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21 Apr 2011
In his Wednesday’s press conference, Lotina was sending the message that, despite Depor seems close to achieve the permanence, nothing is done yet and that the team must fight until the end.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina spoke to reporters for about eleven minutes after Wednesday’s training session; he spent the major part of the press conference emphasizing the fact that, despite the players are feeling more confident after the latest win, they can’t be too confident as the club isn’t saved yet, “Evidently the latest victory has brought joy to the team, that’s the right word, tranquility, though we can’t be calm until securing the permanence. In this sense we have an important match on Sunday, and we must prepare for it in the best possible way.”

“The idea is that we must work hard until the end; I already told the players that we haven’t achieved the goal yet and the rival is also playing for its life. The level of confidence can be at the top right now, but we can’t pass from the limit. We could be playing without anxiety, but at the same time we can’t be overconfident. The team is bringing a sensation of confidence, but nothing is defined yet.” He added regarding this issue

Later, the Basque coach was talking of the number of points that are needed in order to clinch the permanence, also of the fact that Depor must face Valencia and Barca at the end of the liga season, “I am worried for the last matches in the calendar, and we must think of the 44 points needed for salvation, as soon as we can reach the mark, the better. During the season everybody make their own calculations, but you need 44 points in order to achieve the permanence, but later, in some seasons, you end up only needing 40 points.”
About the rival for Sunday, he only said that, “Hercules is an anxious team due to their position at the standings; it will be tough, difficult.”

About the composition of the lineup for Sunday’s game in Alicante, he said that he hasn’t decided yet if Morel will stay at the starting eleven, “He [Morel] can play; I still have to think about it and watch the trainings. Juan Rodriguez and Laure are returning from suspension, so I still have to decide.  I will take a final decision according to what I see during the trainings.”

Lotina also analysed the status of Riki, who is training without problems despite doctors announced on the past week that he would be out for three weeks, “The subject of Riki is a matter of structure; he has an injury that… I don’t know if this is the right word, but these are weird injuries. The problems for him always happen in a normal training, not at the start and neither at the end of the session. Neither is for tireness nor after a long run, but after a jump or a knock. “

“So, the problem makes us believe that his injuries occur because he is a strong and powerful player, and those characteristics aren’t matching the coordination that he needs to handle those specific characteristics. It seems he is better now, but we talked to doctors and we decided that for next season he needs a specific type of training, just like Lassad did on this campaign. He needs training in order to prevent further problems. His age is also a factor” He added.

There was also a comment regarding the latest improvement of Lassad, “He is living a good moment, we all noticed it. He didn’t have continuity on the last season, and now is different as he is better prepared thanks to the special training made during the pre-season. I knew that if he wouldn’t have any problem, then the talent would show up”

A reporter asked about his feelings as on Sunday he will reach the mark of 400 games at Primera División, “It’s good, it’s good… at least talking of numbers I am sharing the place with important people, historic people, coaches that you admire since you are a kid, so I am content. “ Finally, Lotina left again the impression that he won’t continue on next season after he was asked of spending another year as a Blanquiazul coach, “I already spent a lot of years as a Blanquiazul, seven years as a Blanquiazul… seven straight years [he laughed remembering that before the was also the coach of Espanyol].”



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