14 Apr 2011
Xisco has been the starting striker within the last two liga matches; the Majorcan attacker talked to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña and analyzed the situation of Depor fighting to survive in la liga.

Q: How are you from the knock that you suffered?
A: It hurts, because it is a typical knock in the hip, but no problem to be part of this week’s trainings and available for the next game.

Q:  At Malaga it was more an ordeal than a game.
A: Actually, yes. The second half was pretty tough; the weather was affecting us [The heat] and the team had to make an extra effort after Laure was sent off, because we knew that it was important to get something positive. In the end the sacrifice was worthy.

Q: And your efforts? You had to fight alone against everybody, beyond trying a miracle.
A: That's what I had to do. The idea was clear: to defend the result and try to avoid any goal against us and, in the offensive aspect, to try to give an output to the team, to hold on the ball trying to exploit any opportunity we could have. Sort of less it was like that and it was a pity the chance that I had.

Q: At least that plays served to scare Malaga’s defenders.
A: It was the clearest chance and yes, we were able to intimidate. The most important thing is the point that we added, which allows us to keep the same distance from the bottom and to have one less matchday.

Q: You played with ten men, but seemed to be one.
A: The team was great on defensive, with all the lines close to each other, working as a block and I think that the union was noticed on the pitch. The reason is that we are aware of the situation and know for what we're playing on these games.

Q: The next game is always the most important one, but Sunday's match can almost be definitive in case of defeating Racing Santander.
A: Yes, and also was Malaga´s game. Things, more or less, stay the same, but now we compete again at home and it’s different. We must be aware of what is at stake, and if we win then it will be a big step toward salvation. We know it and will go out for that.

Q: Are you already making numbers?
A: No. I am thinking game by game. Now we have a very significant number of matches against direct rivals and the goal is to defeat those teams. Nothing more.

Q:  Do you think that this year's permanence will be more expensive or cheaper than in previous seasons?
A: I think it will be cheaper. I don’t think we will need 42 points to save ourselves. But you never know, because in football anything can happen. The best thing is to reach the mark as soon as possible.

Q: With the Riazor as a fortress.
A: Riazor is our base, because when you needed them the most the fans have responded. We hope that on Sunday is going to be like that, because, with them at our side, it will be much easier for us to get another win.



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