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12 Apr 2011
Lotina was satisfied with the performance of his players; he also explained why Valerón was a starter, meanwhile Laure was complaining of the red card that he saw at the end of the first half.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was pretty content with the point added at La Rosaleda, “In the second half, with the heat and against a Malaga with a lot of quality, we had to run a lot; the team needed a lot of aids, and for that sacrifice my players deserved the draw.”

About the situation at the standings, Depor’s trainer said that, “A lot of liga still ahead, to go down on the standings or to get out of there. Maybe it’s just one more point, but what I want is to reach the mark of the 44 points. We must continue working; it is the goal in our heads and we are now thinking of the next game.”

Later Lotina explained why he put Valerón at the starting lineup in a last-minute decision, “I had a feeling that he was going to give us more passes between the lines; I also thought that it might happen that our team was going to be reduced to ten men, and if I wouldn’t put him since the beginning then he wouldn’t play, because I wouldn’t put him with only ten men on the pitch. Besides, Malaga has a lot of virtues, but also has some defects and I thought that we would have more passing game.”

The Basque coach didn’t want to valorize the work of referee Pérez Lasa, who sent off Laure at the end of the first half, “In a general sense the work of the referee wasn’t bad, but I was surprised when he showed the red card. I don’t know the reason for the expulsion. There wasn’t any foul and it would be weird if he left us with ten men just because my player told the rival to avoid the dives. I don’t know what happened; we must wait and see the act of the game.”

And what the referee wrote in the act was that Laure provoked the red card for touching a rival in a “provocative" way. The Madrilenian player was defending himself saying that everything was an error of Pérez Lasa, “It is a mistake that can’t happen, an error that affected us. The referees can’t commit those kinds of mistakes.”

“He [Eliseu] received a kick, but I continued the play because the ball was still on and later he insulted me in Portuguese. He knew that I already had a yellow card and was looking for the second, then I just told him ‘stop crying and throwing yourself to the ground’ and when I turned off, the referee showed the second yellow card. I never touched his face.  The referee didn’t even know that it was the second yellow, and two players of Malaga had to tell him that it was the second, and his hands were shaking when he was writing my name on his book.” Laure added.

Captain Manuel Pablo was commenting the game, “Things were tough after the expulsion, but we knew how to defend. We knew that we were facing a direct rival and that we couldn’t allow those three points to go to their hands. Sort or less we had the match under control during the first part, but with ten men on the pitch we had to be stronger in defense during the second, and tried to seize the few occasions that we had.”

The Canarian was also upset, because he thinks that the work of the referee affected Deportivo, “In the second half there were two straight fouls of the same player [Quincy] and the referee didn’t’ have the guts to throw him out.”

At Malaga, coach Manuel Pellegrini was neither content nor unhappy with the draw, “The team made a good first half, with four or five scoring opportunities that weren’t materialized and a second part when the anxiety beat us. We aren’t content, but in the other hand to always add a point is something good, though we missed more tranquility and clarity.”

“About Deportivo, we knew that they were arriving searching for a point, later they were left with one less player and with more reason they decided to close all the doors. We just missed more aim. We lost two points, but still have seven more games. The team tried and missed more effectiveness in the last pass and in the last play.” He added.

Finally, captain Jesús Gámez was complaining of he passive attitude shown by Depor, "We gave everything we had, but they were locked at the back and we couldn’t do anything. They came for the draw and never tried to win the game. They were just waiting for a counterattack. But we still alive, while there is hope, we will continue fighting with enthusiasm and desire to save the situation. "





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