16 Mar 2011
Deporís keeper talked to the readers of newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa; he shared some memories and also talked of the current situation of Deportivo.

Q: Why there are so many injuries at Deportivo?
A: The true is that I donít know, but we have been unlucky with the injuries, and that fact doesnít allow the coach to keep a starting eleven for many matches.

Q: Do you like more Depor or Athletic
A: Both are my teams; Athletic because I arrived there when I was fourteen, and Depor because it is my current team. Both are special teams for me.

Q: Why the team plays so badly away from home?
A: We try to win the matches, though it doesnít seem like it; I can assure you that we all try to win the away matches; it just that things donít work out for us.

Q: Seeing your trajectory within the last years, it is quite surprising that your name isnít linked with the national team. Do you believe it is because you play in a mid-level team?
A: Lately, people have asked me the same question. Even Del Bosque was asked of my presence at the national team, and he always said great things of me. So, it is something to feel proud, but currently the level of the Spanish keepers is high and it is complicated to be part of the team. Anyhow, I still hopeful.

Q: How do you felt when you scored against Almeria?
A: It is an impressive feeling, something that I never felt before and truly it was a moment of great joy.

Q: Do you make any special exercise of concentration?
A: Yes, it is one of the most complicated facets for the goalkeepers. There are games in which they have plenty of arrivals and relatively it is easy to be focused.  Whatís really complicated itís when the first arrival of the rival came until minute 80. We donít make specific exercises of relaxation. You just get that capacity of concentration with experience.

Q: Do you feel identified enough with the city and the club to continue for more seasons, or would you like to make a step forwards and sign for a bigger club?
A: Yes, I feel identified with the club and the city, but sometimes the players donít own their destiny. I hope to stay for a lot of years, but nobody can certify it.

Q: Do you repent of the lost time in Bilbao?
A: No, I donít repent of anything. In Bilbao I lived great years, only within the last two years I didnít play too often.

Q: Who do you prefer, LiaŮo or Molina?
A: Both are great goalkeepers. I know more things of Molina; actually I played against him in several opportunities. Maybe thatís why I choose him.

Q: Do you see any keeper at the youth teams that can be your substitute?
A: There are some, but the one from Juvenil, David, who has been picked by Spainís U-17 team and that already trained with us, has good skills.

Q: Which one was your best game as a professional player?
A: I donít remember any above the rest. Iíve memories of several matches. As example one against Villarreal at San Mamťs, the other day against Real Madrid at the RiazorÖ just to mention a few.

Q: Whatís the worst thing from the city of A CoruŮa?
A: I like the city a lot. What I like the most is the tranquility, the people, the foodÖ a lot of things. What I donít like is the weather, but neither can complain, because the life in Bilbao is similar.

Q: The other day Lotina was upset for the way in which the Riazor was whistling Antonio TomŠs. Do you share his opinion?
A: I believe the public is wrong with Antonio. I share the declarations of the coach. Antonio is an important player for us.

Q: Is this your most complete season?
A: Since my arrival to Deportivo I am very content with my performance. I believe these three years have been pretty good, what happens is that the goal magnifies everything.

Q: Do you believe that the cycle of Lotina at Depor is over ?
A: I am not the right person to decide if the coach must continue or not.

Q: Whatís your opinion on the fans of Deportivo and the Riazor Blues?
A: I believe thereís quality, but not quantity. People attending to the stadium if faithful, they cheer us on, but never fill the stadium. It is not that the stadium is full or not, it is that they barely fills the half of the stands, but they give their best effort. The Riazor Blues are always there supporting us.

Q: If Depor goes down to Segunda, would you search for another club or would you stay in A CoruŮa?
A: Easy, Depor wonít go down. I am sure of it.

Q: You have spent a lot of years at Deportivo, sincerely do you believe that the team has earned or lost potential since your arrival?
A: It has lost potential, because important players have left.

Q: If at the beginning of the season you have to value the position of the teams according to the names of the players, in which position would you put Deportivo?
A: At mid-table

Q: Donít you think that the renewal of Lopo is important due to his weight at the team? Would Valerůn retire at the end of the season?
A: Both are important players for this team. Letís hope that they could continue for next year.

A: Do you use any video or music to motivate the players?
A: No. Each one has their own music. I donít carry anything. Donít like to hear music before the matches.

Q: What do you do at the hotel during the concentrations ?
A: We play cards and spent a lot of time at the hotel, also at the busÖ

Q: Do you read peopleís comments at webpages like
A: No. Neither newspapers nor sporting websites.

Q: Have people tell you that you look like Russell Crowe?
A: Yes, sometimes, but I donít see any similarity.



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