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26 May 2011
Unlucky season for Deportivo B as Ramallo’s team is going back to Tercera División after spending just one year at Segunda B. The team always had the salvation at reach, but it failed due to its inconsistent results.

The project of Deportivo B for the season 2010/11 has failed; the goal of the permanence was always at reach, but the team failed within the last three games and is now forced to start, again, from the beginning (Tercera División). It was supposed to be an easy group as the Galicians avoided the Basque teams, which was the main reason why Fabril failed in the mission back on the campaign 2008/09.

But a series of circumstances never allowed the teal to breath calmly, at times it was the bad luck, at other moments it was the errors of the referees, but the main reason that caused the relegation was the own mistakes of both the team and coach Tito Ramallo.

The first part of the season was slower as Deportivo B only added eighteen points within the first nineteen matches (40% of the total). But the beginning was promising as Depor clinched four points in the first two games, first scoring twice within the last eleven minutes to end picking a 2-2 draw with Lugo CD (matchday 01), then with a 1-0 win at home over UD Vecindario (matchday 02).

Then the problems started as the team suffered three straight defeats: 2-3 at Montañeros CF (matchday 03), 2-3 Vs. CD Badajoz (matchday 04) and 0-3 at Rayo Vallecano B (matchday 05), setbacks that were just a warning of the problems that the Galician team was going to suffer in the rest of the season.

As it was common in the rest of the campaign, Fabril mixed dark periods with moments of hope, and the first ray of light came with the 3-2 home win over Real Madrid Castilla (matchday 06). As it happened against Lugo, Fabril scored twice within the last ten minutes to end clinching a refreshing victory. 

But later Depor B spent two months without achieving a victory, it was a new hole when the team just added three draws in five games: 1-1 at Coruxo FC (matchday 07), 1-1 Vs. Universidad Las Palmas (matchday 08), 0-1 at Celta B (matchday 09), 0-0Vs. Extremadura UD (matchday 10), and 0-2 at Pontevedra CF (matchday 11). At this point the team started to have relegation problems.

At the beginning of November Ramallo’s team gave signs of life as it achieved a big 4-1 win over Getafe B (matchday 12), it was the second biggest win of the season, which was followed by a narrow 1-0 victory over AD Cerro Reyes (matchday 13). In this way the Galician youngsters clinched two straight victories for the first time on the season. But then the worst moment of the team arrived, because Deportivo B spent eight straight games without achieving a victory.

All started with a 1-1 draw at CP Cacereño (matchday 14), which was followed by the defeats against UB Conquense (0-1, matchday 15) and Atletico Madrid B (0-1, matchday 16). There was a ray of light in the 4-4 draw at home with RSD Álcala (matchday 17), which was important as Depor B was losing 2-4 at minute 90, but the first round ended with other two disappointing games: 2-2 at CD Leganés (matchday 18) and 0-1 Vs. CD Guadalajara (matchday 19).

The final round begun with a new defeat for Depor B: 1-2 Vs.CD Lugo (matchday 20), and later with 1-1 draw with UD Vecindario (matchday 21), which was unfortunate as the rival scored the equalizer at the final minutes. At the time the team was living inside the relegation zone and seemed to be trapped in a downward spiral without an exit.

And suddenly Fabril reacted and clinched three straight victories: 2-1 Vs. Montañeros CF (matchday 22), 1-0 at CD Badajoz (matchday 23) and 1-0 at Rayo Vallecano B (matchday 24). It seemed that Ramallo was finally finding the formula for the permanence, but at this moment, just when the team was at the peak, it suffered the worst defeat on the season: a demolishing 1-7 loss at Real Madrid Castilla (matchday 25).

It was a hard hit for the boys, and they lasted three weeks to react as they lost the next two games: 1-2 Vs. Coruxo CF (matchday 26) and 0-1 at Universidad Las Palmas (matchday 27). But the smile in the face returned for the mini-derby with Celta B at Abegondo (2-1, matchday 28), although in the next week the team fell down again at Extremadura UD (1-3, matchday 29).

Then Depor B pushed up as it collected two brilliant wins: 4-0 Vs. Pontevedra (matchday 30) and 2-1 at Getafe B (matchday 31). The first was the biggest win on the season, and the other was just the second away win in the whole tournament. Depor was again outside the relegation zone and with good options of achieving the permanence with just six games remaining.

But the team failed in the first two tests of the final part of the liga campaign: 1-2 Vs. Cacereño CP (matchday 33) and 0-2 at UD Conquense (matchday 34). Then Depor B achieved a very important 1-0 win against Atletico Madrid B (matchday 35) and the safety was finally at reach, because the team was only needing one more win for the goal.

But Ramallo’s team died at the border of the river as that last win never arrived, firstly it was close to do it at RSD Álcala, but a last-minute goal cost two points (2-2, matchday 36), then the team was too nervous and allowed two quick goals to end losing 1-2 at home against CD Leganés (matchday 37), so everything was left for the final matchday, again Fabril was close to achieve that last victory against CD Guadalajara, but the robbery of the referee prevented it (1-2, matchday 38).




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