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17 May 2011
All the players know that the point added in this game was important, some said that it was the goal before the game, while other said that Depor tried to win the clash. Meanwhile, Lotina seemed obsessed with the capacity of stealing the ball.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina said that the final result is a benefit for his team, “The point is good for many reasons. First, we are out of relegation, which physiologically would have been problematic. Now, we will be saved of we are able to win at home, independently of that point, which is giving us the chance, though we won’t talk of it now, we can save ourselves.”

“We were expecting for the victories of Zaragoza and Getafe as both teams were playing at home. What we know is that winning on next weekend it will mean to reach the mark of 46 points, and that’s enough. Valencia is a good rival, but already reached its goals.” He added.

Later, the Basque coach was commenting the performance of his team, always insisting in the lack of capacity to steal the ball, “It’s true that a lot of important people didn’t play, but we don’t have an aggressive team at the moment of stealing the ball. And as we couldn’t stole the ball we were unable to have a constant output. We were already having a lot of problems, because Barcelona is always a tough team to face. We are a very sporting team, we aren’t aggressive trying to steal the ball, and for that reason Barca didn’t give us too many chances.”

Finally, Lotina was explaining the changes that he made compared to the past match with Athletic, “We had some people that wasn’t totally fit to play. Andrés [Guardado] was dragging a knock and had four yellow cards. Juan Rodriguez wasn’t ready and I had the feeling that Juan Dominguez was going to bring some things. The same goes with the change of Lassad for Riki. We were having problems to steal the ball and for that reason Lassad meant to have a better ball possession.”

Juan Carlos Valerón was once again the guidance at midfield, he was very clear about the mission of Depor at the Camp Nou, “The important thing was to not lose. We went out thinking that the goal was to add a point, because it was going to allow us to depend on ourselves during the last matchday against Valencia. That was our goal.”

Later, the Canarian playmaker was commenting the fact that Depor will play for the permanence against Valencia, same rival that cost the liga championship two decades ago, “It is like this. We can’t think of the past. We just need to look forward, go out with courage and not to fail.”

Central defender Albert Lopo commented the game on his Twitter account, but his thoughts were different as he believes that Depor lost a good chance to pick up the three points, “The draw tastes like a little thing, but on Saturday or Sunday it should be a very positive result, because we are going to win and celebrate it.”

Juan Dominguez, who was a starter claiming the spot of Juan Rodriguez, said that he is anxiously waiting for the next meeting against Valencia, “We are highly motivated, waiting for that day. The fans will be with us, we will see a great atmosphere, a lot of people will be cheering us up and therefore it will be pretty.”

Captain Manuel Pablo is convinced that Deportivo will continue on next season at Primera División, “We depend on ourselves and that’s a very important fact. The team is conscious of what we need during the last matchday: the victory.”

“We knew it was going to be difficult to extract something positive from the Camp Nou, but we went out for the victory. The lines were really closed, because we knew that Barcelona was going to be a tough rival. Still, we were able to keep the pace and have achieved a point that is allowing us to depend on ourselves for the next game against Valencia.” The right-back added.

Xisco had a big chance to score at the last minute of the stoppage time; the Majorcan is convinced that Depor must stay at Primera División, “Depor must stay at Primera, yes or yes. For its history and for several other things. A team like this can never be at Segunda, never.”

Saúl Fernández was on the bench for this game; the Asturian commented on his Twitter account that, “The most important thing is that we depend on ourselves!!! We must defeat Valencia!!! Five teams are involved on this fight!!!”

Ex-Depor goalie, Dani Mallo, who is now a writer for website Riazor.org, was thinking that the point achieved at the Camp Nou is vital; he wrote on his Twitter account that, “Congratulations to Depor for the point that was added; now Depor depends on its victory, something that’s vital at this stage on the season.”

And the most tranquil person at Depor was president Augusto César Lendoiro, who was convinced that Depor is going to achieve the permanence, “We are going to beat Valencia. That’s the only thing that must in our minds. The whole team is conscious about it. The Deportivismo is more united than ever before, and with everybody at our side everything will be okay. “

“There’s a reality against Valencia: you have to win. There’s no other choice. We never had this kind of environment at the Riazor. Not even at the times of the titles and the Copas. It’s going to be a matter of life and death. La Coruña is as hopeful as when we won la liga.” Depor’s boss added.

At Barcelona, coach Pep Guardiola was feeling content with the performance of his team, “We were coming after eating and drinking a lot, so I am content with the game. We just missed more punch, but the true is that we faced a team with ten men at the back zone and that was searching for the depth of its strikers. It’s never easy to face a rival fighting for the permanence, but you can see that we gave everything, we did anything to score, though we missed more scoring opportunities.”





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