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09 Mar 2011
The papers applauded the sacrifice of the players in order to achieve a key victory in the quest for the salvation. The problems with the injuries were also emphasized by the media.

La Opiniůn A CoruŮa: Magnificent victory. The appearance of Lassad at the lineup occurred because Lotina didnít want long throws and as he preferred combinations and ball possession. The script was fine until Lassadís injury. With the entry of Riki, Deportivo won aggressiveness and mobility alongside the presence of Guardado. But it missed the position of the playmaker with Michel, who ran too much when all that was needed was pause for the transition. The match was passing without too many scoring opportunities, but it had depth and in that way, based on insistence, Deportivo found the goal. Lotina's team dominated all facets of the game, and even when the second part started we didnít see a reaction from Real Sociedad. That fact was seized by Depor and the Galicians scored the second. Only the goal of Real created uncertainty at the Blanquiazul team, but the freshness of Ruben was good for a Depor almost breathless. The team grew up again thanks to the solidarity of its tired players and also by the professional behavior of men like Colotto. In the end a great victory for a Depor that didnít deserve to face any problem. Manuel Mosquera

La Voz De Galicia: Faithful with the suffering of recent matchdays, with three injuries throughout the game and with several players on the brink of exhaustion, Deportivo achieved the victory that everybody was expecting to meet in order to enforce the previous draws. Lotina's team has now five straight games without losing and takes another step towards the permanence, after defeating a poor Real Sociedad that didnít have football, but that scared until the end. Riki and Adrian scored for a Deportivo that still canít find a football to fall in love with it, but the mission was accomplished for this matchday.

Depor was aware from the beginning of the importance of the points. The relegation was too close at the time the game started. Without the need for the effort shown against Real Madrid or the courage against Villarreal, Lotinaís men found out that they had the domain of the game against a plane rival, without too many ideas or shots on target. With the inertia of Laure the attack was focused on the right side as Adrian and Riki were falling to that wing  (when he replaced the injured Lassad), then Depor took the initiative. Miguel PiŮeiro

AS: Night of strikers and witches. Deportivo achieved a soothing victory that banishes the ghosts of relegation as the pit is now five points below the Galician club. It was during a night of strikers and witches. And itís that the Galicians, who recently were allied with the posts and the miracles of Aranzubia, had to overcome a real ordeal with the injuries. The jinx began with Aythami, who was going to replace suspended Lopo but the gastroenteritis left him out. Then it was a Lassad, who only endured twelve minutes on the field. His successor, Riki, fell down at the 55 ', only eight minutes before Antonio TomŠs said that it was enough.

But misfortune didnít prevent the win against a Real Sociedad that didnít enter into the match until it was 2-0. It did it through a headed goal of Agirrretxe, another witch for Deportivo as the young striker has two goals in liga and both were received by Aranzubia. But before that, two forwards, Riki and Adrian, took center stage. The Madrilenian opened the scoresheet with a great goal and gave life to a dead party. It was the best until his injury, and from that point Adrian took the command. The Asturian, who proved again that continues to grow, scored the goal that gave the tranquility and Lotina, who previously was asking for goals to his strikers, slept in peace.

And all in the night in which Lasarte returned to the Riazor. The coach was hard with his team as later he said that ďReal Sociedad isnít ready for major goalsĒ Apparently heís right, but this is very long and the season of Real has been great. Lotina also needed to say strong words, because with the casualty of Aythami he didnít find a Zť Castro that wasnít  even at the stadium. If the Portuguese was having a difficult chance to play, I guess that from now on it will be almost impossible. Luis De La Cruz.

El Pais Deportivo shakes, but it wins. It has been repeated so many times that it seems like a joke, but Deportivo is very serious. In 27 matchdays it has scored 23 goals and only 7of them in combined actions. Last night, the strategy rescued the Galician team again at the crucial moment of the season to open the scoresheet against a too timid Real Sociedad, and built up a victory that leaves the relegation five points below them. While the difference for Real Sociedad is nine points, a team that need more exposure if they want to convert itís good season into something outstanding.

Until the goal, which lasted 40 minutes to arrive, the game was a monologue of Deportivo. A bland speech, moreover, because Lotinaís players had both will and impotence. To understand what happens at this team we should learn a postulate: any plan of the coach is influenced by unexpected things. Because in the preparation of the matches someone is always left on the road. Yesterday, Aythami, who was going to replace suspended Lopo, fell down from the starting eleven just before the warming due to gastroenteritis. At the eighth minute, it was Lassad. Lotina trusted in him in search of talent and combinations to overcome the expected close defense of the rival.

Lotina was not wrong in his forecast. Real Sociedad was locked at the back zone. So he had to unblock the situation with Riki, a footballer for open spaces, not for associations in small areas. The Madrilenian, of course, got injured again and didnít end the match. Neither Antonio Tomas, another classic of the injury room. Riki scored before leaving with his head down and demoralized. He had already sent out the other occasion incubated by Deportivo during the first half, time when Real Sociedad didnít exist, a shy team, away from the image of solid team that put it closer to Europe than of the relegation zone, orphan of some key parts, but also from the contribution of players as Zurutuza or Griezmann, who never touched the ball.

However, Real ended the game in the attacking mode. It saw itself lost after Deportivo's second goal, one of those one-on-one actions in which Adrian usually shots to the body of the keeper though yesterday he resolved the play with class, and the visitors managed to replicate immediately with the goal of Agirretxe after a precise cross of Xabi Prieto. Depor then, trembled all over. Juan L. Cudeiro

Diario Gara: Real Sociedad wasted the first hour of the game at the Riazor in this absurd debate surrounding the club, whether to mark higher goals than the permanence or start planning for the future. Agirretxe and Illarramendi showed up that to give minutes to these players doesnít mean neglecting other objectives, and that, probably, to give minutes to the players with a future in this club will be more feasible in order to achieve a better position at the standings.

Because Rivas, who was horrible last night, is neither helping in the quest for the seventh spot nor has a future at this club. An absurd foul committed by him allowed Deportivo to take the lead and in the only opportunity in which he approached the area of the rival it led a counterattack in which Adrian sentenced the game.

When Lasarte replaced Diego Rivas, then Real Sociedad improved, but if neither Real Madrid nor Villarreal were able to score at the Riazor against a team that had only conceded one goal in the previous four previous matches, to score twice in a half an hour was a mission impossible. It only found one in a great shot of Agirretxe in the only prominent play of Xabi Prieto.

So, the team returns empty-handed from the  Riazor, because you canít waste so much time and neither give that advantage to a rival that Lotina has honed to perfection in the technical aspect. The Galicians closed all the roads to the reaction of Real Sociedad and only Sarpong showed up with a shot without much danger during the half hour that remained after Imanol Agirretxeís goal. Joseba Iturria



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