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28 Feb 2011
Lotina and his players were pretty happy with the point added against one of the candidates for the title, while Mourinho was still complaining for everything.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina  was saying that he was satisfied with the performance of his players, “We are content and satisfied with the point that we’ve added, because it’s important, but especially we are satisfied, because it is difficult to ask for more. The effort had its reward, plus some good luck within the final fifteen minutes. We must separate today’s game, because we made a great effort against a great team. Now we start the most important part of la liga. We must have both feet on the ground.”

Commenting the special motivation of the players, the Basque manager said that, “Neither the Riazor is full every Sunday. If the Riazor would be full in each game, then we would have ten more points, there’s no doubt on that. Yesterday, the room was full during my press conference, when we played against Almeria there was only one camera and three cats. When we talk of motivation, we talk of everybody, not only the players. Each year Athletic (Bilbao) has ten or fifteen more points just for its full stadium, and we don’t have that solution.”

Then, he talked of his tactic to stop Real Madrid’s game, “Real Madrid’s team is easy to analyze, because it always play in the same way. We knew what errors we shouldn’t commit and where we could have caused some damage, but sometimes it is difficult. We had some arrivals at the start of the second half and we have added a point, because they were unlucky. Especially with the switch to the system of two strikers, we lived a bad moment and had a lot of people at the edge of our area.”

Finally, Lotina talked of the change of Adrian, plus the performance of Guardado and Sand, “He [Adrian] wanted to continue, but Cristiano was moving to the right and he was misplaced. On Wednesday we have a new game and he made a great effort. Since I am here we don’t have a reference in attack and Pepe Sand offers some things. Lassad is fine and Riki is playing like always, Adrian is fine too… the change of Guardado was prepared, and will play against Osasuna. The doctors told me that to play for 60 minutes or more would be negative. He was fine, and will see how he will be for Pamplona, but the idea is to see him performing for 60 or 70 minutes.”

Daniel Aranzubia was again an important player for Deportivo, he was commenting the match, “We controlled Madrid during the first half, but in the second were locked at the back and it was hard for us to attack. It was a match to run and suffer, and it will be a benefit as the result is encouraging us, now a very important game is waiting for us in Pamplona.”

Andrés Guardado was content with his performance in his first game in two months, “It was already decided to see me playing for the minutes that I spent on the pitch. I felt fine and thought that it was going to be more complicated after been out for so many time, but felt great.”

The Mexican was also satisfied with the point added by his team, “We will valorise this point at the end of the season, it is a golden point. It was hardly worked. The team ran a lot and was also lucky. People helped a lot. If the fans would be like this in every game, then we will have a different motivation. But this is normal, because the rivalry against Madrid is always different.”

José Sand was also satisfied with his first game as starter, “I am happy, because Depor completed a good game. Within the final fifteen minutes they locked us at our goal, but we already knew that it was necessary to suffer. I am feeling tired, but was able to help as I always did, they needed to win and in the end the game was a little longer for us.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was extremely happy with what he saw on the grass of the Riazor, “Madrid couldn’t bet the great effort of our players; football is not only a matter of having the ball possession, it’s also about the sacrifice, which is a thing that teams like us must always do. Today the Riazor lived a great spectacle and the fans were immeasurable.”

The situation was different at Real Madrid as the visitors saw how la liga is escaping from their hands, José Mourinho was still complaining of the calendar, “Seven points mean a lot, but we will keep fighting as long as we have a mathematical chance. If Deportivo would be always playing like this, then they would be in UEFA. What you need to ask is why they don’t play like this in all the games. I saw them many times and there’s no comparison with what they did today. They could be laughing at me, but I will still defending the interests of my club: the calendar was made by people that know what they are doing. The normal thing is to play on Sunday. They laugh at me, because they hide.”

Iker Casillas was feeling sorry for the opportunities wasted by his team, “We can’t reclaim anything to the referees, they have enough. We tried, there were a lot of scoring opportunities, we saw the ball hitting the wood, but weren’t able to materialize our advantages. It was a step backwards in our quest to be the leaders.”

Even the sporting director of the club, Jorge Valdano, had to come out in order to announce that the Madrilenians aren’t defeated yet in the quest for la liga title, “The result is putting more distance with the leadership. But we must keep fighting and nobody renounced to la liga in February. The team is giving everything and we are seeing the ball hitting the post twice during every game; we just need to be more lucky“.





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