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26 Oct 2005
Depor achieved a new and important victory against Real Madrid at the Riazor. The Galicians managed to control the ball during the whole game. Two goals from Juanma and one from De Guzm??n were enough to secure three points. The bad news is the injury that Coloccini suffered during the game. Upcoming tests will determinate the seriousness of his injury.

As was expected, Caparr??s decided to send on Valer??n and Trist??n in order to lead Depor’s offense.  De Guzm??n returned to the starting lineup joining Munitis on the wings. The big surprise was the presence of Scaloni in midfield replacing Sergio who started the game on the bench. Meanwhile, Luxemburgo presented the expected lineup with Beckham in midfield and the Robinho-Ra??l duo up front looking for the goals.

Deportivo started the match with the intention of scoring an early goal. Munitis sent in a cross that Valer??n headed far from target, an occasion that came only 20 seconds after kick-off. The Galicians tried to create pressure in midfield in order to control the ball. The most nervous man in the first few minutes was Caparr??s himself who was warned by referee Borbal??n over his protests.

The first occasion for the Madrilians was a Beckham free-kick from midfield, but Coloccini cleared the danger, sending the ball for a corner. In the 14th minute, Valer??n entered Real Madrid's area and was later pulled out by Diogo, but referee Borbal??n didn't award a penalty in favour of Depor. Four minutes later Helguera couldn't clear the ball, allowing Trist??n to try his luck from outside of the area, but the shot was too high.

The clearest chance for the Galicians in the first half hour arrived in the form of a Munitis cross that Coloccini headed just inches from the crossbar.  Casillas didn't properly calculate the play but let the Argentinean defender’s chance go. Munitis continued to demonstrate why he's Depor’s best player at the moment with his quick movements.  Diogo received a yellow card for a hard tackle against him. Capdevila was also booked for pulling Beckham's shirt.

The well-deserved Depor goal arrived a couple of minutes later. Trist??n received the ball near the goal mouth and passed to Juli??n de Guzm??n, who crossed the ball into the net. It's his first goal in La Liga and also the first goal by a Canadian in the Primera. Despite having the advantage in the score the Galicians continued to push in search of more goals... and they succeeded.

The second goal came out of a corner situation. Munitis sent in a cross from the right wing and Juanma headed the ball into the upper right corner. It was a fair reward for the effort made by the Galicians in the first 45 minutes. Meanwhile, Real Madrid were only a witness to the actions that were happening all over the field.

The last 45 minutes started in a similar fashion as the first half. The first occasion came from Capdevila, who sent in a cross for Trist??n, but the Sevillan striker didn't reach the ball and was contained by Casillas. The first substitution of the game was made by Real Madrid.  Coach Luxemburgo decided to give a chance to Balboa, and the youngster debuted in the Primera replacing Beckham. A lot of controversy surrounded the match since the English player was allowed to play after his red card against Valencia was rescinded. This time the ex-Manchester United captain was not a key factor for the Madrilians.

Deportivo continued with this strategy of creating pressure in midfield.  The Madrilians had trouble managing the ball, and as a result Roberto Carlos saw a yellow card after making a rash challenge against De Guzm??n. The Canadian did a good job on every occasion that he was given – his velocity was a headache for Madrid all through the night. Luxemburgo tried to accelerate things for his squad by replacing Pablo Garc?­a with Soldado with the intention of changing the score.

The best chance for Real Madrid came from a powerful shot by Roberto Carlos, but Molina cleared the danger, sending the ball out for a corner. The bad news for the Galicians was the injury to Coloccini.  The Argentinean player suffered pain in one knee when he was challenging Guti, and he was replaced by C?©sar. Meanwhile, Caparr??s tried to refresh the attacking zone by sending R??ben Castro to cover Diego Trist??n’s spot. The Sevillan forward had searched for his third-career goal against Madrid all night, but he didn't succeed.

Despite the advantage, Depor continued to search for more goals. First, it was a cross from Manuel Pablo that didn't find any players; later, it was a free-kick from Valer??n that resulted in a corner. As a product of that play the third goal was scored. Valer??n sent the ball to the area and Juanma headed the ball into the net once again. As a reaction to Depor's goal, Ra??l scored for Real Madrid one minute later. It's his first goal at the Riazor, a strange fact for the Madrilian marksman.

Deportivo found the road to victory after six Liga matches, climbing to eighth spot in the table, awaiting tomorrow's results.  Meanwhile, Real Madrid has notched up two consecutive defeats, leaving the team in fifth place so far this season. The next Liga game will be next Sunday when Getafe visit the Riazor.

Deportivo: Molina - Manuel Pablo, Coloccini (C?©sar 74'), Juanma, Capdevila - De Guzm??n, Scaloni, Duscher, Munitis - Valer??n (Sergio 87'), Trist??n (R??ben Castro 77').
Real Madrid: Casillas - Diogo, Woodgate, Sergio Ramos, Roberto Carlos - Pablo Garc?­a (Soldado 67'), Helguera - Beckham (Balboa 54'), Guti - Robinho, Ra??l.
Goals: 1-0: (35') De Guzm??n, 2-0: (45') Juanma, 3-0: (84') Juanma, 3-1: (86') Ra??l.
Referee : Fern??ndez Borbal??n. He showed yellow card to Diogo (31'), Capdevila (33'), Duscher (52'), Roberto Carlos (61'), Helguera (70') and C?©sar (75').
Venue Riazor (35,000).

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