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26 Apr 2011
Lotina and the players were feeling sorry for the defeat, but they are aware that the team must keep fighting in order to achieve the permanence as soon as possible.

After the final whistle at the Rico Pérez stadium, coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was commenting the game, “We knew it was going to be a difficult match. Nobody thought otherwise, but the side that scored first won the game. In the first half we were fine and were feeling comfortable having the ball possession, but we weren’t able to score. And we missed intensity in the second part and were losing the ball too often.”

Later he was commenting the substitution of Xisco, a change that was criticized by journalists and some part of the fans, “The change was made in the attempt to have more presence at midfield. Morel had a yellow card; he needed help and I knew that [Juan] Dominguez was going to give us that help. Besides, why we were going to need a striker in the second part if we didn’t have the ball possession?”

Finally, the Basque coach was insisting in the mark that Depor needs in order to clinch the permanence, “We must reach the mark of the 44 points, but we don’t know yet the rivals that we are going to beat, because all the games are complicated. This isn’t the right moment to feel scared. Right now all the players are feeling screwed, as always when you lose. A lot of teams are involved in this situation and must get out of there.”

Albert Lopo gave his first impressions on the game through his Twitter account, “We are sad for the defeat… now it’s time to raise the head and defeat Atlético. Thanks to all the fans that travelled in order to support us. Thank you so much.” He wrote just minutes after the final whistle.

Later, the Catalan defender talked to reporters and was criticizing the attitude of the team, “We had the ball possession, but not the needed intensity to win the game. We’re missing intensity at the last meters; we are missing the needed strength at midfield and in attack, and those positions are exactly where the games are won. We had the chance to make an important step forward, but it wasn’t possible. Now it’s time to think of the next game.”

Meanwhile, Xisco was feeling sorry after been replaced, “Those are decisions of the coach, but we must accept them. Nobody has to explain me their decisions, neither the coach explains me anything when I play. The feelings were pretty good before half-time; we were feeling fine and didn’t have problems at the back. And after the goal it was harder to go out for the game.”

Manuel Pablo left the game at the end of the first part due to a muscular problem, he was commenting the issue, “The problem is at the back of the thigh, but I am not sure if it is a stress fracture or not. They will make new tests on Tuesday and let’s see what happens. It might be a little problem, but we have to wait.”

Andrés Guardado was constantly switching positions during the game, the Mexican winger was feeling sorry because Deportivo wasn’t able to clean its image when it plays away from home, “We were surpassed by the rival. The true is that we were unable to match the level of the past game at home, it often occurs when we perform outside home.”

“Now, we depend in ourselves. The safety is in our hands and can’t look to what others do. We need to win two of the last five games and must remember that three of those five games will be played at home.” The Mexican winger added.

Juan Carlos Valerón played for the full ninety minutes; he was commenting the problems had by Deportivo after the goal, “They attacked us a lot by the wings and the rival made a solid match. We were surprised by their goal and maybe the players that were on the pitch weren’t the right ones to perform when you are losing a game.”

Who was upset with the defeat was president Augusto César Lendoiro, who actually was ironic when he was asked about the performance of the team, “We are friend of everybody, Samaritans that make charity donations to other clubs hanging at the end of the rope.”

At Hércules, Miroslav Djukic was explaining what he saw in the game, “In the first part we were unable to complete a pass in the last meters, and in the second, with more effectiveness, we were able to enter and create more scoring opportunities. We dominated the actions against a tough team, a team that never gave us the needed space.”

“Now this victory means a step forward toward the permanence, and the important thing is that we are bringing the needed confidence in order to face our next game against Málaga. Our error is that we didn’t close the roads after the goal, and it turned to be a match with ups and downs during the final minutes.” The Serbian coach added.

Tiago Gomes scored his first goal in la liga, he was commenting the importance of his goal, “It lasted, but better late than never. Now my goal is bringing confidence to the team. We still don’t have margin for errors and were focused in achieving the victory. The true is that we made a god game and now we must go to Malaga for the three points.”

20-year-old Kiko Femenia was the best player in the game, he gave the assist for the goal and told to reporters that, “The team is demonstrating that we are trying to save ourselves and we deserved the victory. I just felt fine when I was on the pitch, though was tired at the end.”





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