25 Feb 2011
Lotina watched Pepe Sand for twenty-five minutes in the game against Almeria and now it seems that he could be a starter against Real Madrid. The Argentine striker talked to La Voz and analyzed his first month at Deportivo.

Q: Is it true that you are a different striker compared to the ones that already were at Depor?
A: I like to play between the central defenders, I like to do the job. I did it my whole career, I was able to polish this task, and hopefully I will be able to improve it on here.

Q: Did you play like this when you were a kid?
A: Yes, ever since I was 14 and joined River Plate, I always played on that position, so with the pass of the years I have polished this function.

Q: Many years scoring goals since then
A: Yes, luckily, since I joined River I started to score goals, then it was harder at Primera, but then I managed to score like I did at the youth teams.

Q: What are your first impressions on la liga?
A: The truth is that when you go out you are only thinking of helping the team. I felt fine, thank God, I was fine, because the first ball that I touched meant a good play for us, and that fact gave me confidence for what came next in the game.

Q: Lotina has praised your skills in public.
A: It's important to me. I need to play as quickly as possible, because my idea is to stay and convince him and the club to execute the buyout option. I want to give my best, I want to do better, and hopefully I will have  a chance, because I am eager.

Q: Besides, against Madrid.
A: That fact will open doors everywhere. The coach of the national team can see me, my family, everybody. Hopefully I could have the opportunity.

Q: The national team?
A: Yes, I dream of the national team because Higuain is injured, who was the reference at the area, and currently the coach is looking for a reference. I know there are great players, but they are different to my characteristics. If I can play and have a good performance… you always have the dream.

Q: Were you remembering anyone after the game ended?
A: My wife and my son, who always accompany me in everything. Without them I don´t know if I could hold on at the UAE or right here in Spain. They follow me everywhere.

Q: Are you feeling nostalgic?
A: Yes, of Argentina. I miss it. It is going to be two years without playing there and now it will be one year without seeing my family and it is difficult.

Q: Do you remember your daughter, who died years ago, while you were concentrated with your team and even at that moment you asked to play?
A: Yes, my child ... but, well, luckily my wife and I are strong and now I follow another path. These things happen and we must be strong and try to go ahead. Life goes on and you always want the best, this time my daughter had to go and we must be strong.



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