the fact that Depor added a point in the game, while everybody else was just talking of the keeper’s goal.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was emphasizing the moral importance of Aranzubia’s goal, “It was an uncomfortable rival, but our attitude is better though we could have lost. The goal of Aranzubia means a lot; you saw how everybody was attacking and how we celebrated the goal. The attitude was the one of a team going out for the game was and the players understand the situation. It isn’t easy, but we are on the right path. We must keep working in order to add the 44 points. It’s a long way, but the attitude of the team leaves me hopeful.”

Later, the Basque trainer commented what he saw throughout the encounter, “We were lost in the first half, the players weren’t well placed. We tried to change the draw during the game, and we improved in some things, however we were losing the ball too often; there were too many short passes, and in that way it is impossible to reach the area.”

“At the final minutes we were playing better; we dominated and spent the time at Almeria’s area; we didn’t score a goal, but had countless arrivals… and in the end that goal of Aranzubia, which means a lot, not only for the point that we added, but because we are breaking with the bad streak playing away from home. Besides, the celebration creates an impression at the changing room that we added more than a point.” He said.

Finally, Lotina was giving his impression on Pepe Sand, who made his debut in liga, “I am content with Sand. He’s a player with characteristics that we didn’t see before, a true number nine, somebody that can play backwards the goal. My impression is that he is more a player for a real game than for a training session, because he is colder in the trainings. He brings a lot of things; there was a play in which the rival was grabbing him and I want to watch it again, in resume he adds something that we didn’t have before.”

Among the players everybody was talking of the way in which Depor reached the equalizer. Starting with Riki, who was very surprised with the goal scored by Aranzubia, “The true is that what happens at Depor is something I never saw before at any other team. Here not only the defenders score, even the keeper scores a goal. Everything changed at the last second. At least we were able to add a point playing away from home and are keeping the distance with Almeria, which was an important thing.”

Pablo Álvarez was the one that threw the corner-kick in the play of the goal; he was commenting the issue, “I knew there was a lot of people at the area and tried to put the ball over there, and we were lucky as it went directly into the path of Aranzubia. We were pretty happy to see Dani scoring and at that moment we shout everything. What thing is prettier than celebrating a goal like this one?”

Daniel Aranzubia was the hero of the game for his saves and also for his historic goal, he was saying that it was a lucky play, “These kinds of actions aren’t tested during the trainings; it’s just a matter of good luck and are only seen from time to time. I am feeling enchanted. I just tried to do what my team mates normally do and tried to repeat it.”

“When you go up there to try to connect the ball, you try to do it as the strikers normally do. Luckily it turned to work for me; the ball came and I was able to score. It was my idea to go up and search for the header. A few times you will be so lucky and today fate was at my side. I am really happy. I never felt that sensation of scoring a goal and it is impressive. Besides, it is a great aid for the team. Lotina was happy for me and for the point added by the team” He added.

Meanwhile, José Sand made his debut at Deportivo; the Argentine was happy as his team achieved a last-minute draw, “If we would have lost then the last places would be nearer, but the draw means to put some distance with the last places. A lot of people were at the area and in the end the keeper scored. Those are the kinds of actions in which you must fight until the end.”

At Almeria, and despite his team wasted a lot of time in the second half, coach José Luis Oltra was blaming the referee for giving four minutes of stoppage time, “The feeling is that we lost the game against Deportivo. It’s tough and now we need to stand up. My players don’t understand why the corner-kick was taken; I would like to know the explanation of the referee regarding the question why the corner was allowed as the time had already expired.”

The president of the club, Alfonso García, went farther and was denouncing a conspiracy against Almeria, “Weird things are occurring with the referees during this season. If there isn’t a penalty then there are disallowed goals. I don’t understand what is happening with the referees on this season. Normally, outside home the referees are favoring the local team, but when we play at Estadio Mediterráneo they whistle against the local team. We would need to ask to him what kind of game he has made. Maybe it’s time to upload in our webpage the games in which we lost points thanks to the referees. Between bad luck and the influence of the referees we are making a bad season.”





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