08 Jun 2011
Monday was a busy day for Oltra; he gave seven different interviews to radios, newspapers and websites; the following is a resume of what he told to and papers Xornal de Galicia, AS & La Opiniůn A CoruŮa.

Q: How about your first sensations in the city?
A: Frankly it has been pretty good, I already knew the city when I came to play and now that I spent some days here I think is very nice, good, comfortable... although with so much work to do, I havenít had much time to enjoy the city.

Q: And the club?
A: The club is fine, I already knew the structure, but now that I know it from the inside I'm happier, because the structure is large but especially familiar. The people who compose it are really close to each other; they want to help and I'm really happy to be on a team of the entity of Depor.

Q: What about the training facilities?. Any request to Lendoiro?.
A: I didnít ask for anything in particular, because everything is complete and the structure is great. The facilities are amazing, the stadium is nice and big; the sporting city is wonderful, comfortable and great, besides we have Villalba, which is where we will make the pre-season if God wants, there are some issues to solve about this, and I am really happy.

Q: You arrive to Deportivo in one of the most delicate moments of the club in recent years. Do you feel that you have signed for a historic club or for a team at Segunda?
A: I have the feeling of been in a big club, a team that will play at Segunda for some circumstances. There are teams that are above categories. Depor is a tasteful candy, an important team, which has had great players and coaches. From the moment that I met the chance of training Depor, I didnít think of anything else. I am happy since I was signed, and also feel responsible.

Q: After twenty years in a row at Primera, and after winning titles, do you think it will be hard for the fans to change the chip?
A: I think people have not assimilated it yet. The reaction has been wonderful and I hope we continue in this line of understanding and encouragement, because I'm really amazed on how the fans behaved, but it is true that in that state of shock, people have not yet assimilated the fact of been at Segunda, they have not realized about it. Itís difficult. You talk and you say things, but will notice when next year Alcorcon will come to the Riazor, with all respect, or a B team, instead of Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi. The important thing is that from day one we can assume the fact, compete and do well to achieve the goal.

Q: How will be the work with the players?
A: I love to have very short training sessions, but at the same time the work is very intense, extremely demanding, but also fun and enjoyable, like the real game, a lot of football, a lot of training with the ball, and to see the player feeling like theyíre really training, but especially working hard, because we need to be strong for the competition.

Q: You are a man without a fixed schedule and prefer to study the rival...
A: I focus much more on my team, but I try to know much of the rival searching for possible defects. I try to transmit a philosophy that doesnít change much regardless of who plays, but sometimes you have to adapt to certain things. The style and philosophy of the game will not vary greatly.

Q: Is motivation one of the keys to return to Primera?
A: Yes, to see people excited, always maintaining the motivation. They canít lose the desire, they know where they are and must always be realistic, so we will make things right since the first day. They should be working very hard during the week and adapt quickly. There are many keys to be able to achieve the promotion, one is to have a strong start, reaching the decisive stage at the top and always competing at the top.

Q: Please answer me yes or no. Would be a failure if you donít achieve the promotion?
A: Itís that to answer only with yes or no... It depends. Obviously, we are the top seed and we must face it like that.

Q: A very busy summer is approaching, with many ups and downs. Do you really think that the base of the team is already here?
A: We spoke of a large percentage of players under contract. I think of people like Dani (Aranzubia) or Diego (Colotto). If they leave is because the two sides will be happy, and then you have to find other players, but at the beginning they belong to the Deportivo and I count with them. There are many who have a contract and I donít think there will a massive exit as many people can think. Yes, somebody will leave, and some have already left, but I think that the percentage wonít be so big. There wonít drastic changes at the team.

Q: In order to compete at Segunda, is it better to make a team with players from Primera Division or to find other players with more experience in the league, although they are less familiar?
A: In the medium term is wherein lies the virtue. We donít need to look to the league, neither the age, nor the origin of the players. You should see what we can make, and take into account that each player gives us a few things. The important thing is that everyone feels the commitment and has the needed attitude, and in that sense I am very calm.

Q: How many men do you need in order to close the team?
A: I canít give names or a specific number, because it's going to depend of the people going out. Even knowing that nobody will not leave I would still say that I donít know, because if I tell you that three and then a bargain appears at the market you will have to hire it. We must build up a competitive and compensated team, so we will have the guarantee of achieving the goal.

Q: What you will surely sign are players for the left wing.
A: Yes, there are several positions that can and must be improved, and one of them is the left side, especially if Guardado leaves, as it appears to be, and is the best for everyone. But we have to look for a man up front, because we need a goal scorer, which is the most alarming problem at the team as we donít have that player that can guarantee 15 or 20 goals.

Q: You need people on the left and you have too many players on the right, will you give freedom to anyone in order to leave?
A: I will not talk much of specific names, because the club is the one that must comment the issue, but at the beginning I am counting on everyone, but if in the end the three of them [Laure, Manuel Pablo and Seoane] stay here then the best is to release one player. The one that has the biggest chance to go out loaned is Seoane, but that doesnít mean that he will leave, because maybe thereís an interesting offer and in the end he will the starting choice at the team. The three of them have also played at the left side and can help there, so we will see it as soon as we have the team prepared.

Q: The players that probably wonít come are Bertran and Nino, everything points out to Osasuna.
A: Well, the thing with Nino isnít confirmed yet, Bertram is a great player but his position is already covered. About Nino, I have said repeatedly that he has the profile of the player that I like due to his way to work. But if he doesnít arrive then we will bring somebody else, and besides we never spoke of fixed names, but of characteristics and if Nino doesnít arrive, then we will bring another goal-scorer. The more experienced and enthusiastic man that we can get, the better, but the important thing is to make good signings and to make a competitive group.

Q: Do you already spoke to Nino?
 A: Yes, I've done it recently, but also with other players.

Q: Nino's agent wants to decide during this week...
A: We donít need a deadline, I am persistent, but I'm not the key. He has major offers, but the one coming from Depor seduces him for its identity and the fact that we are here is also helpful. I would like to have him, but if he doesnít come, somebody else will. Hopefully he can come, he is a life insurance.

Q: One more striker is enough or will somebody else come?
A: We have Riki and Lassad, and then Valerůn. Between strikers and playmakers I want four or five players and thereís the possibility of signing two more, because Lassad can play up front and also as a playmaker.

Q: Two new names added into the list are Botelho and Abraham Paz.
A: A lot of names are coming out and I prefer to not say a word on it. All the rumours are players who could fit into the project, but if in the end if I take all the names that appear on the papers then I would make seven teams. These are interesting players and can fit on the project, but they are not first choices and I think that we must wait.

Q: It would be important to not lose key men like Aranzubia.
A: The club knows it and is aware of this, and in fact nobody wants to see Dani leaving, but at the same time we all are aware that if a good offer arrives, and both parties are happy, then he may have to leave. We assume it and would bring another player of guarantees. But in the beginning the idea of the club is to not lose him, and will only leave if something good arrives for him, and it must also take place soon. We will not wait until the end, because if not he would have to leave with special clauses and I donít think that is the case.

Q: If Dani leaves, will you stay with Felipe [Ramos] or with any other youngster?
A: It's a possibility as is to sign people competing for that position, somebody that could be pushing from behind. If Dani leaves then one or two keepers could arrive, so we'll see.

Q: Deportivo is missing since a while a great midfielder, a veteran that can prevail at the centre of the pitch. Do you need it?
A: I want a guy that can bring balance and that can have those characteristics. If beyond this he is an expert and a veteran, much better, but if he is 17 and has hierarchy... Many times the age or experience isnít so important, as the very nature and characteristics of the player. Yes I would like someone like that, with hierarchy for that position, but I never look at the ID, the place of birth, origin, or age, neither at the moment of making the team and the lineups.

Q: Will Alex BergantiŮos have to earn a place?
A: We're going to value the situation according to the signings, weīll see if he continues or if we search for another loan for him, because he is an interesting player.

Q: What will happen to the other loaned players that are coming back, Ivan Perez and Bodipo?
A: These are internal issues that the club has to solve with the players. It is the club the side that will make the decisions.

Q: You already said that you wonít give names, but, will we have feeing , after seeing the first lineup, that it is a new team in liga or just the base of last season?
A: The idea is to keep the base, with some signings, but maybe later we will find a very different team. Anyway we will face it. I am here to manage the resources of the club, and today this is what I can tell you. It's early on June, and in football, what you say today, is only valid for today.

Q: You already commented that Valerůn will have an important role. Will you support on him a lot?
A: Clearly this is a very important player for Deportivo, for all that it represents within the club. He knows a lot about this team, because he has been here for many years and his experience can be very useful to us, beyond all that he can contribute on the field, which is also great because his quality is tremendous, as it was demonstrated in many times with Depor.

Q: Do you know who will be the coach of Fabril on next season?
A: I'm very respectful and it isnít a subject that depends on me. I donít have the pleasure of knowing Tito Ramallo, but people told me that Tito himself, when the team suffered the relegation, said that he wouldnít continue, but it came out from Tito himself. That is what I have heard, but I have no confirmation and I wonít get into that subject.

Q: Do you already know who will have a chance at Fabril?
A: I already know some players from the B squad, and I am contact with Ernesto Bello, who has informed me of the people who is coming from behind and some of them will make the pre-season with us

Q: Is the ideal thing to start the pre-season with the team already closed?
A: I would like to start the pre-season with the group already closed, but I know it's going to be impossible, and if isnít now it will be when the tournament starts. Here we must assume thing naturally and then face it calmly and with patience, because we still have one month to start the pre-season and have to go step by step.

Q: Something you want to tell or ask to the fans...
A: Nothing, I'm pleasantly surprised and excited about the response that I found at the team that suffered the relegation, since the next day people started to encourage and supported the team. More than a message or request, what I want is their understanding and to hope that things will stay the same in difficult times. Rather than asking we have to offer things; we must try to enjoy it with the team.



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