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07 Apr 2011
On Tuesday’s evening the president of Deportivo gave a press conference at the Playa Club; he explained several issues related to the financial situation of the club and also gave hints regarding the future of the team.

Augusto César Lendoiro started attacking La Voz de Galicia, paper that on Monday suggested that the club was close to enter into the bankruptcy law, “It seems that my previous words are giving to talk to our friends at La Voz, God rest their soul, but what I can tell you is that the current economic situation is living its peak since the days we were in the Champions League.”

Then he denied any possibility of bankruptcy, “We are making miracles off course. We have paid ten million Euros to the treasury in a matter of ten months, ad if later Betis, Racing Santander or Zaragoza don’t pay you… then we are really making miracles in order to not been in bankruptcy, and I can assure you that there are no risks of a bankruptcy. It would be easiest way for Deportivo. Celta, as example, passed from a debt of 100% to 18% and to divide the payments in several years. If you owe 50 million and you only pay the 15%, then you make them suffer because you avoid paying the other 85%, so for me it’s a shame to use the bankruptcy law.”

Lendoiro also explained that the current net debt is 58.5 million Euros, which means a reduction of 30 million Euros compared to the past year, which according to him it is possible due to the cuts had in the budget. “For many years it is taking place a significant reduction in the budgets of the club, and little by little we will be providing data, very striking differences that can be observed. "

“Probably on next season the budget will be reduced to 50 million [Euros]. On the season 2012/13 it will be reduced to 48 million [Euros], and for the season 2015/16 to 40 million [Euros], though on that season we will have more incomes due to the television rights, which will allow us to increase the value of the team. I also can assure you that right now we don’t have any doubt with any Spanish club.” He added.

The president believes that the exit from the Champions League has meant the worst financial news for Depor in recent times, “If we owe money it isn’t for the bad management of the club; what happens is that to leave the Champions League is almost worse than suffering the relegation to Segunda, because you receive much less income and still you are keep paying the same wages.”

In recent days a conflict between Getafe and Real Zaragoza has exploded; the Madrilenian club is reclaiming 2.5 million Euros for the last part in the transfer of striker Uche, and the worrying thing is that there are strong rumours about the entry of Zaragoza into the bankruptcy law, they are anticipating the move menacing to take the case to La Liga and ask for the relegation of the Aragonian club.

Asked about the case, and taking in mind that Zaragoza still owing money to Depor for the transfer of Lafita, Depor’s boss confirmed that in the coming two or three weeks the club will have a trial against Zaragoza about the case; he also confirmed that the club hasn’t received anything from Racing Santander in the case of the sell operation of Sergio Canales.

During the past week it was also reported that the Primera clubs have approved an insurance that will give fresh money to the three clubs suffering the relegation to Segunda, Lendoiro not even confirmed it, but also gave some numbers, “This insurance was an agreement between several clubs, including Deportivo, not by the LFP as a whole. So, right now Almeria would receive like 7 million Euros, Malaga 2.5 million Euros. No matter how good the clubs do the things, you will always have three going down. And to pass from incomes of 15 or 20 million to just one or two… that’s why the insurance stipulates a minimal of 7 million, and from there to 12, 15, 18 or 20 million Euros according to every specific case.”

Once again, Lendoiro defended the decision of the Spanish clubs about fighting against the law of general interest, which forces to telecast for free one game every matchday, “Why Spanish football should be for free? If it’s a general interest, then who will pay for it? Because somebody must pay. Why if the latest movie is passed at Television Española (TVE) for free without paying the ticket at the movie theatre? Everybody would be happy as if the houses were for free, but you are taking the rights of the people that made that movie. Deportivo would be receiving five or six more millions compared to the present situation.”

About the status of the players at the team, the president firstly said that he is still pending news on the resolution of the case with Javito, “We are waiting for the resolution. We can’t say anything else. I just can say that all of this is absurd. It can’t be that they aren’t allowing the player to work when both clubs already reached an agreement. Later we have the case of Piscu, who received the transfer without having the approval of Deportivo.”

Then, he assured that the club is already moving at the market ahead of the season 2011/12, “We are working in order to have the team for next season, because we can’t wait until May. Depor is exploring the market, but for the moment we haven’t reached any deal with any player. We are looking for players, but nothing is signed yet.”

More vague were his comments towards the situation of Lopo and Lotina; asked about the Catalan defender Lendoiro only say that “His renewal is feasible, but not easy. We are pending in reaching an agreement.” And about the continuity of the Basque coach, Depor’s boss didn’t want to say anything.



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