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03 Jun 2011
The relegation of Deportivo continues to bring all kinds of reactions; this time is Bebeto who speaks out from Brazil. He is offering his support in order to reinforce the team ahead of the Segunda season.

The reactions after or the relegation of Deportivo La Coruña to Segunda División continue; during this week it was the turn for José Roberto Gama de Oliveira ‘Bebeto’, the Brazilian star that scored 86 liga goals in 131 appearances wearing Deportivo’s shirt.

He talked to newspaper ABC and expressed his sadness with what happened to his former club, “After the promotion to Primera Division the team had a brilliant career, one in which the Brazilians had a lot to do. Depor will always be in my heart; and their fans too, they are impressive and very loyal, above all the Riazor Blues, who always support despite the team’s situation. I do not think they deserved this relegation."

Bebeto confessed his impotence as he was watching the game against Valencia FC from his home in Rio de Janeiro, "I was very sad about the result. I watched the game with my family, and was very nervous. I wanted to get into the TV screen and try to do something and avoid seeing what finally happened. I felt helpless because this team always helped me and I learned to love it."

The former striker is now an agent of players and is offering his help in order to build up the new squad for the season 2010/11, "The best moments in Deportivo’s history were with Brazilians at the squad and now the club had only one. I tried to help the club several times, I tried to offer Brazilian players who could help the team, but they always told me that the club had no money to spend in players. Now, we have to think ahead, so the team can return to Primera as soon as possible, place where it never should have gone.”

"We need to strengthen the team and also need to have the support of the whole city and the companies that previously provided support. Even if I am in Brazil, I am at the disposal of Deportivo, because the club is part of my life and of my history as a player.” He finalized.



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