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08 Jun 2011
The president gave a press conference on Tuesday; he admitted to have received an offer from Guardado, he also said that one signing is about to come, while he also gave some hints of the pre-season that’s about to come.

On Tuesday Augusto César Lendoiro talked to reporters for about an hour at the Playa Club; he talked of different subjects, starting with his comments regardless to the socios campaign ahead of the new season, “You already know the prices that were released a few days ago, in some days we will give more details about the socios campaign, something that will be attractive for the club and the fans. For the moment we expect that on Thursday people can already start buying their socios cards. We want to thank anyone about the future success of this campaign, and we expect to have 20,000 socios for the new season.”

Later he confirmed the composition of the pre-season stage of Deportivo, “We want to confirm that the dates are practically done, starting on July 12, and in the following week, from July 18 to 24, we will be working at Vilalba, and on that week we will have two friendly games, the first one is the traditional meting against [Racing] Vilálbes, and later we will have nine or ten more games in the pre-season, which will end with the Teresa Herrera, tournament that still to be determined, for the moment we are studying the options, like playing against Atletico Madrid.”

Then, Depor’s boss announced that there was a meeting between la liga and the Players Association (AFE) in order to study the case of Adrian, striker that Deportivo wants to renew through a clause in the contract and according to a formation agreement between the parties, “Today there was a meeting and la liga understands that the formation agreement still on, but the AFE assures that it isn’t legal, so the arbitration will be needed in order to solve the case, this arbitration will happen on next week. In this sense you can see that my visits to Madrid have been frequent, and tomorrow I have an important meeting there.”

In recent days there was the rumour that Tito Ramallo was going to leave Deportivo B, but during the press conference Lendoiro confirmed that he is staying, “Tito Ramallo will continue as the coach of Fabril for next season, now we hope that in the coming days we will confirm the composition of the team.” There was a question regarding the future of players like Dani, Añon or Juan Carlos, and Lendoiro said that it will depend on the decisions of new coach Oltra.

The most commented issue on the press conference was the situation with the signings, the president confirmed that the first arrival is about to happen, “Today we were expecting to announce something in an official way, but some details aren’t closed yet and we must analyze the issue. Nobody should think that these things are easy.”

Lendoiro didn’t want to talk of specific names, but he didn’t hide the interest in striker Nino, “Everybody knows that we are interested in him, it is obvious after reading all that the coach has been saying about him in the media. Yes, we have spoken with him, we are aware that he’s a petition made by Oltra and will try to close his incorporation, but without making any crazy thing.”

Another negotiation admitted by Depor’s president is the one had with Real Madrid and Barcelona in order to sign some of their B team players, “I have spoken to Florentino Pérez, because Deportivo would love to have some players from Madrid’ youth system and also from Barcelona, not too many, but the problems is that right now everything is stopped as they are still analyzing what they will do, though it seems that the tendency is to not release the youngsters.”

Talking about exits, Lendoiro admitted for the first time the interest of some Portuguese club in Andrés Guardado, “Yes, Portuguese football has presented some offers for Guardado, but they aren’t good enough. We haven’t fixed yet a certain amount for his exit, so we will wait. This is like the stock exchange you know, because if the player makes a good Copa America, then the price will raise to the clouds, so we aren’t going to talk of amounts.”

There was also a question related to the assurance that will benefit Deportivo after suffering the relegation to Segunda, but on this subject Depor’s boss was hermetic, “I won’t talk on this issue, because there are too many vultures out there, and it’s better to not say too much about it, though I can assure you that we won’t have problems with this subject.”

Finally, Lendoiro released a double sense phrase when he was asked about Celta de Vigo, club that today starts to compete in the promotion playoff to Primera División, “We just wish them the same luck that we expect from them.” He finalized.

After Lendoiro announced that a signing is about to happen there were several rumours pointing out that the reinforcement is Venezuelan Mario Rondon (25, Pacos de Ferreira). He is a second striker that has been playing at the elite of Portuguese football and his name was linked with the club by paper A Bola since the past week. Several sources in that country were announcing on Tuesday’s evening that the operation was closed and that the official announcement could be made on Wednesday.



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