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14 Apr 2011
Depor’s coach talked at Abegondo’s press room; he is hopeful that the competition committee will lift the suspension on Laure, while he also talked of the fight for the permanence in la liga.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina gave a press conference on Saturday’s evening; the half of the conversation with reporters -7 of the 13 minutes- was used to talk of Laure’s case, right-back defender that was suspended after been sent off against Malaga.

The club presented an appeal and Depor’s trainer was commenting the issue. “Well, I don’t want to talk too much on this subjects, I prefer to wait. What surprised us was the second card; I don’t remember somebody been sent off for this kind of thing, since that point I think that the referee… was in a hurry. Now the committee will see what was written in the act, and if later they realize that what was written in the act means a yellow card, then we can’t say anything. If they believe that what was written in the act doesn’t correspond to a yellow card, then they will lift the suspension. We will wait.”

“When we played in Norway for the UEFA Cup we received two yellow cards precisely for asking the referee to show a yellow after a rival kicked one of our players. I have never seen that too, but things are like this. I think the referee was in a hurry and can’t leave us with ten men just for this subject, now the committee will study the case. Nothing more.” He added.

The truth is that Lotina is optimistic about the chances that the suspension will be lifted, “I have faith that the committee will do the right thing, because I have a friend that explained me how they work. Now we will wait and the whole squad will keep training and waiting to see what can happen. Anyhow, we have enough squad if the suspension isn’t lifted. The weird thing is that in thirty years we have never seen a player sent off after reclaiming another player. There’s an image when you can clearly watch what really happened, so I am optimistic on this.”

Asked by a reporter if the referees are committing more errors when the tournament reaches the final stages, the coach answered that, “I believe that the referees are trying to be fair, what happens is that they are humans and can commit mistakes, and later you can give your opinion. What happens is that there are stadiums when they feel more pressure, that’s the reality. “

Laure said on Monday that this would never happen to Real Madrid or Barcelona, but Lotina thinks otherwise, “Turienzo [Álvarez] had a problem at the Bernabeú a few seasons ago, and since then he has been a phenomenal referee, because he is better since the incident, so things aren’t like that.” Then he was asked about the reason why Adrian has been out of the starting lineup within the last two games, and Lotina only responded that, “Well… I saw that the other players were better.”

The Meñaka-born coach was also emphasizing the importance of Sunday’s meeting against Racing, “It is a game to give an important step forward; we hope our fans will be like the day of Mallorca, and everybody knows that the three points are fundamental in order to clinch our goal. The point against Malaga, I´ve talked to the players about it, must be valorized like that: it was only a point. It is true that it was important, because we keep the five-point gap and it was achieved with only ten men, but it’s also true that it was only a point.”

Then he was asked if Getafe is now a direct rival, and the Basque man gave a long answer explaining how he see the things at the bottom of the table, “I think that not all the three teams that are currently at the bottom will go down, at least one will be saved. So, we must be aware that there’s a long way to go. There are two crucial things right now, first to realize that there are teams that weren’t fighting for the permanence until now, and they are in disadvantage as they were thinking of Europe by Christmas, and it is a very difficult situation to assume.”

“The other thing, we will now see four matches Real Madrid against Barca. And that will have a big impact. It isn’t the same to see Real Madrid winning on Saturday than to see Barca doing it. Not only for who will be the champion, but for what will mean for the rest. Being selfish, Depor is interested in a specific result, because what we want is to not see the big clubs needing the points, so we are interested that Barca could be the champion as soon as possible, this taking in mind our visit to Barcelona. It is the same thought of the other coaches. If Barca wins on Saturday they will be the champion, but if not then Madrid will have a hope. So these results will be important for the rest, not only for the teams fighting for the Champions League, but also for the ones in relegation.” Lotina finalized.



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