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22 Mar 2011
Sorrow and frustration; those were the main feelings after the defeat at the Riazor. Lotina and the players labeled the game as the worst one on the season and admitted the superiority of Levante.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was feeling sorry for the poor presentation of his team, “Surely it was our worst match on the season, just in the day when I was asking for more things to the team. We talked during the week of the importance of the match, and it turned to be the opposite thing. I already have a relegation to Segunda on my career and remember it each day of my life. Every day. I don’t need another one.”

“We had a streak of games at home in which we were playing well, but today nothing worked out. Right now the situation is pretty complicated, and we can’t say that nothing is happening. After the acceptable games at home we had a pretty bad match, with a fair defeat, nothing worked for us, neither having the ball nor without it. And on these situations is when the players must demonstrate that they are there, also the fans.” He added.

But despite the painful defeat, the Basque coach was still optimistic of the future, “We must be realistic. Nine matchdays are remaining in the calendar, which means a lot of points and these are the players that have saved us in past years, so we need to be more united than ever before. We must cheer them up and raise the head. I have no fear, but am worried, not since now, but during the whole year. This year la liga has been weird. I already thought about it when we were eight points over the relegation. Still, we have to play nine more games and will give a hard battle. I see my team capable of reaching the mark of 44 points.”

“I am the responsible, but we must cheer up the players. The fans know that the situation is complicated, now it’s time to see the professional carrying away with this. We all must push in the same direction. The reality is this and the hope is the same. We are what we are and must solve the situation for the good of Depor and the city of A Coruña.” He finalized.

Midfielder Juan Rodriguez was also sharing the opinion of Depor’s coach regarding that this was the worst match of the team on this season, “Everything went wrong, truly it was the worst game of Deportivo in  a long time, and now we need to be stronger. We never felt fresh as in other games. They had more sparkle and it was noticed. Let’s hope we will regain the intensity during the break.”

Captain Manuel Pablo was assuring that the team isn’t living a good moment in a physical sense, “The team is feeling hurt due to the injuries. There are players coming out from long-term cases, muscular problems, all kind of physical situations. People aren’t fine. Let’s see if we can recover in these two weeks.”

Later, the Canarian defender was commenting the match, “It was a difficult game and a painful defeat, especially for the minute in which the goal was scored, but they were the ones that deserved the three points. We never made a good match, they were dominating and the team ended very tired.“

At least Lassad Nouioui was trying to be positive, “If we play at 70% of our real capacity, then we will surely leave the bottom places. We aren’t worried, this isn’t the moment to be worried, we will surpass this moment, because we know we have enough squad to do it, a solid team, but we aren’t demonstrating it. We are missing mentality and more will to win the matches.”

Meanwhile, Daniel Aranzubia was admitting the blame during the goal of Levante, “The ball hit the ground and made a weird movement, but I should have stopped it. Neither was a good game for us. They had more scoring opportunities and ended scoring the goal just when both teams had accepted the draw.”

Later the keeper was predicting that Deportivo is going to suffer in the rest of la liga competition, “Now it’s time to suffer. We aren’t living a comfortable situation; less taking in mind that la liga is having a break. Later we have another match at home and we need to win it, yes or yes, because if not then we will be in serious problems.”

Even president Augusto César Lendoiro was admitting that his team was deserving to lose, “Today we didn’t do the merits to deserve a better result, so the final result is fair; I just hope that this break will help us to improve. I want to congratulate the public; they were great, though it was a bad match.”

Asked about the situation of Lotina at the team, Depor’s boss answered that, “I don’t want to talk of it; it was a match in which things didn’t work for us. The only thing that we need is to raise our heads and realize that this is a delicate situation, for us and for several teams involved in the fight. We are convinced that there’s enough team to save the situation.”

At Levante, coach Luis Garcia Plata was saying that anything different to a victory for his team would have been unfair, “Football has been fair and the true is that the final result is even short. The most difficult opportunity turned to be the one in which we scored. It would have been unfair not to lose, but to draw the match. The important thing is the victory. It was a real suffering, because it was to win 0-4. In the end we played our cards, it worked out and everything was fine. We were superior to Deportivo.”

Ex-Depor goalie Gustavo Munúa was also commenting the game, “These are three important points and the result is fair. The fans were great with me too, and I keep good memories of them. I also want to say that the goal wasn’t an error of Aranzubia; it is just that the ball made a strange movement after hitting the ground. Those are tough plays.”

The club made a huge effort trying to fill the Riazor for the game against Levante; there were special promotions, like giving two extra tickets to the socios for the price of five Euros. The public had high expectations, but in the end everything was just a mirage as the team had one of its worst presentations on the season. This explains the frustration of the public. At half-time people was so upset that a huge protest was heard through the whistles towards the players.

Nothing changed for the second part and the stroke that broke the camel’s back was the last-minute goal of Levante. More whistles and insults were heard as the game ended and even a group of fans waited for the players at the gates of the Riazor to discharge their frustration an angry on them. Even the police had to watch the situation to avoid further problems. Some players –like Juan Rodriguez- didn’t want to face the fans and went out by the visiting locker room. This is an unusual thing at the Riazor, stadium better known for been very patience with its team.





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