17 Mar 2011
Diego Colotto returns for suspension and he talked with newspaper La Voz de Galicia about the coming matches for Deportivo, and also of the fight for the permanence.

Q: You saw it from the outside, quietly, what happens to the team when it plays away from home?
A: The game was tied, it was being controlled, there were no clear situations for both sides, but the team was left with one less man [by the expulsion of Pablo Ńlvarez] and things changed a bit. And after allowing the first goal the team had to attack and unfortunately it wasnít possible to add points in a difficult day, one in which several teams achieved good results.

Q: Isnít the team lacking ambition playing away from home?
A: [He thinks for a few seconds]. From the outside, to give an opinion on that... Itís that you always look the other way when you're inside... We would have to see what the boys were feeling on the field.

Q: Two games at home are coming, against Levante and Mallorca, which are emerging as key. Is an obligation to add the six points?
A: Now several crucial matches are coming. Because after these two games we will also play against Malaga, Racing and Hercules. We play against four direct rivals within the next five games. Now itís the moment of truth in order to achieve the permanence. It can give you peace of mind if we get good points or the opposite if we donít. So the team has to be mentalized that of these five games three are at home, place where we must be strong.

Q: Do you believe that the permanence passes through the Riazor? Will it be enough?
A: We have to go match after match, because not always weīre going to win at home, and not always weīre going to return empty handed from the away matches, and therefore it must be more balanced. But at home we are better. The dynamics of the team was being good and the game with Espanyol is just a setback that canīt affect us.

Q: So do you think that having lost your unbeaten status after five matchdays is not going to affect the team?
A: We must be aware of what is coming, and not staying with the game at Cornella. The good thing is coming now, and I think that it will mark our future.

Q: The dynamics of the team is good on defense. But in attack it still having problems, actually it is the worst scorer at Primera
A: Against Espanyol itís true that we didnít enjoy of clear situations. When there are no goals people is used to talk of the strikers, but if we donít provide them of goal situations then it is complicated for them. As a team we have to create scoring opportunities so they can score. And sometimes the team doesnít do it, and sometimes we make good football and you have to seize those moments.

Q: Levante is the third best team in the second round, just after Barca and Madrid.
A: Very well. They have achieved regularity and have clinched important results, and for that reason they have left the relegation places where they were for a long time.

Q: Is it very different from the team that you beat (1-2) in the first round at their field?
A: The players are the same, so they have not changed so much. Itís similar, but has gotten a lot of security, and isnít allowing too many goals, and has found many goals thanks to Caicedo, who has managed to seize the moment.



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