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25 May 2011
The latest report informs that Depor will be receiving €10 million in its first year at Segunda División; it is a relief for a club with a big debt and a ray of light in the quest to return to Primera.

There have been a lot of comments related to the financial situation that Deportivo will face now that has been relegated to Segunda División; it is feared that the cut in the TV incomes could be a devastating factor that could hit hard the weak economy of Deportivo, some comments even fear that it could cause the disappearance of the club.

But there is a ray of light at the horizon; president Augusto César Lendoiro already announced in the past that the club had an insurance that will cover a possible relegation to Segunda. He even gave some numbers. Now that the relegation to Segunda is confirmed there’s a report that explains the situation.

The report was presented by newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; it informs that the club will be receiving around €10 million on its first season at Segunda; €3 million as part of the insurance and €7 million as part of the TV income. In case of not reaching the promotion in the first year, then the club would perceive another €5 million from the insurance.

It is a starting point; in the latest financial statement, presented in December, it was revealed that €18.5of the €52.8 million in the budget (the 35%) were coming from the television rights, which means that the club is only losing  €8.5 million of the budget due to the relegation (the 16%). It also means that the club will have to search for another sources in order to cover the gap, or in the last case to reduce the budget.

Anyhow, it was already expected a reduction in the budget for the season 2011/12, which is estimated between the €40 and the €48 million. In any case it will be the largest budget at Segunda División for next season. As a way of comparison, on the current season the biggest budgets were the ones of Real Betis (€20 million), Tenerife (€12 million) and Real Valladolid (€10.5 million). Celta de Vigo had a budget of €8 million, while the smallest budgets are the ones of Numancia (€4.5 million), Girona (€3 million) and Alcorcón (€2 million).

La liga already released the dates for the calendar on the season 2011/12; Segunda División will start on August 21 and will end on June 3. The promotion playoffs will be played on June 6 & 10 for the first round and on June 13 & 17 for the final round. There will be two matchdays that will be played in midweek: March 21 (matchday 30) and April 11 (matchday 34).



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