06 Mar 2011
Aythami Artiles is the chosen one in order to replace Lopo on the starting formation that will face Real Sociedad; the Canarian defender talked to Sportpaper AS about the match and also about the defensive systems used by Depor.

Q: Whatís your conclusion on the draw of Deportivo at Reyno de Navarra?
A: It is a very complicate field for any rival in la liga and I think that, although they had the ball possession plus some opportunities, the result is fair enough for what we saw on the pitch.

Q: Some of your team mates have welcomed the point added by Depor, but also claim that the team should improve its game. Do you agree with them?
A: It is true that we didnít have many scoring opportunities, because we didnít play too much on the offense. But itís that these games are equal; especially in these circumstances. Still, I think you have to valorise that if you canít win a game, then at least you didnít lose it.

Q: Lopoís casualty for Monday puts you as a starter against Real Sociedad. Are you ready?
A: Off course I am. I donít know if Lotina count on me for this match. I train every day to have one more chance after all the opportunities that I had on this season.

Q: How do you feel as you are having minutes once again?
A: The truth is that the feelings have always been pretty good when I've been on the field. And if now the coach believes that I should return to play due the suspension of Lopo, then I'm one hundred percent ready. I have a huge desire to have more minutes.

Q: In a defense of five men, you shared a lot of games with Colotto, but have you ever played with him in a line of four defenders?
A: I think we did it in a friendly match and in a pre-season game, but until now never in any official clash. Of course, I have a nice relation with Diego outside and inside the pitch, and therefore there will be no problem to play together.

Q: It is curious that Deportivo has left the system with five defenders to play again with four and it has returned to be a safe team. What do you think is the reason for this good moment?
A: Neither is that before we were defending better. I believe that all the systems work and now things are going great with four. Sometimes to make a switch turns to be bad, but sometimes it works out and now it seems that it is fine. I think we are strong at defense and must follow the same path until the end of the season.

Q: It was always said that teams are built from the back and more in times of crisis. Do you think that this is the line to follow by Depor?
A: It is very important, especially for those who are down there fighting for the salvation. Defensively we have to remain very strong and, above all, we must seize all the opportunities that we could have. Now we arenít creating too many chances, neither are we making the goals that we would like to score, but we're running a lot and we all try, there's no doubt about it.

Q: Would be ideal to have the same environment saw last Saturday against Real Madrid?
A: It would be nice, but we know it is very complicated. There are many people who come to see Real Madrid, that's the reality and the same goes against Barcelona. I wish we could have something similar in every game.

Q: Do you believe that the permanence for Depor is located at home?
A: I think it's important not to miss more points at our stadium. The best way to capitalize the points from the draws with Almeria and Osasuna is to start adding the three points at the Riazor.



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