06 Jun 2011
Daniel Aranzubia talked to Sportpaper AS and analysed his future after the relegation to Segunda; the keeper doesnít know what will happen with him and leaves an open door for a possible exit.

 Deportivoís keeper has been on the spotlight on this week as it has been rumoured that he will leave the club during the summer; he gave a phone interview to Sportpaper AS and although he didnít confirm that he is staying, the goalie is saying that he is ready to respect his contract.

Q: Where these days the toughest ones on your career?
A: No doubt about it. The day of the relegation was very hard, but the following days too, because you start getting an idea of what really happened. Somehow, we must try to forget it and think about the future.

Q: You have remained silent in recent days, is it to sort some ideas?
A: Yes, because any statement or any comment, in any sense, it might be bad. Now I'm calmer.

Q: Did you know that your name has become the centre of almost all the comments ahead of next season?
A: Yes, it's inevitable. Around any player you will always find rumors and especially when the team is relegated. But by this day I am a player of Deportivo and itís all I can say at this moment. I have a contract and I belong to this club.

Q: Do you now think that you will start the pre-season with Deportivo?
 A: That's what my contract says. There are rumors and there could be interest from other clubs, but nothing is definitive.

Q: Lendoiro has said that he is convinced that you wonít force a possible exit...
A: It isnít a matter of forcing the exit or not. If any team at Primera arrives, and if it is interesting for Deportivo and for me, then it would be considered. That's all I have to say now. I'll just leave this team if it is good for everyone.

Q: Do you already have a proposal over the table?
A: Right now, there is no concrete offer.

Q: You have been linked with Atletico.
A: Some rumours have been heard, but so far it doesnít pass from there.

Q: Would that choice be discarded in case that Caparrůs signs for Atletico?
A: That rumor came apart from the situation with Caparrůs. I will not give importance to it until receiving a call, an offer or something concrete.

Q: Do you intuit that the issue of your exit will last for a while?
A: No doubt about it. If there is interest now, it will be the same throughout the summer and until it lasts the transfer window, until that day we wonít know anything.

Q: The other day Oltra phoned you. What did you talk with your new coach?
A: It was a very short conversation. I congratulated him on his move and he told me that he was very excited and would like me to stay on the team, but at the same time he would understand my exit in the quest of finding my professional future.

Q: And with Lendoiro, did you have any conversation with him after the day of the relegation?
A: Yes. It was also something quick. We talked about the same thing; that if any interesting offer arrives for Deportivo, then we  will listen.

Q: Are you aware that Deportivo intends to present you as a symbol of the new project at Segunda?
A: I'm in Bilbao and am a little off of everything, so I donít hear too much about things. In either case, if Iím the symbol or not, I am and will always be grateful to the fans of Deportivo, for everything you have given me over the years. The truth is that I donít consider myself as a symbol. There are other players like Manuel Pablo and Valerůn, who have been for so many years at Deportivo, of whom I am far away.

Q: For a player with so many seasons at Primera, is it hard being now at Segunda?
A: Yes. You value things when you do not have them. The fact for been twelve years at Primera is now precious, and maybe now I am giving more credit than last year, when I was there and it seemed like I always would be in that league.

Q: If finally you end staying at Deportivo for next season, what would be your mentality?
 A: If I stay, then I would try to put the team back at Primera, no one can doubt about it.

Q: Right now, is your personal intuition telling you that your continuity is more probable than your exit?
A: I donít know. I canít say whether I'll stay or I'll go. Now I try to keep out of football and as the new season gets closer, we'll see what happens with my future.



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