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29 May 2011
Depor’s boss gave a high expected press conference on Saturday’s evening; he talked of several subjects; the main thing is that he confirmed that Oltra is close to become the coach of the first team.

On Saturday’s evening Augusto César Lendoiro attended to the Riazor and gave a press conference, the first one after the relegation to Segunda División. The journalists were highly expecting the event in order to question the president about the near future of the club. He was accompanied by his advisor, Jesús Rebollo, and talked for about seventy minutes.

The first thing was to thank all the support coming from fans during the last weeks, moment when the team was battling to avoid the relegation, “First to all, to thank everybody, to all the thousand or even millions Depor’s fans that supported us during the day of the relegation. Few times… I never lived that kind of love. I think their reaction was great. Now everybody is hoping to see us clinching the promotion on next season. This is a sad moment, but it is comforting to see the reaction of all the Galicians.”

Then, Lendoiro confirmed what everybody already knew, that Oltra is close to become the coach of the first team, “We are trying to reach a final agreement with Jose Luis Oltra, Chema Sanz will be his assistor, and Jose Fraganillo will be the physical coach. Besides we will have our usual assistants like Sambade [keepers’ trainer]. The agreement will be for one year, with the option to extend it for another year in case of reaching the promotion.”

“The deal can’t be announced on Monday, because I have to travel to Madrid and attend to a meeting with the television committee. The idea is to make the presentation tomorrow [Sunday]. It depends if we reach a final agreement. He could be presented tomorrow. I do believe that we have a total agreement, we are just missing some details.” He added about the issue of the coach.

Asked about the possible composition of the new team he said that, “We still have to plan renewals, arrivals, exits… that’ why we need to have the coach as soon as possible, so he can work with the technical secretary in the composition of the squad. We haven’t analysed yet what kind of team we will have, for now the main thing is to compose the spinal cord, which by the way will be pretty good to play at Segunda División. We are just trying to find someone that could match the good environment at the changing room, and I do believe that we have done it. All I can say is that we haven’t talked to any other coach.”

A journalist asked if Depor is going to copy the successful method of Betis used to achieve the promotion to Primera, and Depor’s boss said that, “I insist that we haven’t planned anything yet, what I can tell you is that we won’t copy any style, because our style is to have a winning team, a team that can be champion again. We never were the champions at Segunda with this board of directors, because we ended second in the last promotion. If we can’t keep the same squad, then we will do it, but only if it’s favourable to us. We can sell players, but the priority is the promotion. If somebody thinks that they will come here in order to fish bargains, then is wrong. If anybody wants to force their exit, then they have to pass first through the ticket office.”

Lendoiro announced that there isn’t any interesting offer for any player, and instead talked of possible renewals, “There are no interesting offers. But the day in which we could have an important offer then we will talk. Right now there is only interest and the rest are rumours.  We can’t talk too much of the players, because we must define first the coach. But we are clear about what we want to renew. I can say at this point that since some weeks ago we have renewed Rochela, what happens is that we didn’t want to distract anyone, and have also offered renewals to Guardado, Colotto, Aythami, Juan Dominguez, Lassad, Michel and Adrian, and can confirm the return of Alex Bergantiños. The rest still pending. I have talked to Jorge Mendez [players' agent], who is an ally, and also with other agents in order to ask for some players.”

The president also confirmed that there’s no clause in the contract with Atletico allowing the exit of Rubén Pérez, therefore the Andalusian midfielder will stay at the team. Then he also talked of the situation of other men like Lopo or Colotto, “I don’t’ think that Aranzubia will force his exit, but is different with Colotto. All appoints that Lopo is now a player of Getafe. We haven’t talked to him and at the capital of the kingdom it is commented that he already signed for Getafe. Guardado and Colotto have big chances of leaving if they don’t renew their contracts.”

Another issue related to players was the confirmation of an agreement with Real Madrid for Cadete A player Pablo Iglesias, a teenager that went to the capital at the beginning of the season despite still linked with Depor, “We have reached an agreement for Pablo Iglesias, the Cadete player that you should remember that went to Rea Madrid, we signed  a contract for it.”

One of the most expected issues was the status of Adrian, player that already signed for Atletico Madrid, but that was renewed during the week seizing a clause in his contract. Depor’s president is aware that the Asturian will probably end playing for Los Colchoneros, but is optimistic of receiving some money, “It is an important subject, what I can say is that we have asked, according to the agreement for U-24 players between la liga and the Players Association, to extend Adrian’s contract for one more year. They have to pay us five million Euros, if not the club has to increase the salary of the player. “

“We won’t have any problem if he wants to leave, but will also like to see him helping us to achieve the promotion. The only goal on the season is to achieve the promotion. I am convinced that, taking in mind our friendship with Miguel Angel Gil [Atletico’s president], Atletico won’t try to take advantage of the situation; as we helped them in the past with Capdevila, Valerón and Molina. They will never try to leave us without the rights over any player. We hope to not reach the courthouse as it happened with Adrian Piscu. What I can tell you is that we will fight until the last day, just like we did with Piscu, because we are still fighting for it., but a lot of years can pass without collecting the money, just like the case of Otero [a former player that went to Celta].” He added.

Later he started to complain about the lack of payments from other clubs, “We’re trying to reach agreements in la liga in order to unblock the payments from other clubs. We have promissory notes of Betis, but they are in bankruptcy, we don’t have promissory notes of Racing, why? Because they already collected the money for Canales, but they never paid us, we were pending of the 50% of the benefits in the operation. A worse case is Lafita, la liga said that he was a player of Zaragoza, and they didn’t want to guarantee the operation, so we never had promissory notes and now we can’t collect the money. The case of Las Palmas is also a pending subject.”

About the financial situation at the club, Depor’s boss didn’t want to say anything about the insurance that will allow Depor to survive at Segunda, he just say that, “The budget will be cut in 20%, but we can’t say too much about it, because we are still negotiating and because The vultures are after those who steal.”

What the president confirmed was the cut in the ticket prices for next season, “I want to announce, and maybe we can do it officially on Monday, about the ticket prices. What I can tell you know is that there will be a 20% cut in the ticket prices for the fans paying their annual subscription in June, in July the reduction will be of 15%. The price for the whole season will be of 158 Euros for Pabellon inferior and 535 Euros for Tribuna Superior, as example. I am convinced that people will respond attending to the stadium on next season. The Junior tickets will be the star news for us, because for a few Euros people will have the chance to attend to the stadium.”

Finally, to report that Lendoiro avoided to talk of responsibilities for the relegation to Segunda; he never blamed anyone and either assumed his responsibility, he just commented about his relationship with Lotina that,  “We still friends, I still have to say good-bye to him”



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