23 Feb 2011
On Monday Daniel Aranzubia was in Madrid attending to a course for keepers organized by the Spanish federation; he was on the spotlight as one day before he scored an historic goal for Deportivo. He talked to reporters about the issue.

Q: Surrounded by other goalkeepers, you have been the center of attention.
A: Well, there are many keepers or keepersí trainers. They knew I was going to be here, because it was the second day of the course and they congratulated me.

Q: Does it change much the image of the goal as you already watched it on TV?
A: Yes. The image is more or less as I remembered it. I had no idea of what I did after scoring the goal. The truth is that these are pretty pictures. When I watched it this morning I was even excited, because I hadnít seen it before, it was very nice.

Q: For the goal, and also for the celebration.
A: Yes. I started to run, then my team mates embraced me and everybody ended all over me. It's nice, especially for what it meant that goal; it is an important tie for Depor. Hopefully that goal will give confidence to the team during this important moment in liga.

Q: Do you feel like a hero?
A: No. Beyond been a hero, I feel strange. It's a very strange day for me. I'm used to stop the ball, not to score goals.

Q: Is it as if you had fulfilled the dream of so many goalkeepers who once aspired to score a goal?
A: Yes, but I'm not the first that goes up to try to meet the ball. Even me throughout my career had tried to score and also faced other situations when the rivalís keepers were trying to score. What I didnít know until the game ended itís that it was the first time in la liga that a goalkeeper scores a goal through a header.

Q: What a joy.
A: I just give to it the importance that it deserves. The most surprised person by this situation is me. I really didnít think that I would be the first one in history.

Q: You scored as you were a real number nine
A: I tried to do my best. I tried to enter into the play a little later, to enter from the back to where I think the ball was going. Then I jumped and tried to head the ball and was lucky to score.

Q: Did you lived something similar when you were a kid?
A: I played sometimes as a field player when somebody was missing, but it has nothing to do. Neither at the Juveniles teams nor at Cadetes, I never scored a goal before in my life. It's an amazing feeling.

Q: Is it the strangest thing that ever happened in your career?
A: The strangest thing without any doubt. It's something I had never lived and the truth is that for me it was unbelievable.

Q: Is it dedicated it to someone?
A: At the moment, no, because you donít plan anything as other players do as they have messages on the shirts or as they plan to do something. I never thought of anything, not even when I went up searching to head the ball. Then yes, as you go to the changing room you start to remember people that are important and have been important in your life, and you are happy for them too, because you know they will be very happy for you.

Q: People like who?
A: Especially my father, who is up there and certainly had something to do with it.

Q: Lopo called you the Pichichi of the team at the press room, will be inevitable to avoid the jokes of your colleagues during this week?
A: I suppose that in the first training the jokes will continue, but neither can last much longer because on Saturday we have a big game and this will remain at the background.

Q: Your goal in Almeria hided another grey match of Deportivo playing away from home
A: It is true that our game was not too good. They created a lot of clear opportunities and we donít. A goal looked to be enough to take the three points.

Q: But you added one thanks to this epic goal at minute 94.
A: The goal was also important for that, for what it means. If Almeria would have defeated us then they would have ended just two points behind us and now we keep the distance at the standings. It is certainly an important point.

Q: And it also means a boost before the meeting with Real Madrid.
A: Yes. We know it will be very complicated, but we have to be strong at home and play without any complexes. Let's see if we are lucky enough to get something positive.



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