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12 Apr 2011
Mixed readings at the papers; the point is described as gold as Depor had to play the entire second half with one less man, but at the same time the game of Deportivo when it plays away from home still inspiring all kind of criticism.

La Opinión A Coruña: More of the same. Deportivo's game was more of the same when it plays away from the Riazor. Los Blanquiazules didn’t create opportunities, as it is evidenced by the only two shots on goal. Xisco was alone at the penalty area. Deportivo’s players, although playing with ten because of an unconscionable and unjust expulsion, didn’t suffer too much, partly because of their own merits and also because Malaga never offered too much things and was very ineffective. The team didn’t create scoring chances, and for me Valerón was the only one who tried to give an inside pass. However, I understood the change because, outnumbered, it was necessary to tie the point. The Galicians did not occupy the space on the field in a rational sense. I didn’t like to see Juan Rodriguez as a winger, because he’s a player who likes to go more toward the centre, and he and Guardado weren’t supportive at the moment of helping Manuel Pablo and Laure on the defensive tasks. In the end, the point is a good result. Luis Rodriguez Vaz

La Voz de Galicia: Valerón and Depor’s games to forget playing away from home. From the controversy to nothing. The presence or absence of the desired Valerón at the starting eleven sparked a heated debate before the match, but became irrelevant as he entered into the starting lineup and stepped on the field. Lotina surprised giving him a spot at the starting squad for the second time on this season (the first time away from home), but the enthusiasm of the fans to meet a different Depor, perhaps deeper and effective, ran away in 45 minutes as it passed to the absolute indifference.

 The coach defended in several opportunities that he only trusted in the Canarian when he saw him fresh enough to play. Until yesterday he has only participated in thirteen of the thirty matchdays and only once as a starter, but in Málaga, with more than thirty degrees in the shade, his role at Depor as a game plunger received the second call-up in seven days . This time the result wasn’t as positive as it happened at the Riazor against Mallorca, when he left the pitch on a high note.

Neither passes between the lines, not a single pass of a fantasy, or even clarity of ideas. Perhaps infected by the gray and serious version of his team, which it uses to offer playing away from home, the midfielder also became dull, because he barely appeared in comfortable combinations at his own field. His role thus became ineffective against the penultimate place in la liga, a side that never seemed in troubles with the passage of the minutes.

 Statistics show up that he recovered three times the ball and lost four passes (a couple with some sort of danger for the goal of Aranzubia), but his incisive and precious game didn’t appear. Far from the opponents' goal, although on the board of Lotina he was the link between the strikers and midfield, Valerón never showed where his legend was born, at the edge of the area, and was contagious by the usual plan when Depor plays as a visitor: defending the 0-0 since the start, even at the cost of not making any shoot on goal. This time there’s is an excuse: Depor played 45 minutes with ten men, and Valerón was long ago following the game from the stands. Pedro Barreiros

Xornal de Galicia: Deportivo finally made a serious game playing away from home, with the attitude and the self-image of a team that wants to achieve the permanence and that knows that it isn’t enough to do things well at the Riazor. At la Rosaleda, Lotina’s team was able to hold on the arrivals and the anxiety of Málaga, even playing with ten men after the rigorous expulsion of Laure before the break and after a discussion with Eliseu.

With Valerón on the fined for the first 45 minutes, Depor hold on the attacks of Pellegrini’s team, especially the ones of Rondón, the most active player and the one that gave more problems to Dani Aranzubia, though without too much danger. Thus, the draw has a very different meaning for both sides. For Deportivo the point tastes like a victory, while Malaga is left with the impression of having wasted a great chance to move towards the permanence as it was unable to beat a direct rival that faced the half the game with ten men. Omar Bello

AS: Malaga has its jar of tears ready to explode and Deportivo not even needed the talent of Valerón to fish its sixth consecutive draw at La Rosaleda, a field where Depor hasn’t lost since March 5, 2000. Pellegrini's team, nervous, thick, bereft of ideas, hasty, uncoordinated, impetuous and uncoordinated wasn’t able to hurt an opponent that was left with ten players since the 44th minute when Perez Lasa sent off Laure for accumulation of yellow cards. The Galicians, rocky, serious and ultra-defensive had the clear idea of what they wanted: to add a point and to see a direct rival at the phantom zone losing two. Result: they remain five points behind Deportivo.

But who was the one who had one less man, Malaga or Deportivo? Because the Galicians were the ones that went out aggressively for the second part, that same characteristic that Pellegrini’s Malaga is unable to display. Málaga was handcuffed. Rondón was never able to pass Lopo and, if he would have done it, then it was Colotto; Portillo never overflowed, Duda wasn’t releasing crosses, and only Seba was creating some problems. And Pellegrini, unable to read the game and determined to a proposal that is leading Malaga to disaster, he sought the usual changes ... and from there to the disastrous results that you all known. Carlos Cariño

Marca: A draw that leaves Deportivo more satisfied, because it keeps its five-point difference with relegation. Malaga played with one more man during the entire second half, this after the rigorous expulsion of Laure, but it was unable to get a goal. This result greatly complicates the road to the permanence of the Andalusians.

 For Depor it is a point that tastes like gold. The Galicians made a serious match and endured the entire second half with ten players on the pitch. The truth is that Malaga barely created any danger against the Galician goal, and they never presented enough arguments to claim the three points. Diego Acedo

El Pais: Malaga crashes against the wall of Depor. Yesterday La Rosaleda became a temple of boredom, a place where 87 of the 90 minutes were tedious, and a match in which Malaga, despite being playing for the permanence against a direct rival, was unable to overcome the defensive wall of Deportivo. Lotina planted a stronghold, with Colotto and Lopo as the central pillars which allowed him to get a point that brings some peace to the Galicians. The Basque coach fielded Valerón. But the Canarian barely gave a pass before being replaced by Morel after the break.

During the major part of the game Pellegrini’s men had a soft domain. They had the ball possession, especially at their own field, but in the last 30 meters it seemed that the visitors were drawing an invisible line from which Duda, Portillo and Apoño, were blocked by the Galician defenders, and they sent to hell all the passes, including the six corners threw in the first part. Lotina’s men jumped into the pitch with a clear idea: to delay the game. And they almost achieved their goal except between minutes 26 and 30, moment when Malaga had the only scoring opportunities worthy of the name

At the edge of half-time, Laure, who had been brilliant in blocking Duda, was sent off after protesting to Eliseu for throwing himself into the ground in a foul. It seemed that the game could change. However, Pellegrini’s team entered into a spiral of anxiety that grew up as the minutes passed, and Depor’s defense barely had to work to maintain the clean sheet. Fernando J. Pérez.

Diario Sur: Without resources to win. Malaga again disappointed the fans. When the fans weren’t expecting for more failures, it came a paltry and stunted draw against an opponent without great resources and that played the full second half with one less man. Unbelievable. You end without adjectives to define the season of Malaga, involved all season long in the battle for the permanence. Yesterday it was an important day, an occasion to give a little jump, but the team had no depth and also failed in the few opportunities that it had. The war is not lost, there still seven battles, but the blue and white army must change its attitude if they want to succeed in these crucial contests.

Against Depor new problems appeared. In this case there were no significant errors, as in previous opportunities, but there was something worse: the players who tend to resolve the games didn’t show up in yesterday’s meeting. Duda failed in almost everything. Inaccurate and low form. Rondón had a new bad afternoon and missed another unforgivable chance. Apoño passed unnoticed and Eliseu didn’t have the arrivals of other games. In this way it is impossible. To make matters worse, the changes didn’t work to Pellegrini. Two of them were repeated with the same fate, i.e. nothing. It was another black day, and Malaga already have a lot as the teams still failing in the quest of finding the formula to lift its head and stay at Primera.

 Yesterday's game was a golden opportunity to advance, but Malaga wasted it despite playing the second half with a complete squad. In this way it is very difficult to stay at Primera. Now it’s time to face another test against a Mallorca that’s above at the standings. Antonio Góngora



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