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29 May 2011
Final day on the analysis of the sad season 2010/11; RCDLC.com values the individual performance of the first team players. Off course, there are more losers than winners.

Twenty eight players were able to perform at Deportivo’s first team during the season 2010/11; two of them were Fabril’s youngsters debuting with the team. As it could be expected there are more bad than good news, because only twelve of them (the 43% of the total) were valued with a note that was at least “decent”.  The rest were just failures in what it was a disappointing season for the fans.

RCDLC.com analyses and values their individual performance according to a five-star ratio system:
Excellent: 5
Solid:  4
Decent: 3
Weak: 2
Disastrous: 1

THE GOALKEEPERS Once again Daniel Aranzubia (2,880 liga minutes) was a guarantee at Depor’s goal; he was the ninth goalie with more saves at Primera División (227), and even ended third in the list of Zamoras with an average of 1.12 goals allowed per match, just behind Barcelona’s Víctor Valdés (0.5) and Real Madrid’s Casillas (0.91). The Rioja-born goalie even had an impact in attack as he scored a last-minute goal against UD Almeria (matchday 24) and provided an assist after a long clearance in the visit to Athletic Bilbao (matchday 17).

But he missed the first seven matches due to a shoulder injury, and his place was taken by Manu (540), who despite allowing eleven goals in those seven games, including the six at the Bernabéu stadium, it gave a sense of secureness. The Asturian goalie was also the starting keeper for Copa Del Rey and had a decent performance there.

RCDLC.com ratings
Aranzubia: 4.5
Manu: 3

Perhaps they were the only players that kept the same level compared to the season 2009/10, because Depor’s central defenders were fundamental to clinch the eleven clean sheets on the liga campaign, and also were important in attack as combined the five central defenders at the team scored six goals plus giving five assists. The leaders on this department were Colotto (3,191) and Lopo (2,894). Two solid defenders that are deadly in the aerial game, Argentine Colotto even showed a new face as he, together with Adrian, was the best assistor at the team with four assist in liga.

About the other three central defenders at the team, Aythami (1,521) just played in 19 of the 38 matches on the season, mainly as Lotina switched to the 5-2-2-1 scheme, but his performance was decent as it was his first full-season at the team. The Canarian even scored twice. More discrete was the participation of the other two men on this list: Ze Castro (391) and Rochela (147). The Portuguese just played six games in liga as Lotina never trusted in him, while the growth of the Fabril’s youngster was stagnant as he just played twice on the liga campaign, in one of those matches the Galician youngster even performed as a defensive midfielder (0-3 at Real Sociedad, matchday 08).

RCDLC.com ratings 
Colotto: 4.5
Lopo: 4
Aythami: 3
Ze Castro: 2
Rochela: (-)

There was a contradiction on this department, because there were three winners and two losers. The departure of Filipe Luis was a hard hit for the left-back position; the club made two signings in order to cover the gap: Paraguayan Claudio Morel (1,246) and Norwegian Knut Rindarøy (242), but both failed to impress Lotina; in the end the Basque coach had to improvise with captain Manuel Pablo (2,641), who was the starting choice in that position during eight of the last ten matches on the liga campaign.

Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ (1,890) was also vital in the schemes of Lotina, and the Madrilenian even scored his first goal at Primera during the home game with Sevilla FC (matchday 21). Meanwhile, Diego Seoane was the Fabril’s player with more minutes at the first team (837); he earned a spot at the team during the first round, but the errors in the visit to Atletico Madrid (matchday 15) erased him from the lineups; since that day the youngster barely played, and spent the major part of the time sat on the bench or performing with Deportivo B.

RCDLC.com ratings 
Laure: 4
Manuel Pablo: 4 
Seoane: 3
Morel: 2
Rindaroy: 1

This is one of the reasons for the big failure on this season; there were four inner midfielders on the campaign: Ruben Pérez (2,746), Juan Rodriguez (2,567), Antonio Tomás (1,676) and Juca (215) the four of them had their specific issues, but they coincided in one problem: a lack of contribution in attack.  And it’s that combined they only contributed with one goal and 17 shots on target (11 for Ruben Perez and 6 for Juan Rodriguez). An inner midfielder is supposed to be a versatile player that brings aids to the defense and the attack, what happened is that they spent more time trying to defend, which contributed to the lack of offensive power at the team.

In a more personal analysis, Juan Rodriguez was irregular at the start of the season, Lotina even put him at the stands for a whole [punishment?] and later returned to claim a spot as a starter. Ruben Pérez was the new signing with more minutes at the team, but he always seemed misplaced, reason why he was constantly losing the ball, which turned into dangerous opportunities for the rivals as the defensive line was compromised. Antonio Tomas was as irregular as on the previous season, and in this opportunity the Cantabrian was affected by the injuries, worse was the case of Brazilian Juca, who only played eight games due to his endless muscular problems.

RCDLC.com ratings 
 Rubén Pérez: 3
 Antonio Tomás: 2.5
 Juan Rodriguez: 2.5
Juca: 1

Once again the team had to rely in the experience and magic of Valerón (1,073), because young blood represented by Juan Dominguez (1,003) and Michel (444) never matched the expectations. The true is that none of these three men had too many opportunities, only Valerón passed the mark of the 1,000 minutes on the season. The absence of El Flaco from the lineups was one of the main points of discussions throughout the season, finally he appeared for the last eight matchdays, and his performance on those games was one of the few good things at Deportivo, definitely Lotina never knew how to exploit his skills.

Meanwhile, Michel was the enigma on the season, he barely played at the start as a rare knee injury forced him to miss the half of the liga campaign; he returned at the start of 2011 and it seemed that it was going to be an important factor, but later Lotina forget about him and stayed out of the plans within the last two months. Juan Dominguez was another disappointment, Lotina never knew where to place him and despite having several opportunities, he never demonstrated the reasons why he was considered as one of the gems at Depor B. His passing ratio was of 81.33%, not bad at all, the problem was that almost all of those actions were short passes that never created any harm, just to mention that he didn’t give any assist. Meanwhile the passing ratio of Valerón was 73.62%, lower, but because his passes were more vertical, reason why he completed three assists on the season (one in liga and two in Copa).

RCDLC.com ratings
Valerón: 4
Michel: 2
Juan Dominguez: 2

The big disaster on the season; Depor had six wingers on the campaign 2011/11; all of them should have added more depth on the wings, and in the end these six men failed miserably, just to remember the fact that Lotina ended the season with strikers like Adrian and Lassad performing on the flanks. It was possible to saw of everything, first Javito (0) was unable to play due to a transfer problem, then Guardado (1,475) had his worst season at Depor after been blocked by the injuries; he only played twenty games and seemed unfit for the final matches, just when Depor needed him the lost.

Meanwhile, new signings Urreta (375), Desmarets (689) and Saul (634) never impressed Lotina and the trio spent more time out of the lists than on the pitch; at the same time the only contribution of Pablo Álvarez was a sensational goal during the home game with Malaga (3-0, matchday 11). As it happened with the inner midfielders, the wingers lacked contribution in attack, and it’s that combined these five men only scored five goals plus giving two assists. A devastating stat is related to the effectiveness of their crosses; they should were the ones providing the goal assists through their crosses into the area, but only two of the 207 crosses completed by them in la liga ended with a goal on favour –both released by Pablo Alvarez- a proof of the miseries on this part of the pitch.

RCDLC.com ratings
Saúl: 2.5
Guardado: 2.5
Pablo Álvarez: 2
Urreta: 1
Desmarets: 1

The reader might think that, taking in mind that Depor only scored 31 goals on the season which was the lowest mark within the last 30 years of the club, the reviews on the strikers are going to be negative. But it is deceiving, because there were more good  than bad news on the season. The best news were Adrian (2,661) and Lassad (1,448). The Asturian had his best season ever ending as the Pichichi at the team with eleven goals scored between liga and Copa Del Rey and also ended as one of the best assistors at the team (4), while the Tunisian finally surpassed his injury problems to end bringing some moments of good football, scoring six times and giving one assist. Also, combined both men were responsible for the 26.41% of the 409 attempts to score in la liga.

Another good news is that the striker position was the one that provided the only two debuts of Depor B players: Dioni and Iago Beceiro; Andalusian Dioni played 120 minutes in liga plus 59 in Copa, not too much to impress, but definitely a good start for a player that joined the club just twelve months ago, while Galician Iago, one of the main promises of the youth teams, played 19 minutes in Copa. Not too much, but impressive as he was only 17 at the time. Actually, he is the youngest player that had taken part of an official match with Deportivo. It was also pleasant to see ex-Fabril Xisco (400) returning to La Coruña, he arrived during the winter window and left a positive impression scoring two goals.

The only bad news came with Riki (850) and Sand (208); few people will forget all the chances that the ex-Getafe man missed in the definitive game against Valencia, but the true is that the season was a nightmare for the Madrilenian as he was constantly injured, however he managed to score five times, to give two assist plus hit the post twice. Meanwhile, Lotina was hoping to find a solution with Sand just to realize later that the Argentine was totally unfit, reason why he only played in five liga games.

RCDLC.com ratings 
Adrian: 4.5
Lassad: 4
Xisco: 3
Dioni: 2.5
Riki: 2.5
Sand: 1
Iago Beceiro



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