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09 May 2006
David Cobe?±o is the last name that has been linked with Deportivo and all appoints that he will be the next keeper of Deportivo, more details about Nino have been know during this week. Also, a possible loan seems to be in the future of Pablo ?lvarez, one of the players that Deportivo has already signed

David Cobe?±o Iglesias (24) is the starting goalkeeper of Real Madrid B. His height (1.9 m) and skills called the attention of Depor's officials and the club is negotiating his incorporation. The Madrilian player ends his contract in June and Depor will not be obligated to pay for his transfer.

It is almost a forgone conclusion that Molina will not continue next season, this explain the constant rumours about the search of a goalkeeper, it seems clear that Lendoiro wants to sign a player that's ending contract and for that reason names like Asier Riesgo and Bizzari have been linked before with Depor. Other rumored incorporations for the replacement of Molina include names like Diego L??pez or Roberto, however these players still have a contract with their clubs.

Sportpaper Deporte Campe??n and the same Depor Sport have been informed about the interest in David Cobe?±o, apparently his agent, Jos?© Miguel Gonz??lez, will travel to La Coru?±a in order to negotiate the operation, Deporte Campe??n has been alerted about a possible six year contract offer with Deportivo.

Another position that Lendoiro is trying to cover is the striking zone. With Diego Trist??n going out it seems that the selected choice of Lendoiro and Caparr??s is Juan Francisco Mart?­nez Modesto, "Nino" (25). The Almer?­a-born striker is currently playing with Elche and Caparr??s has requested his services. In fact, newspaper La Voz de Galicia reported that Lendoiro tried to incorporate him for the last five matches of the present liga campaign.

With Valer??n and Andrade injured, la liga allows their substitution in the list of inscribed players since their cases are long-term absences. Lendoiro tried to use this possibility in order to sign Nino, but Elche didn't accept his offer. The same source wrote that Elche is asking at least €2 million for his transfer.

Finally, more details about the incorporation of Pablo ?lvarez (26), the winger has been signed by Depor since a few months ago, but the serious injury that he suffered playing for Sporting Gij??n has blocked his progress. Now, Deporte Campe??n has informed that Lendoiro has offered the Galician player to Sporting a loan spell of one year, this choice will let him have a full-recovery from his injury before joining Deportivo.

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