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29 May 2011
Final chapter on the review on Deportivo B’s season at Segunda B; this time RCDLC.com analyzes the individual performance of the players valuing their contribution with an easy ranking system.

Twenty-eight youngsters played with Deportivo B during this season; RCDLC.com analyses and values their individual performance according to a five-star ratio system:
Excellent: 5
Solid: 4
Decent: 3
Weak: 2
Disastrous: 1

Despite suffering the relegation it was important to realize that 17 of the 28 youngsters (the 60% of the total) at least earned a level of ‘decent’, which indicates that there’s good potential at the team. Young promises like Juan Carlos, Añon, Diego Rivas and Dani were among the most consistent players, without forgetting the refreshing irruption of Iago Beceiro.

THE GOALKEEPERS The three goalies at the team lived opposite moments; Diego Rivas (2,350 minutes on the season) was the oldest player at the team (24) and once again matched the expectations after been the hero in the promotion from Tercera. His performance was solid throughout the season and the fact that he only played in 25 of the 38 liga matches it was because Ramallo was trying to open a gap for Felipe Ramos (1,080).

Precisely, the ex-Real Madrid goalie came searching for glory, but it had an unlucky season; he was very irregular and combined good presentations with terrible presentations, like the errors that cost the defeats against UB Conquense (2-3, matchday 04) and against  CP Cacereño (1-2, matchday 33). Meanwhile Eduardo Sousa Édu’ never had the chance to play and spent the whole year in blank.

RCDLC.com rating
Diego Rivas: 4
Felipe Ramos: 2

Contrary to what happened at the first team, the centre of the defense was one of the weakest points of the team, and it’s that none of the six central defenders that played on the season provided the needed leadership; starting with David Rochela (2,250); he spent the half of the season with the first team, but in the other half he was irregular. He committed too many mistakes and his season should be considered as a step-backwards in his short career.

Neither impressive was the job of Diego Vieytes (1,767); he is only 20 and also played at the right-back position, but was also too imprecise. He committed several mistakes, as example the penalty within the first minutes against CD Leganes (matchday 37), key game in which no mistakes should have been allowed. Serbian Stefan Deak was also a disappointment; he came during the winter window and debuted during the big loss against Real Madrid Castilla (1-7, matchday 25), later a strange vertigo problem reduced his participation on the season to just three games.

But there were also good news; the debut of Pablo Ínsua (2,287) was one of them; he committed several mistakes, but taking in mind that the Arzua-born player is only 17 it should was a great experience for him. He was scouted by some Premiership club, but in the end signed a renewal. Without doubt raw material for the first team. Fran Gonzalez (1,998) was also a pleasant surprise, he came during the summer and proved to be a good choice for the future, not only for his defensive skills, but for his ability with the free-kicks, actually he scored three goals in this way. Finally Uxio Marcos (134), the partner of Ínsua at Juvenil A, also had the chance to taste Segunda B, though it was only for three games.

RCDLC.com rating
Fran González: 3.5
Rochela: 3
Ínsua: 3
Vieytes: 2.5
Deak: 1

THE SIDE DEFENDERS Perhaps one of the most solid positions on the season, curiously only three players covered this functions; two have been very well known faces at the first team within the last two seasons: Diego Seoane (1,575) and Raúl Garcia (2,665). Seoane played less times because he spent the half of the season covering Lotina’s problems at the left-back position, while Raul always stayed at the B team. Their performance should be considered as more than acceptable despite the big number of goals allowed on the season,. They should have a chance at the first team in the near future.

Special chapter for Stopira (1,304), the Cape Verdean arrived as a promising choice that soon was going to have a chance at the first team, but he never convinced anyone. At some point it gave the feeling that Ramallo didn’t know where to place him, and it’s that in several of his 23 games on the season he was performing as a left winger, curiously he looked more dangerous when he was a defender than when he was an attacker.

RCDLC.com rating
Seoane: 3.5
Raúl García: 3.5
Stopira: 1

Mixing readings with the six inner midfielders at the team, two of them had big injury problems and missed more than the half of the season: Héctor García (988) and Ricardo Fernández ‘Richi (706), both youngsters were key in the year of the promotion, and truly their absence was felt by the team on this occasion.

These two casualties forced to search for alternatives; like to use Juvenil A player Fernando (223), who had seven games to taste the level of Segunda B. The club also had to sign Martin Buchel (494), but the Liechtensteiner never showed anything different and ended sat at the bench. More promising was the debut of Henrique Dinis Oliveira ´Dinis´ (951), the Portuguese only played eleven games, but it was enough to realize about his class. Unfortunately he returned Vitória Guimarães as he was only loaned for the half of the season.

In the end Dinis and, especially, Daniel Rodriguez ‘Dani´ (2,831) had to carry out with the weight of midfield; the captain of Fabril was the player at the team with more minutes on the Segunda B campaign, and he scored once giving four assists. It shouldn’t be discarded to see him at the first team ahead of next season.

RCDLC.com rating
Dani: 4
Dinis: 3.5
Héctor: 3
Richi: 3
Fernando: 3 
Martín Buchel: 2

Anyone that followed Fabril couldn’t take their eyes off Juan Carlos Real (2,527); referred by some people as the future replacement of Valerón. It sounds exaggerated, but the true is that the 20-year-old player reminds to El Flaco due to his pace and accurate passes. He was the best assistor at the team (7) and also scored three times. Many people thought that he deserved a chance at the first team, and the season at Segunda should be a nice moment to give him a chance. Definitely, the best player on the season at Depor B.

Meanwhile, the other two playmakers at the team lived a different story; Portuguese Andre Andre (73) just played three games as he never felt comfortable at the club and no one knows if he will return. Meanwhile, Luis Ángel (1,041), the Pichichi of last season, was mysteriously erased from the lineups by Ramallo, nobody still understands why. The Canarian played in 27 of the 38 matches on the season, but only nine times as a starter and in eight games he played less than fifteen minutes. For that reason he barely passed the mark of the 1,000 minutes on the campaign. Too little to show his class, in the end he only scored once. A pity.

RCDLC.com rating
Juan Carlos: 5
Luis Ángel: 2.5
Andre Andre: 1

It was a solid season for Fabril’s three wingers: Carlos Monje Serrano ´Chirri´ (1,652), Diego Vela (904) and David Añon (2,478). Combined these three youngsters scored eleven goals and provided eight assists. The problem was the injuries of Chirri and Vela, reason why they missed at least fifteen matchdays on the liga campaign.

Chirri already trained with the first team on the past season and was even picked in the list for some Primera matches, while 19-year old Vela is following the same road. Both are skillful and can provide of accurate crosses.

More complete was the season of Añon, alone he scored nine times and was the second top-scorer at the team; he was the leading force in attack at the end of the season. His stronger point is that he can perform at both wins and even as a central attacker. Taking in mind the terrible performance of the wingers at the first team, it might be a tempting choice for the new coach of the first team.

RCDLC.com rating
David Añon: 4.5
Diego Vela: 3.5
Chirri: 3

All eyes were upon Dionisio Emanuel Villalba ´Dioni´ (2,607), nobody expected to see him at the first team, and the Andalusian was already e playing there during the pre-season. The 21-year-old attacker was the Pichichi at the team with thirteen goals plus giving four assists, the problem was that he scored seven goals within the first thirteen matches, but later disappeared as he spent the last eight games scoreless. He could have some room at the first team if he recovers the smell for the goal.

Jonathan Mejía Ruiz ‘Jona’ (1,123) was the second attacker with more minutes on the season; the problem is that he was intermittent and only scored four times. Meanwhile Joshua Corrales (115) suffered a shoulder injury at the beginning of the campaign and was only able to play two games.

One of the big surprises was Iago Beceiro, a 18-year-old skillful attacker that just spent 59 minutes on the pitch, but it was enough time to score an amazing goal and create three scoring opportunities in four games that amazed the public. He even had time to debut with the first team in Copa Del Rey. Without doubt one of the best talents at Depor’s schools. Finally, the anecdotic debut of Alex Pérez with Deportivo B, he only played one minute, but is another player to watch as he was the Pichichi at Juvenil A scoring 21 goals in 26 matches.

RCDLC.com rating
Dioni: 4.5
Iago Beceiro: 4 
Jona: 2.5
Joshua (-)
Alex Pérez



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