11 Jun 2011
Fran, Donato, Nando, Manjarín and José Ramón talked to newspaper El País and analyzed the present times of Depor; all of this on the day in which the club celebrated twenty years from the last promotion to Primera.

On Thursday the club celebrated twenty years from its last promotion to Primera División; newspaper El País invited some veterans from that gesture and analyzed the event and also the current times of Deportivo. Those veterans were Fran, his brother José Ramón, Donato, Nando and Manjarín.

Donato: In recent times we were coming after some years in which the team went out to see if they could avoid the fall, but still the relegation has surprised me. It is very sad. I was commenting the last match on a local radio station and watched from the stands that Valerón and Manuel Pablo were in the field. I wanted to give them a hug and went down to the grass.

Fran: I felt melancholy. We were coming from a very nice moment and you don’t miss things until you lose it.

Manjarín: The league will start and [Real] Madrid and Barcelona won’t come. I don’t think it’s profitable for the club, but would need to be inside the club to comment with certainty.

Donato: From the outside little can we do, but we are out of the picture. Since we left Deportivo we are a zero to the left.

José Ramón: And we have ideas and want to work, but you’re with the hands tied. I understand that the club has people doing a very respectable job, don’t want to underestimate them, but should have people who understand football and see things differently, even by experience. And I think the fans claim it as well. To dispense of people who have been important in this club is a luxury that we can’t afford.

Fran: Neither can we say that a player that was good is going to be a good coach for the B team, for example. But among all those who have gone through the club surely there are very valid people.

Manjarín: The club has broken the relationship with the former players. And it isn’t that we are asking for high wages, because we haven’t been asked.

 Jose Ramón: Would any of you refuse to train Deportivo or Fabril? Nobody. You're going to Madrid or Barcelona and there are 300 former players that were champions in al liga or Copa. How can you give up to that?

Donato: It depends on the president.

José Ramón: Lendoiro has always invested heavily, he has pulled ahead.

Nando: And the fans are with him.

Manjarín: Now is the time to know if you've made a good or bad management.

Nando: Let's see what happens in the sporting sense. José Luis Oltra arrives. I met him at Valencia. I played in the first team and he was at the B squad. We have agreed to talk and will try to help.

Jose Ramon: I have curiosity to know how people will react. Now is at hundred percent with the team, but the same fans have been very demanding in the past.

Fran They have assimilated the relegation. I don’t think the club is going to lose socios. It will go up in a year and done.

Manjarín: People will demand to be at the top since the beginning.

Nando: And you must have a competitive team. I played with Sevilla at Segunda and we were the team to beat, always played the big game of the matchday and for the opponent it was the game of the year. It will be the same for Depor.

Jose Ramón: When we got the promotion in 1991 no one could expect that we were going to be 20 years at Primera and also at the top of the league. Now no one expected the relegation. The team wasn’t so bad, but lacked fluency. People were demanding a top-striker, but I wonder: Who was going to pass the ball to the attacker? Were the strikers sending the ball out? Were they missing too many chances? There was no one passing them the ball.

Donato: Only at the end when Valerón started to play.

Jose Ramón: But for many games the team wasn’t strong in attack. And with so few opportunities you really need a very good striker, like Bebeto, who was playing towards the wing and was scoring with every pass to him, though it was only one.

Manjarín: At our time we had many more resources. Defensively the team of 1994 was the strongest one I ever saw. And in attack we had people coming from everywhere.

Fran: It was the team I enjoyed the most. It was the dream of my life: to play with my team at Primera and at the highest level. Maybe the team of 2000 was the most powerful squad, but with the Superdepor we had an incredible enthusiasm and humility. That was special.

Nando: We knew that with the defensive system that we had, if we did things right at the back then were going to win.

José Ramón: And people were still calling for fantasy.

Nando: Yes, but today we would play the Champions League every year. Before the second and third place were going to the UEFA Cup. I will never understand is why we lost that group. Many of us wondered why we made so many signings despite having a strong team. Toshack arrived and broke everything, a lot of foreigners joined the team, people who were important in their teams and didn’t accept to have another role on here. An unexpected cleaning was made, because the team had no weaknesses.

Donato: And then we started to have teams with 35 players.

Manjarín: Then it was corrected and with Irureta the club bet for people that were best known nationally, but many of us had already left the club.

Fran: Irureta had outstanding players on his hands. We competed in liga, Copa Del Rey and Champions League, and this is not done by chance. In Spain, only Madrid and Barcelona were able to do it.

Nando: Maybe the youth teams weren’t attended as they should in order to supply players to the first team in difficult times, like the present.

Fran: Recently, the solution was given by Guardiola: you have to put them

Manjarín: Now it comes another phase...

Fran And the veterans have always been there. No one can doubt of our support.



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