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26 Apr 2011
More criticism at the papers for a Deportivo that continues to show a pale image each time that it plays away from home; the papers point out that Depor was unable to maintain the game saw in the first minutes and that the suffering will continue.

La Opinión A Coruña: No changes at the front line. Yesterday's game showed again the same Deportivo that usually plays away from home. Only in the first half hour we could saw positive things. Depor sought the opposite goal; it was stepping into the opponent's field and had chances on the basis of combined plays. It lasted what it lasted and slowly the team began to diminish.

 In the second half, the team played mostly through stumbles especially after the goal of Hercules. There were a lot of mismatches at the back zone with a very static defense. In this sense, the best news was the central defenders, Lopo and Colotto, who were cutting all the aerial games and were a guarantee for their team. Moreover, the biggest problem remains at midfield as the team neither creates nor destroys. There are no assists or inside passes and no one at the centre is able to score a goal.

In this way it is impossible to avoid a defeat against a very weak direct rival. Nothing to do, for example, with the Levante’s team that achieved the victory with ease at the Riazor. Yesterday, Hercules barely showed anything. Luis Rodríguez Vaz

Xornal de Galicia: Depor postpones the permanence. There are five matchdays left and Deportivo still lacking one more victory to stay at Primera. Yesterday’s chance to win the game in Alicante was too good to be true. The worst thing is not that the Galicians aren’t sealing the permanence, but that Hercules, side that could be sentenced as the evicted Almeria, takes a breath that makes them believe that they still can avoid relegation.

 With the exception of Juan Rodriguez in the place of injured Antonio Tomas, Lotina repeated the team that had beaten Racing Santander at the Riazor. And the truth is that the Galicians went out to kill the game. Xisco could have scored in the opening minutes, but forgive the life to the Hercules of Djukic, side that with the passage of minutes was beginning to like itself and believe in the triumph.

In the first act, Depor became strong at the back without giving up in attack. Hercules arrived at Aranzubia’s area, but it wasn’t creating any damage. Then Manuel Pablo's injury forced Lotina to use a substitution before halftime to give entry to Laure. In addition, a few minutes after the start of the second part, when Hercules was attacking with more will, Xisco was sacrificed and Juan Dominguez was in, this in search of more ball possession.

And in one of the arrivals of Hercules, whose attack was led mostly by Kiko, Tiago anticipated the defense and scored the winning goal. With everything lost, Lotina replaced Ruben Perez with Adrian Lopez, the attempt was to give more presence in attack. The Galicians had some opportunities, although the clearest one was for Trezeguet, who missed the target when he was alone inside the area. In the end, Deportivo was praying for the miracle, looking for Aranzubia’s goal on the last play. But miracles do not usually repeat itself, and yesterday it didn´t happen. On Saturday, against Atletico, another final.  Omar Bello

La Voz de Galicia: More suffering than peace. The suffering is back for Deportivo fan’s, who, after the defeat (1-0) in Alicante, feel the anguish in their heart after the victory over Racing Santander, rated as a good omen and that allowed to breathe better during Easter. All of that is behind now and the black cloud returns. It just seems that this could returns as soon as it goes away. Besides that Lotina’s team didn’t help, neither the results at other fields were helping. Vicente Leirachá

AS: The struggle for the permanence is more tightened. A few weeks ago some teams thought that salvation was almost inside the pocket, and now they will have to sweat a lot in order to remain for one more year at Primera. That is the case with Deportivo, a team with little ambition. Hercules, meanwhile, had one last shot to get into the fight until the end, and seized the opportunity thanks to a header of Tiago Gomes that tasted like heaven blessed in Alicante. Hércules stays at the relegation zone, but the victory allows them to keep dreaming about leaving the pit before the end of the season.

 It was a classic game at the end of a season between two struggling teams. Depor, crouching at the back zone during the major part of the time, and Hercules, trying to approach the opposite goal with more precipitation than success. You could have noticed that the Galicians were signing with blood the draw and the uncertainties of Hércules denoted that they were feeling the pressure in the neck. So, these matches are often decided by small details. And it was like that. Hercules sent to the cage one of the two chances that they had. And at Depor nobody was able to score, not even Aranzubia at the last minute. Julián Burgos

Marca Hercules regains faith. A victory that fills Hércules with hope. Tiago's header after a great play of Kiko Femenía led the Valencians to believe in salvation. Deportivo had their options in the first half, but fell back after the break as Lotina retreated his troops. In the final minutes, Trezeguet sent to limbo a clear chance to sentence the game, and Calatayud saved his team after a shot of Juan Dominguez when the normal time was already fulfilled.

Hercules’ options for the permanence were passing through not failing at home against Deportivo, and in this way it passed the first of four finals at the Rico Pérez. It did it with too much suffering, but it’s the least important thing at this point. The only thing that matters is to add the three points in order to avoid the pit. The Galicians can’t rely in their current mark of points. It isn’t possible to relax. At least Deportivo knows that three of the last five games will be played at the Riazor, and is that the Galicians don’t know how to win outside home since January. Its image at the Rico Pérez was almost the same of past matches played away from home. Diego Acedo

El Pais: Kiko Femenía wakes up Hercules. Among the veteran player on the pitch, a 20-year-old boy from home, born in a small town in Alicante’s mountains, became the player who threw of Hercules to sustain life and still depending on itself. He did everything but to score. His daring behavior, speed, vertical game and overflow were combined into a monument to talent from where his team still breathing, it was the decisive factor, because Deportivo doesn’t have that.

And if Kiko Femenía didn’t shine even more it was because the first issue of Hercules is to give the impression of been playing as it is a training session. The collective movements appear to be influenced by the need of any player to not lose the order, so there is little room for improvisation. It turns to be a predictable team and easy to dominate, besides to be irrelevant at the opponent's territory, because the movement of the players without the ball is reduced to a minimal expression.

The impossible mission of the locals continued in the second half against a team coached by Lotina, who yesterday completed 400 games at Primera, and it required creativity plus some surprise. And there was Kiko, a ray of light by his side. The first time he reached the final line was to release a cross just where Tiago Gomes was standing to score the first goal, which had a double effect as it injected confidence to Djukic’s men and decompose Deportivo. Artur Balaguer

Diario Información (Alicante): The time for common sense. Hercules still alive after an agonizing match against Deportivo, where the team from Alicante was able to survive to his physical tireness at the final minutes and to the strange decisions of its coach, who continues to experiment with the permanence. There were two games at the Rico Pérez, one with Farinos on the field, when Hercules controlled the situation though without punch, and another without the midfielder, whose departure due to exhaustion left the team without direction and at the mercy of the Galician team. Because of this lack of vigor and energy is even less understood Miroslav Djukic's decision to dispense for the whole game of Nelson Valdez, surely one of the best players on this team. The Serbian coach insists that Sendoa can act in the double pivote, but yesterday he showed up that the ability to take the ball in the wide area and later distribute it to the rest of the players can’t be so easily acquired. So Hercules, side that handled the game with determination and with a collective sense for more than an hour, was about to ruin the dream of salvation within the last fifteen minutes of chaos and loss of weight.

The coach believes that Tiago Gomes warrants more combinative game, but a team that desperately needs to win also needs to finish the plays, which yesterday was the main deficiency of the team. It insisted through the right wing, launched by the great game of Kiko and Cortés, but it didn’t bite. The team arrived by the two wings and abused of the ball possession before the acquiescence of Lotina’s men, but nobody tried to reach the goal of Aranzubia, who was almost a spectator, despite the siege against his area at the start of the second part. Then it came the goal of Tiago, it was the second shot on target after a spectacular action between Cortés and Kiko. Trezeguet could extend the lead, but he missed the target, and in the final minutes Calatayud saved three points that were essential for survival. With all the things at stake, too many experiments, like the one with Pulhac at the Ciutat de Valencia and now the absence of Valdez. It is the moment of truth and common sense. José Emilio Munera



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