08 Apr 2011
Striker Adrian Lopez was interviewed by newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; the Asturian talked of the current situation of Deportivo and the fight for the permanence at Primera División.

Q: It was surprising that you weren’t a starter against Mallorca, did you have any physical problem?
A: I was sick during the week with flu, but I felt fine the day of the game.

Q: You had in your boots the goal of the tranquility, but it hit the post...
A: Yes, because with the 2-1 they could have equalized at the last minute. Still, I think that in the second half we were far superior; we had enough scoring chances and in the end we deserved the victory.

Q: On Sunday we saw that Valerón may be the best signing for the season finale...
A: Yes, since he entered the team was better, we had many more opportunities... What we lacked was the last pass, and El Flaco brought it and the truth is that he helped us a lot.

Q: It was commented that the victory was as a breath of fresh air. Do you see the team now with more strength and confidence for what remains in the calendar?
A: Yes, because the match against Levante was very bad, no one expected for the loss and we had this opportunity again to play at home, and for me it was the biggest game of the year. But the team responded well and apart from these three points it was a moral boost.

Q: And the fans responded well...
A: The crowd was of ten points. For us it is very important to see them there supporting us and the victory is for them.

Q: The next final is against Malaga, a team where you played on loan for the 2008-09 campaign. How do you see it now?
A: They aren’t fine, but it will be a tough game; they play for a lot of things, so do we. We know they are going to put things complicated, because they still in the fight, have a good team and it will be a difficult game.

Q: Is useful the victory achieved at the Riazor during the first round?
A: No, because we are going to see a different game at La Rosaleda, it will not have anything to do. It´s their field, a lot of fans are always there, especially now that they need the points.

Q: The team looks better in a physical sense, are the new exercises favoring you?
A: Yes. On one hand the break helped the team; there were people who had carried with a lot of games. We are all training in a way that makes us happy, we are working at the top should try to continue in the same direction.

Q: In the sessions you have been training the ability to shot on target, do the forwards feel now more important?
 A: Yes, it is always good for people who play up front to make those exercises. You have to try a shot on goal, it’s something that must be trained and it is good to do it.

Q: The standings are very tight and teams that seemed already saved as Getafe or Real Sociedad are now in the fight. Do you think that it benefits you?
A: Yes, the more the better. The more teams at the bottom the better for us, and now we have to try to string a few wins and try to get out of there.

Q: How many points do you need to achieve the permanence?
A: Around 41 or 42 points, but you never know. What you need to do is to reach that mark as soon as possible and not been anxious in the final matchdays.

Q: Is it stressing to see that the others teams at the bottom are not failing?
A: If you see that the others teams at the bottom are winning you thinks that, 'or we win or we get in trouble." The team knew that on Sunday we had to go out for the win and we did it on the second half. This is what we have to try, to play like this.

Q: Practically all the players are fit and is important for what remains on the schedule, only a month but complicated, right?
A: Yes, it is a difficult month. There are many tough matches against direct rivals and to see that everybody at the team is fine is the most important thing, so that if there is any problem, we are all ready.



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